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Perfect plant according to your zodiac sign

Your Perfect Plant According To Your Zodiac Sign

“A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.” — Beth Ditto

Now is the time to embrace your inner plant parent! Sometimes all we need is the proper plant to stimulate our inner plant senses. To do this, think about using astrology to identify the ideal houseplant for you based on your personality, habits, and traits. Astrology is a subject that is constantly being studied or researched.

zodiac plants

Knowing the lucky plants according to zodiac signs would be quite fascinating. These plants would promote development, healing, harmony, and inspiration. These lucky plants would assist in bringing success into your life, much as you would wear jewels to ward off bad luck.


It is said that a plant associated with your zodiac sign would bring luck and fortune into your life. Continue reading to discover your plant mate based on the personality attributes of your zodiac sign.

Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

Aquarius plant parents have a strong sense of humanitarianism and work to improve the world. They are quirky and despise any limitations that prevent them from achieving their goals. The pothos is the ideal partner for this sign because of their progressive personalities.

Aquarius zodiac sign


This plant's long, trailing leaves have lovely white variegation, which is a reflection of an Aquarian's imaginative side, lively character, and drive to explore new things. It should come as no surprise that the Aquarian's ideal plant is one that purifies the air and facilitates better breathing for others.

The ruling planet of the Air sign of Aquarius is Uranus. For Aquarians, luck comes from plants that aid in blood circulation and nervous system relaxation. The auspicious plants for this sign are catnip, parsnip, chamomile, passionflower hops, Aloe Vera, spinach, and cloves.


Pilea Peperomiodes

The Aquarius, like the Pilea Peperomiodes, is a vivacious presence in any group. Aquarians, the future's sign, avoid controversy whenever possible. Instead, they would choose to spread happiness like this plant and anticipate a bright future.

Pilea Peperomiodes

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

This sign is strongly associated to compassion and forgiveness. Due to their persistent compassion, Pisces might be your best consolation. Due to this, a ZZ plant is the ideal partner for a Pisces. Despite the fact that Pisces are born nurturers, they can lose track of time, place, and watering schedules due to their daydreamy nature.

Pisces zodiac sign

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant will continue to grow and go, adapting to changing conditions just like the zodiac's Fish, for the compassionate water sign that doesn't always thrive in the ordinary. These plants are sympathetic when their parents fail to water them or provide them with the right quantity of light. Neptune and Jupiter are Pisces' two ruling planets. Pisces is a Water sign. For these people, the luckiest plants are those that have an antimicrobial effect.

ZZ Plant

Pisces are kind, understanding, and selfless. They are the ones who will listen to your issues and provide you with any necessary support. Therefore, a spider plant is the ideal indoor plant for a Pisces because it is independent and requires little care.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a tropical and southern African attractive indoor plant. Due to its ability to filter the air and its therapeutic qualities, it is a popular indoor plant that is simple to grow. It has long, thin, arching leaves that are either plain green or have a white variegation. Because of its spider-like leaves, which hang down from the mother plant like spiders on a web, the spider plant earned its name.

spider plant

Aries (21st March – 19th April)

When you meet an Aries, you'll always know what to expect. These plant parents are direct and will always give you their honest opinions. A succulent is the best pick for an Aries because of these qualities. Aries, a fire sign, are renowned for their courage, pride, and tenacity. Additionally, they require little upkeep, and you get what you see. A succulent is a wonderful choice for this zodiac because it fits these characteristics.

aries plant


These adorable house plants are low maintenance and don't require much care. You just need to give them a little bit of water every now and then and put them somewhere with lots of light. Additionally, these come in a variety of colours. The architectural succulent leaves are symbolic of an Aries' direct opinions and seemingly incisive tongue. But the reason for their honesty is that they place a great value on being honest above everything else.


Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Those who have this sign are extremely dedicated and have their sights set on success. Taurus people work harder and longer to complete tasks so they can enjoy the benefits afterwards. You can bet that they stay up late working and having fun because of their work-hard, play-hard attitude. Given this, it goes without saying that a fiddle leaf fig is the ideal plant for this sign.

