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39 Stunning Philodendron Varieties

39 Stunning Philodendron Varieties

Are you interested in expanding your collection of Philodendron plants but unsure which variety to choose? We offer a thorough list of our top 39 Philodendron kinds if you're looking for something unusual to liven up your home.

philodendron varieties

You're not the only one who enjoys philodendrons, for sure! There are many reasons to admire them, including their durability, robust growth, carefree nature, ease of propagation, and astounding variety in leaf sizes, colours, forms, and growth patterns.

philodendron varieties

Even if different kinds of plants come and go, indoor plant enthusiasts still adore philodendrons! Its ability to absorb contaminants and the fact that nothing ever goes wrong with it make it unusual among plants.

Philodendron: Introduction

The Araceae family of plants has a remarkable variety of plants called philodendrons. The Greek words "Philo," which means "love," and "dendron," which means "tree," are the source of the names of these plants. Additionally, they serve as the symbolic plants for the Scorpio zodiac sign. 

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Philodendron Care:  An Overview

Due to their typically minimal maintenance requirements, philodendrons make excellent houseplants, but it's still crucial to maintain ideal growing conditions to keep your plant healthy. Aim to replicate the philodendron's native tropical habitat when taking care of it: Close to a window with sunlight, provide lots of warmth and moisture. Philodendron houseplants can occasionally enjoy some fresh air and natural light by being placed outside during warm weather in a shady location. Avoid direct sunlight since it can damage delicate leaves. Wipe clean your plant's leaves with a moist towel regularly to keep them looking and operating at their best.

philodendron varieties

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

It is a well-known philodendron with distinctive heart-shaped glossy green leaves that emerge bronze and swiftly change to green leaves. This one is perfect for beginners because it is forgiving in nature.

Heartleaf Philodendron

2. Red Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron erubescens)

It's also called Pink Princess, and it's the cutest philodendron type there is. The big, coppery leaf is the distinguishing feature. The colour of the leaves can vary from black, dark green, or pink. It is among the best philodendron varieties!

Pink Princess Philodendron

3. Elephant Ear Philodendron (Philodendron      domesticum)

Wait till you learn this plant's other names, such as "Silversword" or "Spade Leaf Philodendron," if you find this name absurd. The leaves start as blue-grey and gradually turn gray-green as they mature. To encourage fresh, healthy development, pinch it back.

4. Lemon Lime Philodendron

This cheery, yellow-green variety of the classic Heartleaf Philodendron may be less widely recognised than it ought to be. It features striking foliage that should be taken into consideration for your collection and shares the same fundamental traits as the typical Heart-leaved Philodendron. As a fountain of vibrant foliage pouring from a densely planted hanging pot, the Lemon Lime colour is very stunning.

5. Moonlight Philodendron

This Heartleaf Philodendron hybrid's fluorescent green foliage can make a stunning contrast to any setting. Since it is not a vining type, it cannot be grown on trellises, but it will flourish in a container. One of the prettiest varieties of philodendron is "Moonlight"!

moonlight philodendron

6. Congo Rojo Philodendron

It is a relatively new variety of philodendrons that can tolerate all weather conditions except for the cold. The lustrous, dark-green leaves are arranged so closely together that the sole stem is hardly apparent. When a plant is mature, a stiff stem helps the plant stand upright.

Congo Rojo Philodendron

7. White Knight Philodendron

Due to its rarity and beauty, this is the coveted asset among philodendron collectors! Although it develops slowly, the wait is worthwhile! Its leaves are dark green, with distinctive white splotches, and its stems are an unusual purple-brown and cream tint.

8. Philodendron grazielae

Its distinguishing characteristic is its glossy green, heart-shaped leaves. Be patient with it; the growth rate is sluggish in comparison to that of other philodendron species. It is prone to tipping, so give it support to keep standing straight on its sturdy stem.

9. Philodendron Atabapoense

This species of Philodendron is a climbing, vining plant that thrives with little maintenance. To attain the ideal height, it will need vertical support during its active growth phases. Although it can be slow to bloom when grown indoors, it does produce a spathe that has a purplish-brown colour on the inside and a green exterior.

