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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery
Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery

Our Place

 Many customers have asked us these questions - Where are you based? Can we come and see your nursery? Where do you ship from? How do you pack?

Looks like the customers are very excited to know about us. And we are happy to answer these questions for them. We know that in the online business where there is no face behind a website, where you can't see the place and its people, things get a little tricky and there can be a lot of trust deficit issues.  I am not saying that this page will answer all the questions but it will definitely give some reference point. 

We have included some of the videos of the nursery that were shot by the customers. These videos are not professionally shot, but until we replace them with professional videos I have included these.

The above is the video of the nursery. It gives the tour of our sales center. 


A few of our farm videos (Apologies these are not professionally shot- We had shot them for internal use) 

 Below is the video of a Green Wall Made at our Farm. 

 We will be updating good quality videos on this page soon. 

Below is the Link for a 360° and Street View from Google Maps. 

Sanjay Nursery - Chhajed Garden 360° View

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