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25+ decorative plants for home

25+ decorative plants for home

As we strive to re-establish our connection with nature and welcome its soul-nourishing, relaxing impact into our homes, decorating with plants has grown immensely popular in recent years.

decorative indoor plants

A bookcase, a bar cart, and undoubtedly some lovely tiny indoor plants are a few things that can elevate the look of your home. The plants will brighten the inside of the house and help you become a better gardener. Many people grow little indoor plants to improve the quality of the air and to attract good energy.

indoor decorative plants

Due to the wide selection of indoor plants accessible, there are countless options for plant-based decorations, from a delicate string of pearls to the bird of paradise plants and indoor trees like figs and citrus. Before you start decorating, familiarise yourself with the best indoor plants.

indoor decorative houseplants

You already know that plants deserve a prominent place in your house, whether you've been a lifelong plant parent or are just starting to assemble a collection of green pals. How can you decorate with them and add a little personality to your space?

Before rushing to fill your house with house plants, think carefully about their upkeep needs. Choose plants appropriate for the space you are decorating and arrange them where they will flourish because different plants have different behaviours.

ZZ Plant

To create a beautiful view in any space, Zamioculcas zamiifolia grows tall and substantial. These low-maintenance plants prefer indirect lighting and sparse feedings of plant food.

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ZZ plant

Decor Idea:

Place it on the centre table or close to the TV for a great view.

zz plant


This plant is well-liked for its waxy, heart-shaped flowers with a distinct stamen in the centre, but it requires occasional fertiliser. Due to their tropical environment, anthuriums require humidity to grow.


Decor Idea:

If you live in a dry area, the bathroom can be the ideal place to display your anthurium and establish a small tropical haven.

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are not only well-known for their use in skincare products, but they are also easy to maintain. For optimal results, plant these robust, lovely ornamentals in cactus soil and set them in a light area.

aloe vera

Decor Idea:

Aloe vera can also be grown in tiny planters or recycled glass jars and bottles. Place all of these plants close to a window to enhance the window area.

aloe vera

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a popular indoor houseplant because it is simple to care for and has lovely, glossy leaves that add beauty to interior spaces.

peace lily

Decor Idea:

They can be positioned in pots in room corners, next to end tables, or even as table centrepieces.

Jade plant

A particularly fascinating succulent is the jade plant (Crassula ovata), which has a unique bush-like structure. Furthermore, under ideal conditions, pink flower blossoms might even be visible. These plants may begin to turn red or yellow in excess sunlight, although they require significantly less water in the summer than they do in the winter.

jade plant

Decor Idea:

Their medium-green hue looks fantastic in terra cotta, white, or black pots as well as pots of vibrant colour. You can exhibit them in fashionable concrete planters or be inventive and grow a jade plant in an old birdcage or water fountain.


Here's another houseplant that many admire for its real tenacity. The Philodendron hederaceum grows well as a hanging plant. Avoid direct sunshine, and keep the soil just barely damp. One popular species of blooming plant used for interior decorating is the philodendron.

Read more about philodendron varieties


Snake Plant

Sansevieria Laurentii, sometimes known as the snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, is a robust and beautiful plant with striking banding. These plants grow quite tall and look amazing on little tables. As they require little maintenance, snake plants are among the most popular and often used indoor plants. Some varieties have dark green, rounded, striped leaves, while others have leaves with a reddish tint. Some species have slender, white-striped leaves.

snake plant

Decor Idea

The plant's thin, green and yellow leaves look attractive in the white pots. Put several snake plants on a tall wooden stand and a wooden stool.

An excellent approach to filling in the top of a planter is with rocks. Rocks are the finishing touch, whether it's a long planter filled with numerous snake plants or just a single plant.

Never undervalue how striking a single, sizeable snake plant can be in space. It is incredibly adaptable because you may select a planter and plant stand in almost any design style you like. There is a plant stand to suit your choices, from bohemian to modern.

String of Pearls

What a distinctive houseplant, "String of Pearls"! As its delicate tendrils of spherical beads overflow its planter, this lovely Senecio rowleyanus is sure to draw compliments from visitors. These look fantastic draped or hung over a pedestal, especially just out of the way of direct sunshine. For optimal results, plant in loose cactus soil and take care not to overwater

string of pearls


The Tillandsia family of succulents are among the easiest to maintain because, aside from the odd misting, they may get all the water they require from the humidity in the air. Another advantage is the absence of a root system, which makes it simple to construct interesting arrangements like the sea urchin shell planters.

air plant


Dracaena marginata is ideal for workplaces and remote areas of the home that might not get much attention from carers because you can frequently wait until the soil is dry before watering it.

Dracaena plant


The edible fruit that this rainforest plant can produce is part of the reason for the scientific name Monstera deliciosa; just be sure to read up on proper fruit ripening techniques to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort. These magnificent plants with big leaves are a terrific statement piece and give any room a warm, tropical feel.