Philodendron Atabapoense

10. Philodendron Bernardopazii

A distinctive climbing house plant, Bernardopazii has broad glossy green leaves with red veins beneath and white veins on top. With the right conditions, this type of Philodendron also requires little maintenance. Long, green leaves with pink and white striations cling to the stem.

11. Philodendron Bipennifolium

Due to its unusually shaped leaves, which resemble a horse's head or a violin, this tropical plant species is also known as the Horsehead or Fiddleleaf Philodendron plant. When the plant is young, its climbing leaves are a vivid, neon yellow colour, but as it gets older, they turn dark green.

12. Philodendron Xanadu

The presence of Philodendron Xanadu is incredible. The leaves have extremely deep lobes, are divided, and are exceedingly long and dark green. They have a sculptural, substantial, and robust appearance. Each leaf develops on a tall, sturdy stem that emerges from the ground, creating a spherical "dome" of eye-catching leaves.

In any room, it makes a strong statement. Visitors cannot ignore it, and in bigger venues, it may even take the limelight.

Philodendron Xanadu

13. Philodendron lanciniatum

The leaves on Philodendron lanciniatum are some of the most unique ever! They are strongly lobed and essentially "triangular" in shape. You have the perfect plant for a well-lit, elegant, and tranquil space when you combine the extremely smooth texture, highly decorative veins, and shining bright green hue. Visitors visiting your home will be astounded when they arrive!

14. Philodendron subhastatum

The colourful leaves of the Philodendron subhastatum are broad and long. These are upright in habit and have distinct veins. The leaves are glossy green on top and orange, crimson, or even purple underneath.

15. Painted Lady Philodendron

A hybrid plant called the Painted Lady Philodendron is named from its unusual leaves, which resemble something that has been painted with a brush. Large brilliant yellowish-green foliage with green specks and bright pink stems add a pleasing pop of colour to any space. The leaves change colour yet remain vivid as the plant ages.

 Painted Lady Philodendron

16. Philodendron Paraiso Verde

Many people refer to this Philodendron as "Green Paradise" because of the long, gorgeous variegated leaves of the Paraiso Verde. Its foliage's marbling-like green appearance makes it a favourite among many plant aficionados.

17. Philodendron Pastazanum

Many gardeners desire to add the Pastazanum, a unique type of Philodendron, to their collections. Its leaves have a glossy, brilliant green colour and an appealing texture that clearly shows the white veins that give many Philodendron types their heart-shaped foliage.

18. Philodendron Patriciae

Your breath will be taken away by the magnificent exotic Philodendron plant known as the Patriciae. Despite being challenging to locate at your local nursery, its distinctive foliage has the power to draw attention.

19. Prince of Orange Philodendron

For lovers of philodendrons who enjoy bringing colour into their current space, The Prince of Orange is a great choice. As it matures, the leaves of this tropical plant take on stunning displays of yellow, orange, and red hues.

20. Red Emerald Philodendron

A stunning tropical plant is the Red Emerald Philodendron. Despite having a similar appearance to the Imperial Red variation, the Red Emerald is a climbing plant, which serves as a distinguishing characteristic between the two. New heart-shaped leaves on this Philodendron hybrid are a vibrant wine hue that gradually turns dark green as the plant ages. But the leaf stems continue to be crimson, providing plant enthusiasts with a lovely houseplant for any room.

21. Philodendron Imperial Green

The upright form of philodendron known as "imperial green" is renowned for its glossy, smooth green leaves.

Philodendron Imperial Green

22. Philodendron Sharoniae

It climbs and vines throughout the area, creating a magnificent display with its unusual ridge-pattern leaves. The leaves of the Sharoniae are glossy, bright green, and waxy and have smooth margins. Their wave-like ripples cover the foliage's heart-shaped shape.

23. Philodendron Martianum

Nothing is more beautiful than this tropical epiphytic plant. It has a bulky structure with petioles that are inflated and supported by a thick centre profusion of strap-like curved leaves. The Philodendron is hardy and has glossy green foliage.