For both apartment dwellers and interior designers, fiddle leaf figs are highly desirable plants. Despite this plant's reputation for rigorous upkeep, the Taurus is the perfect plant parent for it! This sign is associated with people who are persistent, patient, and always see things through to the end.

These characteristics, along with the Taurus obsession with opulence, will make them one of the most devoted plant parents ever!

Venus rules Taurus, which is an earth sign. This zodiac sign is known for its diligent, kind, and stubborn inhabitants, who also like cosy and opulent objects.


Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf figs stand for abundance, good fortune, and fertility. Their big, rounded leaves are also said to draw positive and nourishing energy while helping to balance bad energy, according to feng shui principles.

The plant has erect, violin-shaped leaves that are enormous, densely veined, and tall. Small tropical trees like the fiddle-leaf fig are frequently planted as houseplants. When fully grown, it can create a stunning central focus in a living room or office.

fiddle leaf fig plant

Taurus people are said to enjoy routine and to be independent and persistent. They are obedient and uneasy with any change from the established routine. Jade is the ideal houseplant for Taurus since it grows slowly and steadily, is simple to care for, and is thought to bring luck because to its thin, circular leaves.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a branching, succulent shrub that is typically kept indoors. It has thick, woody branches and two-inch-long, fleshy, glossy-green oblong leaves. Fortunately, this low-maintenance plant has a long lifespan and matures into a tiny tree over time.

They thrive in containers and enjoy the warm, dry environment present in most houses. The presence of jade in a home or workplace is lucky. The brilliant green leaves of this lovely succulent plant, which are a symbol of growth and rebirth and closely resemble jade stones, which are a symbol of riches and prosperity.

jade plant

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Geminis are forward-thinking and able to fit in with practically any situation. They have a natural curiosity and are often seeking out new information. The adaptability and openness of a philodendron make it an excellent partner for a Gemini!


Similar to many Geminis, this plant can grow in a variety of indoor situations and light levels. Due to their adaptability, Geminis naturally possess a sense of optimism when it comes to overcoming obstacles.


The Philodendron, is the ideal plant for the Gemini since it can adapt to practically any indoor environment and does well in a range of lighting conditions. The gorgeous, heart-shaped leaves are a reflection of the Gemini's spirit of hope in the face of difficulty.

The species Philodendron is a reflection of Gemini's gregarious nature and eagerness to discover new things and places. Particularly tolerant and uncomplaining, the Philodendron will endure anything that comes its way. It's a great buddy because of its adaptability, flexibility, and openness, which meet the needs of its owner.

Philodendron is a symbol of love, prosperity, and wealth. Since it can last for a very long time without water, it also teaches tolerance and adaptability. Philodendrons are a wonderful choice for plant lovers or someone with a strong desire to live sustainably because they represent a love of nature.


Calathea Vittata

Calathea Vittata with its brushstroke-stripped leaves are a perfect match for this sign as Gemini’s are playful and inquisitive in nature.

Calathea vittata has elliptical leaves that are bright green and have lots of thin, white stripes on them. The Calathea represents a fresh start. That definition comes from the phrase "to turn over a new leaf," which the plant does as night falls.

calathea vitata

Geminis are known for blending in well with their surroundings, making them the ideal fit for air plants. Positive thinking is a key characteristic of Gemini. They are highly versatile and thrive on change. They find stagnation to be uninteresting. The Air Plant, which can be carried from place to place and doesn't require pots, is the perfect plant for this zodiac sign.

Air Plant

There is unquestionably a fascinating charm about air plants. All plants are beautiful, but air plants stand out for having a unique personality. The majority of Tillandsia species have thin, rigid, scale-covered leaves that frequently have a fuzzy, gray-green look. They often have little flowers that are under two inches in size. Due to their small size and low maintenance requirements, air plants are an excellent substitute for potted indoor plants.

