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Rex Begonia: The 47 Most Stunning Varieties for Your Garden

Rex Begonia: The 47 Most Stunning Varieties for Your Garden

Rex Begonias are prized for having stunning foliage. The cultivar features an extensive array of hues, textures, and shapes. Bright colours can be seen on new growth on Rex begonias in the spring. Numerous species have unusually coloured foliage that is multicoloured.

rex begonia varieties

The plants occasionally bloom throughout the year, but their stunning foliage is the main reason they are grown. Winter is a resting season for Rex begonias during which they do not actively grow. These begonias are perfect for growing on windowsills in areas with partial sunlight. Awe-inspiring to behold always! Rex Begonias are friendly and easy-going houseplants.

As a houseplant, grow Rex begonia in a light to medium location. When the potting mix has just begun to dry, water Rex begonias. They can rot if the soil doesn't dry out sufficiently, so it's better to keep them slightly too dry than too wet.

rex begonia varieties

Although Rex begonias don't require quite as much humidity as many other exotic houseplants, you should increase humidity in the winter if your home has dry air to prevent the leaf tips from drying out and turning brown.

Rex Begonias aren't heavy feeders, so you can fertilize them as little as once or twice a year. However, fertilise them more frequently with a general-purpose houseplant fertiliser if you'd like them to grow more quickly (following the directions on the packaging). Rex begonias should not be consumed by either people or animals.

Grow your Rex begonia in a container that matches the hues of the foliage to give it some flair. Rex begonias make excellent terrarium plants. Get suggestions for terrariums from our experts! Find out more about Rex and other begonia varieties.

rex begonia varieties

Here at ChhajedGarden, we've put together a list to make it easier for you to choose which of these begonia varieties would be ideal for your needs.

1. Begonia Rex Ballet

Beautiful silvery-green leaves with mid-green edges can be found on the Ballet Rex begonia. The plant is accented by red stems.

2. Charm Begonias

Charm Begonias are recognised for their light pink blossoms and creamy-yellow variegated foliage. The texture of the leaves is glossy and resembles wax in some ways. The best conditions for growing this real charmer are full sunlight and moist but well-drained soil.

charm begonias

They can profit from the shade, particularly in the summer. Look no further because this plant truly lives up to its name by offering a delicate colour for both its bloom and foliage.

3. Mocca Yellow Begonia

This tuberous begonia has many excellent qualities in addition to its lovely blooms and intriguing foliage. They go by the name "bedding begonias" as well.

Although the flower stalks may require some extra care because they are fragile and may need to be pruned frequently, this plant's delicate yellow flowers and well-balanced form make up for the weak flower stalks.

mocha yellow begonia

4. Begonia Rex Flamenco

A beautiful silver-green begonia with red and green veining is called Flamenco Rex. It expands to be 8 inches wide and tall.

5. Begonia Rex Red Kiss

The gorgeous purple-black foliage of the Red Kiss Rex begonia, which has a wide, metallic-red ring, is stunning. It is a classy and attractive type of houseplant.

begonia rex red kiss

6. Begonia Rex Red Tango

Metallic reddish-purple foliage with silver edges frequently characterises Red Tango. More light brings out stronger leaf colouration, just like it does with many rex begonia varieties.

7. Begonia Rex Rumba

A magnificent variety of begonia called Rumba Rex flaunts reddish-green leaves and silvery variegation.

begonia rex rumba

8. Begonia Rex Salsa

Silver-leaf begonias with burgundy-red and green variegation are known as Salsa Rex begonias.

9. Begonia rex Silver Limbo

A compact, small-leafed variety known as Silver Limbo offers stunning metallic-silver foliage with purple-red undersides.

10. Begonia rex Spitfire

A stunning variety of begonia called Spitfire Rex flaunts reddish-pink leaves with silver and green edges.

Begonia rex Spitfire

11. Begonia rex Yamileth

Yamileth is a particularly eye-catching indoor plant with green-black leaves that turn silver as they get closer to the edges. Yamileth steals the show!

