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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery
Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery

Plants as Corporate Gifts

We have been contacted a number of times by Corporates for Plant Gifting ideas. So we thought of writing this article to make it easy for you. 

For the Last few years Green Gifting has been a really cool idea. We have made some unique gifts for a number of companies in the past. There are a number of lessons we have learnt along the way. 

Here are some of the points to consider: 

  1. What is the occassion ? - The plant to gift depends upon the occassion. For eg. If it's a environment day gift a plant that would be appropriate for that day. Something that you could consider is a Neem Plant, a Peepal Plant, Fruit Plants, etc. Basically Plants that would add something to the environment. I have tried to propose this option to a number of customers in the past but customers want to go with fancy plants. But these Indian Trees are true value for money and would enrich the enviroment in a good way. Neem Plant as Gift
  2. For other occassions such as Birthdays, Corporate meetings or event launches consider good Indoor Plants such as a Money Plant, Zamia Plant, Bamboo Palms, etc. You can see the Plants as Gifts Page on our website. However, here also remember to not go for fancy plants. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and not a whole lot costly. 

Indoor Plants as Gifts.

if you buy the plants in bulk you have options starting right from Rs.50. You can combine these plants with a fancy plastic pot. The price of the pots depends upon the size and which kind of pots you choose. We have pots starting right from Rs.15 and these pots can go up to Rs.1000. 

3.If you want to go for more eco friendly option choose a ceramic pot or coir pots. There are very good quality ceramic pots available for a good price. Do some research and get back to us with the details of what you are looking for. Once you have a basis idea our team can help you better decide. 

Gifting Ceramic Pots with Plants is a lot in trend these days. Many companies place in bulk such as 500 plants, 1000 plants and so on. For such quantities you will get a very good price. And there are lot of different ceramic pots in various colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. These are perfect for gifting. 

4. It's important to plan for Logistics: How are the Plants going to be distributed. Are they all going to given at the Venue or the plants have to be shipped to different locations across the country. The answer to this question will determine the kind of packaging you will need. Custom packaging will cost a little higher. But if the plants are to be sent accross the country spend a little high on packaging. With the wrong kind of packaging you will lose the product as well. 

5. Once you have decided how to pack the product work on Logistics. Determine what is the safest and the most effective way to get the plants at the venue or ship them out. You can ask us for more details. 

6. In the past we have been contacted by many customers for corporate gifting. Almost all us know that Lucky Bamboos (Fengshui Plants ) are a whole lot common as gifts. But remember there are really good cost effective Indian Options as well. For eg: The Crassula Plant. Choose locally grown plants. These are going to easy to maintain and will not cost a lot. Planned in carefully with the right kind of pot and packaging you can get the Plants at a really good price and will be a good value for money. 


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