Because they photosynthesize at night, air plants are also ideal houseplants for bedrooms. So they release new oxygen into the air while you sleep. Being around plants can increase focus at home or at work, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

air plant

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

These plant parents are emotional beings who act first from the heart rather than the mind. Cancers value their families and find solace in a joyful household. Magnificent money trees are the best choice for Cancers due to their deep roots and the plentiful positive energy they give out.

cancer zodiac sign

Money Trees

A money tree will benefit greatly from a Cancer's nurturing character, which will spread happiness and prosperity throughout the house. Parents of cancer plants will discover further similarities with their plant. For instance, the propensity of a money tree for deep waterings is a reflection of a Cancer's intense love for those who are near to them. Money trees' gnarled trunks symbolise a Cancer's passion for a close-knit family. These plants have an abundance of sentimental value, making them a wonderful present you can offer to a Cancer.

money tree

The moon rules Cancer, and just like the lunar phases, this sign's moods can change. The Anthurium, fluctuates in growth and flowers seasonally. Giving it a little additional attention is always beneficial, just like with this zodiac sign.


Cancer is a Water sign, and the Moon rules this sign of the zodiac. The luckiest plants are those that are located near bodies of water and contain a lot of water. Plants that are lucky for Cancer include daisies, water lilies and white roses.

The peace lily is a plant that represents the Cancer sign. Cancers, a water sign, are perceptive, compassionate, sensitive, and devoted. They are known to occasionally have a breakdown, but with a little care, they will quickly return to normal.

Peace Lily

A peace lily's lovely white flowers will beautify your decor and act as a natural air filter. The leaves will begin to wilt if you don't water it for a day or two, but with some short tender loving care, it will return to being its delicate self. In other words it can be difficult to adequately describe the Cancer sign. They exhibit shyness at times and boldness and outspokenness at other times. They are extremely sentimental and demand outright displays of love. The Peace Lily is a delicate-looking but tough houseplant that is ideal for people with cancer.

peace lily

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

Some of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet are leos. Their charisma draws people to them, and their attractive physical attributes are made even more appealing by their brimming self-confidence. Bromeliads are the perfect plant for a Leo because of their general warmth and joy. Leo is the majestic sign in the world of horoscopes. Leos have a fiery attitude and are warm-hearted, strong, and caring. The vibrant bromeliad, which is ideal for Instagram, will look great in a Leo home.

leo zodiac sign


This tropical plant requires little maintenance and thrives in warm climates. Leos enjoy being the centre of attention, and your house party will undoubtedly be the talk of the neighbourhood with this plant's vibrant blossoms.

These hot-tempered tropical plants go great with Leos' fiery personalities! A Leo's showy personality and eagerness to go on exciting experiences are also accurately reflected in a bromeliad's vibrant colours and exotic roots.


Sun is the ruler of Leo, another Fire sign. The plants with leaves in the shape of hearts are equally effective at bringing luck to Leos. The lucky plants for this sign are chamomile marigold, sunflower, dahlia and rosemary.

Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

A Virgo's personality is driven by pragmatics and a keen eye for detail. Virgos are the kind of people you can count on to offer help in any capacity and to deliver the finest job. The rubber tree is this sign's plant mate because of their rigidity and tough work ethic.


Because of their obsession with paying attention to even the smallest details, Virgos are frequently mistaken for narcissists. Perhaps this is one of the reasons a rubber plant, which is often misunderstood for artificial, will work well for a Virgo. People born under this sign are, at their core, kind and trustworthy, and they will be able to care for this plant well, which needs the proper quantity of water and light.

Rubber Trees

The rubber plant, or Ficus elastica, is a peculiar-looking variety that is indigenous to Southeast Asia's tropical regions. This long-lived plant may grow swiftly and can grow up to 100 feet tall in its natural environment. It has large, oval leaves with a deep green tint.

Rubber tree houseplant

The ruling planet of this Zodiac sign is Mercury. Plants with delicately fragrant leaves, stems, and blooms that are little, dainty, and perky are fortunate for Virgo.