Prayer Plant

Look at that brilliant hue, please! Plants like Maranta leuconeura are unquestionably works of art. They work well as an accent in rooms that might use some colour because of their red veins.

Fiddle Leaf fig

In its natural tropical rainforest environment, the Ficus lyrata, or Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a resilient tree that may reach heights of 50 feet. However, it also makes a magnificent indoor tree for home decor purposes. If you want your Ficus to grow nice and tall, which they are glad to do, be prepared to upgrade the size of the planter!

fiddle leaf fig plant

Areca Palm

With its height and fanciful fronds, Dypsis lutescens, often known as the areca palm or golden cane palm, make an eye-catching centrepiece. These plants do best in a well-drained planter filled with loamy soil and indirect sunlight or moderate shade.

areca palm

Rubber Plant

Bright indirect sunlight, moist soil, and high humidity are all favourites of rubber plants. The waxy leaves have a stunning appearance. These trees, also known by their scientific name, Ficus elastica, tend to grow rather tall if not pruned, making them an excellent choice for lovely, roomy planters.

rubber plant


The Calathea orbifolia's glossy white streaks stand out against its vibrant green leaves like a living picture.

calathea plant

Boston Fern

A topical fern that erupts with volume and vitality is called Nephrolepis exaltata. Boston ferns favour bright, filtered light and moist, high-nutrient soil. They appear magnificent when used as a hanging plant, a pedestal, or a simple side table.

boston fern


Ivy looks stunning in many planter styles, including pedestals, hanging planters, enormous concrete bowls, and other decorative items. When dressing up a plant with such wonderfully vibrant foliage, it's difficult to go wrong!



There is a good reason why Epipremnum aureum is a hugely popular houseplant. The infinite length of the vines makes them an excellent choice for suspension from high ceilings. If you need a plant for low or indirect light, think about this one. When dry, use water.



Since it requires dim, indirect light, the Diffenbachia, or dumb cane plant, is perfect for indoor environments. It needs continuously moist, well-drained soil. It improves a room with its eye-catching mottled pattern.


Silver Dollar Plant

Succulents like the Xerosicyos danguyi are great if you're searching for drought-tolerant plants, but it helps to acquire a container with good drainages, like the ceramic and bamboo pots.

silver dollar plant

Chinese money plant

The Chinese money plant, Pilea peperomioides, is famed for its round, coin-like leaves and upright stalks. They look stunning in short pots like the one shown. Depending on the climate in your home, these resilient plants grow swiftly with weekly watering. They enjoy bright areas but don't require direct sunshine to thrive.

chinese money plant

Donkey Tail Plant

The flowering succulent Sedum morganianum is incredibly distinctive and lends itself to unusual planters like those shown above. They prefer bright direct light but do not require intense heat.

Donkey Tail Plant

Bunny Ear Cactus

Opuntia microdasys, a plant famous for its flat branching structure and irritant-looking but deceptively fuzzy-looking barbs, appear stunning but should be handled carefully. It's difficult to go wrong with this cactus if you're searching for a low-maintenance plant to complement a desert-themed environment. Think about combining it with a rustic, sand-coloured, or stone planter.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Tree Bonsai

This adaptable and beautiful tree, scientifically known as Schefflera arboricola, will appeal to bonsai fans. Even better, they withstand various lighting setups and watering schedules admirably. You can either let your umbrella tree grow naturally or sculpt it.

tree bonsai

With more styling advice listed below, we've got you covered.

  • Vining plants are the best choice for a propagation station or wall because they are simple to grow and develop swiftly. The vines will grow toward the sun out the window if you keep them in a place with bright indirect light. These propagated hanging plants eventually grow into a wall of greenery.
home decor
  • Include many plants of various colours. Mix and match a variety of hues in your living space, whether it is the dark green of an English Ivy, the white stripes on the Spider Plant, or the sweet pinks in the Pink Princess.
  • The bathroom is the most humid room in your house, and plants adore dampness.
bathroom plants
  • Install a tiered plant shelf in a corner close to a window if it receives brilliant indirect light throughout the day, and stock the shelves with your favourite houseplants.
home decor plant shelf
  • Succulents, tiny ferns, or air plants are more suited for hanging terrariums. These are delicate plants that would thrive in the little humid area and are reasonably light.
  • Try building a plant cabinet if you have the room and your home receives little natural light. These are great fun and assist you in maintaining the best conditions for your unique plants. Line the cabinet with LED grow lights and add a tiny plant humidifier. This trendy plant decor has been the source of many obsessions over the past few years. You will certainly enjoy it as well.


Plants adorn a space in countless ways. For best impact, stack plants with various forms and textures, from trailing types to large leafy palms, and present them at varying heights to evoke the sense of an indoor jungle. Choose a few statement plants instead to provide focus points in space.

Incorporated into bookshelf ideas or arranged as part of your mantel decor ideas, plants are an excellent way to soften up living spaces, especially those with sharp angles and architectural features.

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