12. Begonia Regal Minuet

For its vibrant presence in terrariums, small spaces, and light gardens, we adore this miniature rex begonia. We've chosen to reintroduce it even though it has been in our collection for a long time. Dark rose leaves from "Regal Minuet" have silver banding, black leaf outlines, and dark centres.

13. Begonia Fireworks

'Fireworks,' a rex of infinite beauty, casts its ruby-red veins over its silvery leaves and completes them at its lovely plum-toned edges. A nice, compact begonia for a partially sunny windowsill is this one.

 Begonia Fireworks

14. Begonia Harmony’s Red

A breathtaking pattern that begs to be recognised. Its hues are deep and rich, with a black centre iridescently flecked with grey, banded in brilliant red, and framed by chocolate brown.

15. Begonia Helen Teupel

Here is a resilient, vibrant plant for low-light areas of the house that require special care. The pointed leaves have a heart that is a rich violet-red colour with hints of silver and green.

16. China Curl Begonia

With its abundance of texture, colour, and form, this standard Rex redefines the term "spiralled." Silver lines the deeply twisted curls in the centre, and chocolate brown defines its edges and emanates from the core. A deep pink that radiates into the silver banding dazzles the viewer and offers the gardener a variety of options for the windowsill, sunroom, or summer potted garden.

17. Begonia Rex Fairy

This attractive rex begonia features silver foliage with pink and cream spots on the leaves.

Begonia Rex Fairy

18. Begonia Rex Tornado

This exotic rex begonia has dark green leaves that are accented with a spray of bronze, silver, and deep purple colours.

19. Begonia Rex Angel Wing

The upright growth habit of the "Angel Wing" rex begonia is accompanied by wing-like leaves covered in tiny silver dots. Additionally, it makes red blooms.

Begonia Rex Angel Wing

20. Begonia Rex Duarten

The pointed leaves of the Begonia rex variety "Duarten" are striped in silver and bronze. On tables and desks, this variety looks adorable.

21. Begonia Rex Celia

This rex begonia displays pink-hued silver leaves with a black centre. There are vivid pink-black lines at the edges of the ruffles.

22. Begonia Rex Blueberry Sorbet

The centre of the medium-sized silver foliage has a metallic lavender blush. Its margins have multi-lobed, chocolate-brown patterned green patterns.

23. Begonia Rex Champagne Bubbles

The silver leaves on this hybrid cultivar have a pink blush. Silver bubbles cover the grey areas of the foliage.

24. Begonia Rex River Nile

"River Nile's" ruffled, gorgeous green leaves have deep bronze edges, which make for a charismatic indoor display.

25. Begonia Rex Green Gold

Beautiful silver leaves and rich green veins are displayed on "Green Gold." Warm golden sheen and burgundy edges characterise new growth.

26. Begonia Rex Cowardly Lion

Golden leaves from this lovely cultivar have striking, chocolate-coloured veins. As the foliage ages, its colour darkens.

27. Begonia Rex Marmaduke

Except for the chocolatey tones splattering across the golden foliage rather than following the veins, "Marmaduke" is quite similar to "Cowardly Lion."

28. Begonia Rex Escargot

Popular rex hybrid "Escargot" has snail-shaped leaves with a green centre and lovely grey-green edges.

29. Begonia Rex Stained Glass

The striking ruby-red leaves have silver borders on black ruffled edges and dark veins in the centre.

30. Begonia's Northern Lights

This lovely compact plant has golden foliage with ochre brown undertones. In the winter, it also produces white flowers!

31. Madame Queen begonia

This magnificent hybrid plant has broad, olive-green leaves with ruffled edges and a deep red underside.

32. Begonia Solar Flare

On plant stands, the orange-red foliage of this hybrid is stunning. Its new growth has a reddish tint.

33. Begonia Plum Paisley

You will adore this one if you enjoy the neon shade in plants. With white splotches, it has a mixture of blue, green, and pink colours.