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Libras are diplomatic individuals who strive for peace and balance in everything they do. They are socialites who prefer more sophisticated pursuits like going to the theatre or visiting a museum. The only option for this sign is the monstera, which has a rich history in art and has recently had a surge in popularity. Libra plant parents are enamoured with beauty and art.

libra zodiac sign

The diplomatic nature of a Libra is mostly reliant on harmony and balance. They are also known to enjoy sophisticated hobbies, as well as art and culture, in life. So it makes sense to choose monstera, a favourite of interior designers.


The symmetrically divided leaves of a monstera represent a Libra's need for harmony and balance in all facets of life. When given the right care, monsteras can grow into hefty floor plants. Both symbolically and literally, this matches Libras exactly. The lengthy, slouching leaves symbolise the lively social life of the Libra. The monstera also makes a fantastic conversation starter for any visitors to a Libra's house.


The ruling planet of Libra, an Air sign, is Venus. The favourite plants of Librans are all the attractive flowering ones with alluring scents

Venus, the goddess of beauty and empathy, rules the sign of Libra, and the delicate, exquisite Bird's Nest Fern also emits a remarkable beauty. Like this plant, Libras aren't ashamed of their high maintenance nature. After all, in return for your extra work, you get to enjoy their love and attractiveness.

Bird's nest fern

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

Scorpios are real at their heart and do not hesitate to stand up for their own opinions. People born under this sign are in tune with their emotions and tackle jobs with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Scorpios and Dracaenas are identical due to their integrity.

scorpio zodiac sign


The fact that dracaenas always communicate their needs to you is one of their best qualities. For instance, if they receive too much water, their leaves may begin to droop, become yellow, and eventually fall. Scorpios are among the few who will appreciate and accept a dracaena's candour since they, too, are unafraid to express their opinions. The bright yellow-and-green leaves of this plant are also a representation of the fiery nature of a Scorpio.


Scorpio is a Water sign with Mars and Pluto as its ruling planets. The captivating charm of a Scorpio cannot be ignored.

Snake plants are practically self-sufficient, making them as autonomous as a Scorpio. This plant requires very little maintenance and has up to four-foot-tall, straight, pointed leaves. Scorpios strive to express their opinions clearly while maintaining a certain level of mystique.

snake plant

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

The Sagittarius sign is characterized largely by free spirits and wandering idealists. They have a tremendous sense of adventure and are always eager to attempt and learn new things. The unusual and exotic alocasia plant has a lot in common with the curious Sagittarius.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Alocasia Plant

Alocasias stand out from more common house plants thanks to their heart-shaped leaves and their uniqueness. It is really outgoing, exactly like its parent! This Philippine-born plant speaks directly to a Sags mind that is full of travel. Sags are the ideal plant parents because of their unwavering determination to always achieve their objectives. These plants are also known to require a bit extra love and attention.

Alocasias plant

Jupiter is the sign's ruler, and it is yet another Fire sign. These people are very energetic, vibrant, and curious and are always willing to try new things in life.

This fire sign is impulsive and full of life, always looking for the next adventure. They'll always have a thought-provoking response to a query. Marantas are plants that move around in their pot during the day, therefore a Sagittarius can be an excellent father to one of these plants. It's the ideal item of home décor because to the vivid colours and striking patterns on the leaves. Medium to high indirect light is ideal for this plant's growth.


Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

Capricorns are the perfect example of responsibility and discipline. They are intelligent and enjoy being in charge of various elements of their lives. Rules and tradition are ideal for Capricorns. Together, these characteristics make Capricorns the ideal parents for bonsai.

Capricorn zodiac sign


Growing bonsai is a long-standing custom with origins in ancient China. Later, Japanese Zen Buddhism transformed and refined this pastime. Bonsai maintenance is now regarded as an art form, and owners put a lot of work into it. It is the perfect plant and the best practise for Capricorns due to the level of dedication required for it and its deep roots in tradition.


In order to enjoy extra luck, find out which plant is lucky for your zodiac sign and bring it home right away.

You now understand the plants that are destined for you in the stars! You're not, however, restricted to just that one! A excellent method to improve your mood and keep your plant partner company while you're away is to pick up a few plant friends.


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