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The Noble Art of Green Gifting - CGASPL

The Noble Art of Green Gifting

This year let’s do something different for a change and try to be eco friendly. Using plants as gifts is the best way to do that. Giving plants or flowers as gifts is a more sustainable way of showing love to our friends and family. Plants are relatively cheaper as compared to other gifts, so that saves your pocket from getting empty.
Whatever be the occasion, plants can always be used as gifts. For instance, if you want to wish your beloved on valentine’s day you could just send them carnations or even roses.

plants gifting

You can gift different plants or flowers on different occasions.


Birthdays are always special and if you want to gift a plant to your close one you can always go for these-  

Pink flamingo Anthurium

The pink flamingo Anthurium is a beautiful plant with dazzling flowers. This is one of the best plants to give as a birthday gift. The person receiving the gift will be totally mesmerized by its beauty.

pink anthurium

Pink pop Azalea

This fun and beautiful birthday plant is sure to add a pop to any celebration. The azalea flowers are a sight to behold and will make the birthday boy or girl very happy.

pink pop azalea

Potted pink roses

Nothing shows your love more than the beautiful roses. It is the perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday. By gifting someone the pink roses you’re wishing them with all your love.

pink roses


Potted yellow roses

Wishing someone good health can be done by giving them beautiful yellow roses. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and care and a perfect way to send your regards.

yellow roses

Juniper Bonsai

Bonsais are believed to bring good health to the person who receives it. They help in restoring peace in every sphere of your life.

juniper bonsai

Seven stalks of Lucky Bamboo

According to feng shui, the seven stalks of a lucky bamboo represent good health. So give it to your sick friend and send your well wishes through it.

7 spiral stacks of lucky bamboo


A braided money tree

Money tree is the symbol of good fortune and as the name suggests it is likely to bring you prosperity. Gifting a money tree shows your love and well wishes for the other person and is definitely an amazing gift.

braided money tree- pachira

Potted Azalea topiary

This beautiful plant with pink flowers is enough to let the other person know about your love for them.

potted azalea

Peace Lily

The peace lily or lush tropic evergreen is an elegant plant and an amazing gift to congratulate someone on their accomplishments.

peace lily

So from now on show your love by gifting your loved ones these beautiful plants and GO GREEN!

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Neha - August 13, 2023

I want plants in bulk as return gift for my parents 25th anniversary.
Customisated white ceramic pot
Please let me the price and plant options

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