24. Philodendron Squamiferum

The tropical Philodendron cultivar Squamiferum also called the Red Bristle, boasts eye-catching, exotic leaves. Its oak-shaped leaves feature fuzzy red hairs on the stems, unlike other types with many lobes. With the right growing circumstances, the tropical Squamiferum blooms in clusters of white flowers on burgundy spathes.

25. Philodendron Birkins

Its foliage has white and vivid yellow stripes that stand out against its vibrant green leaves. Additionally, the distinctive variegation pattern on each leaf makes this plant a stunning focal point in any space.

Philodendron Birkins

26. Philodendron Verrucosum

The Verrucosum is ideal if you want a stunning, eye-catching tropical plant with plush foliage and eye-catching colour.

27. Philodendron Tortum

The Tortum, also known as Tree Loving, is a multi-stemmed climbing Philodendron that can give any space a tropical vibe. Like many other Philodendron species, it has waxy leaves with lobed forms that resemble skeleton keys and can filter the air.

28. Philodendron brandtianum

The variegation in brandtianum won't let you down if you like it. The heart-shaped, deep green leaves on this attractive vining shrub have gorgeous silver striations. The colour of the newly formed leaves is yellow-orange, and as they mature, they take on dark green and silver tones.

29. Philodendron Tripartitum

The Tripartitum is a type of Philodendron that has fragrant stems and leaves. When fully grown, its glossy leaves can reach a width of one foot. Each of their three lobes is typically the same size. The Tripartitum can be any shade of green, from bright to dark to even grey-green, depending on its age.

30. Thai Sunrise Philodendron

The Thai Sunrise is a stunning tropical Philodendron that puts on a magnificent display. The silky leaf of this climbing plant features vivid lime hues that blend yellow, light green, and dark green.

31. Philodendron Selloum

The Selloum's evergreen leaves have deep, rounded multi-lobes that give the area a sense of exoticism.

32. Philodendron Rugosum

A Philodendron species that climb, the Rugosum, is on the verge of extinction. As it ages, its dense, leathery leaves develop wrinkles but retain their oval shape and vivid green hues.

33. Philodendron hederaceum ‘Rio’

The Philodendron Brasil has a cultivar called Philodendron Rio. Beautiful variegated leaves on this heart-shaped philodendron are unlike those on any other type. Philodendron scandens was the previous name for this cultivar. Their leaf patterns are just as lovely as those of their Pink Princess cousins, and most houseplant enthusiasts will be impressed.

34. Philodendron Plowmanii

The Plowmanii is a great choice for anyone searching for a Philodendron species with heart-shaped leaves. Bright lime greens, yellows, and dark greens make up the enormous foliage, which results in a vibrant tropical arrangement.

35. Philodendron Melanoneuron

This type of Philodendron is very flexible and low-maintenance, which makes it an ideal tropical plant for any novice or green thumb wishing to add to their collection. This ornamental plant has broad, spherical, bright green leaves with deep ridges that give them a textured appearance.

36. Philodendron Melanochrysum

The Melanochrysum often called Black Gold, is a climbing Philodendron distinguished by its velvety leaves with shimmering green, copper, and golden veins.

37. Mamei Philodendron

Owning a Mamei Philodendron is a lovely tropical plant choice. It has silver smudge-like marks on its heart-shaped, bright green leaves that give it a cloud-like look. These leaves lack the heavy, leathery texture that other Philodendron species have.

38. Jose Buono Philodendron

Any house or business can benefit from the delightful tropical vibe that the Jose Buono Philodendron brings. It’s stunning, huge variegated leaves feature flecks of golden, yellow, creamy, or white colours and have a thick, leather-like feel.

39. Philodendron Joepii

The leaves have an odd three-lobe shape that resembles damage to the foliage caused by chewing or dragging. This type of Philodendron bears blooms that are between white and purple in hue.

Final Thought

When you want to create a tropical, exotic vibe to any environment, the Philodendron species we listed above are fantastic additions. They are suitable for tiny spaces with little natural light because they are simple to maintain and do not require continuous direct sunshine. After selecting the ideal cultivar for your indoor garden, it's time to take good care of them and follow these growing instructions for the best philodendron growth!

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