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17 Stunning ZZ Plant Varieties 

17 Stunning ZZ Plant Varieties 

Zamicolous zamifolia: An Overview

You're not the only one who has ever pondered what a ZZ plant is. The plant is a member of the Zamioculcas genus of the Araceae family. It is a tropical perennial plant that is indigenous to northeastern South Africa, eastern Africa, and southern Kenya.

zz plant

Many people adore ZZ plants, and they frequently appear on wish lists due to their stunning leaves and low maintenance requirements. But why limit yourself to just one ZZ plant variety when you can have many in your house?

There aren't many different varieties of ZZ plants now available because Zamicolous zamifolia is a relatively small group. However, like with all plants, new kinds are frequently found and cultivated, so we anticipate seeing a heck of a lot more stunning and intriguing varieties in the not-too-distant future. Despite their small numbers, each one of them dazzles with distinct beauty.

zz plant

Consider bringing home an air-purifying plant with gorgeous foliage for a tropical backdrop by looking at the top ZZ Plant Types!

1. Variegated ZZ plant

Many people adore variegated ZZ plants for their lovely foliage with splashes of yellow, white, and green. They are the top choice for time-pressed gardeners due to their laid-back disposition.

When planted indoors, this plant purifies the air of pollutants using its stems and leaves. It is an attractive and content plant that requires little fresh air and minimal light to flourish. There are two cultivars available: white and gold.

variegated zz plant

2. ZZ Jungle Warrior

Once established, this plant needs very little upkeep, which is great for new gardeners and people with hectic schedules. It is a slow-growing, low-maintenance plant that is well-liked by both experienced and novice gardeners.

This brand-new black-leaf cultivar has tough, glossy, dark-green leaves. On the stems and leaves, the young, dark green leaves eventually turn rich, purple-black. The oval leaves never lose their beauty throughout the year since they are glossy.

zz jungle warrior

3. Dwarf Zamicro ZZ Plant

The ovate, elongated leaves of the dwarf zamicro plant are thick, glossy, and dark green. These leaves grow from the thick, fleshy stems when they are fully developed. However, they are still significantly smaller than the regular ZZ plant variants. Due to its modest size, it is ideal for growing in flats and smaller offices.

dwarf zamicro zz plant

4. Dwarf ZZ Plant

The dwarf, commonly referred to as Zenzi, is a ZZ cultivar that does not mature into a tall plant. It is a compact, small plant that complements other houseplants well.

The dwarf ZZ plant is distinctive for having dense, dark-green foliage with leaves that are curled. The leaf stalk appears bulkier due to the dense cluster of glossy leaves at its base.

Because it is a dwarf type, it keeps its smaller size than the standard one. This plant grows to a minimum height of one inch. When consumed or exposed over a long time, it is poisonous to both people and animals.

5. ZZ white Variegata

Due to its genes, which cause white spots, patches, or speckles on the leaves, this ZZ white Variegata cultivar is a unique specimen. This plant is valuable, and its effects or colours are what makes it expensive. Instead of green and yellow leaves, the white Variegata has white leaves with green dots on the surface. Also possible are cream, silver, or grey changes. It would also have various coloured beams that would reflect off the leaves.

6. Emerald Palm ZZ Plant

Many gardeners adore this ZZ plant's grace. This gorgeous indoor plant has lush, deep green leaves. The plant is simple to care for, and as it grows, the colour of the leaf changes from a vibrant green to a deep, nearly black hue.  For those looking to enhance their interiors with colour and texture, this is a great houseplant.

emerald zz plant

7. Chameleon Zamioculcas zamiifolia

This cultivar has stunning yellow leaves that are variegated. They begin as an intense yellow colour before turning completely green.

8. ZZ Raven

Glossy and very black leaves. The new growth initially appears in a stunningly striking lime green hue, slowly darkening.

zz raven

9. Lucky Classic ZZ Plant

Lucky Classic ZZ Plant has spherical leaves that are somewhat tapered at the end, in contrast to other types. For a stunning display of luxuriant foliage, grow this glossy type in a place with low lighting.

10. Regular ZZ Plant

Another popular type found in plant stores is the regular ZZ plant. In addition, establishing and taking care of a typical ZZ plant is simple. This ZZ plant grows slowly and has foliage that is a medium-dark green colour. The lance-shaped, deep green leaves give any uninteresting environment a tropical vibe. I advise putting the plant in a location with plenty of bright indirect sunshine.

regular zz plant

11. Supernova ZZ Plant

Another common variation is the Supernova, which has green-tinted young leaves that turn dark as they mature. Maintain it in a shaded area for optimum development.

12. Akebono ZZ Plant

The Akebono ZZ plant is a distinctive kind of ZZ plant. The remarkable leaves of the Akebono tree, which gets its name from the colour of the dawn sky, feature varied mottling and a golden tone. Although Akebonos are not a common houseplant among gardeners, they certainly make a striking addition to your space.

13. Luckywhit ZZ Plant

Growing the Luckywhit ZZ plant variety has numerous advantages. These plants may endure without a routine watering schedule thanks to their water-storing bulbous rhizomes.

14. Albino ZZ Plant

While some Zamicolous zamiifolia varieties are white, others are yellow and even more unusual. The Zamia Albino variety, which may reach heights of two to three feet, is the most striking and well-liked.

15. Dowon ZZ Plant

Any potted garden looks more aesthetically pleasing with the glossy leaves of a ZZ plant. The ZZ plant has extremely delicate stems. They must remain intact or the plant will die. Regrowing the rhizome and rerooting your plant, however, will allow you to multiply it.

16. Bitkisi ZZ Plant

Plants have distinct differences, especially Bitkisi ZZ plant varieties. Calcium oxalate crystals, which cause discomfort and harm to soft tissue, are present in these plants. ZZ plants are also tolerant of low light and moisture levels, which is another excellent trait. With reddish stripes, Zamia bitkisi has dark green leaves. The purple-black cousin of the plant, the raven, is related to it.

17. Gold Variegated ZZ Plant

Popular indoor plants include the Gold Variegated ZZ Plant. They can survive in low light conditions and are comparatively simple to care for. The vibrant foliage makes it a fantastic choice.

Final Thought

ZZ plants are robust and colourful yet require little upkeep. These plants are an excellent option for both homes and offices because of their advantages. ZZ plants are simple to reproduce, even if you're new to gardening. Start growing your Zamioculcas zamiifolias right away, and then let us know how it goes. Which varieties of ZZ plants do you have in your collection? Comment below. We would love to know!

zz plant
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Eko Wibowo - August 13, 2023

I have a new variant of zz raven, I call it golden raven, if you want to know more details I can share it with you, thx

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