34. Begonia Amelia’s Kaleidoscope

When the plant is young, the new growth has a rich chartreuse-lime colour that changes to copper-bronze as it matures.

Begonia Amelia’s Kaleidoscope

35. Begonias reiger

These rapidly expanding begonias are a show-stopper! flowers with colours ranging from vivid yellow to red to pink and green foliage. The original plants developed from a wax and tuberous begonia hybrid.

36. Begonia semperflorens

Begonia semperflorens is a different variety that has fibrous roots and descends from the wax begonia and dragon wing begonia as parents. These garden plants can be small, mounded in shape, with fleshy stems and waxy leaves that are either bronze or dark green. Known for their loose clusters of summer and fall-blooming red, white, and pink flowers.

37. Rex Begonia Plum Paisley

The Rex Begonia Plum Paisley has large, heart-shaped foliage that is covered in silvery, dark steely-coloured margins that blush plum purple as the leaves mature.

38. Rex Begonia Fedor

Rex Begonia Fedor is a brand-new and distinctive begonia variety that stands out for its easy maintenance, medium-sized leaves, and distinctive silver foliage with dark veins. Pale pink flowers are produced by Begonia Fedor.

39. Begonia Sinbad

Begonia ‘Sinbad’ is a thick-stemmed hybrid of a thick-stemmed begonia and a shrub-type begonia, so it has the habit of a bushy thick stem. The silver, pebbled leaves are small to medium in size.

40. Rex Begonia Dino Black Sky

A dark, velvety leaf with silver spots that resemble stars is the feature of the Rex Begonia Dino Black Sky. The leaves can be nearly black or dark green at different times. This plant is stunning from above or below because the undersides of the leaves exhibit electric red veining.

41. Begonia Betsy Blue Shine

The highly distinctive leaves of the Begonia Betsy Blue Shine grow larger over time and have bright lime-green veins that contrast with the upper leaf surfaces' dull dark green colour. When light is reflected off of the show stealer leaves, they appear blue.

42. Begonia Manaus

The trailing begonia Manaus is a lovely and unusual plant. Its medium-sized leaves are covered in tiny red hairs and are a striking contrast between dark and light green.

43. Begonia Jurassic Silver Swirl

Begonia Rex Dark black and silver leaves from Jurassic Silver Swirl's centre spiral outward. The name Jurassic Rex is fitting for this series of begonias because it conjures up pictures of large-leaved plants that may have been consumed or tramped underfoot by dinosaurs. The Jurassic Silver Swirl Rex Begonia can add something special to the landscape because of its unusual colours, shapes, and textures.

44. Begonia Jurrasic Dino Greenie

Begonia Jurrasic Dino Greenie has mint-coloured foliage that is small to medium in size, has a silvery sheen, and dark green veins.

45. Begonia Catalina Sunrise

The compact rex-type begonia Catalina Sunrise has leaves that are beautifully painted by mother nature in shades of pink, silver, green, and dark wine.

46. Begonia Lalomie

Begonia Lalomie is a stunning plant with silver leaves that have a pink blush. On the leaf margins and close to the centre, the lalomie is pinker. The leaf margin is lobed, and there are numerous long, tapering points both at the apex and along the margin.

47. Begonia Peace

The magnificent rex begonia Peace has leaves that, depending on the season, can be either bright metallic pink or shimmering silver. It has very vivid pink leaves with accents of silver. The flowers have a light pink hue. Although it prefers filtered light, this plant can tolerate some winter sun.


There are more than a thousand different varieties of begonias. The flowers and foliage of various begonia groups, including tuberous begonia, rex begonia fedor, rhizomatous begonia, and others, may vary. But they all share a special beauty that can easily influence the mood of any garden.

You're probably confused about which species or variety of rex begonia to buy given the vast array of options. Don't be surprised by this. Check out the rex begonia plants we have for selling in our online market by going to ChhajedGarden. We purely and simply provide the best!


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