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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery

Money Plants

Discover the Beauty of Nature with Our Money Plant Collection! Explore a wide range of vibrant and lush money plants for prosperity and good luck. Shop now to bring wealth and greenery into your life.
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    Lucky Plants Combo: Bonsai & Money Plant

    Lucky Plants Combo: Bonsai & Money Plant Introducing our Lucky Combo—a dynamic duo of Bonsai & Money Plant, famous for attracting luck an...

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    Original price Rs. 749.00
    Original price Rs. 749.00 - Original price Rs. 749.00
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▶️Money Plants for Indoors

An indoor plant that is beloved by all Indian homes is the money plant. Money plants lovingly known as “Pothos” is one of the most versatile, easily available indoor plant for every home. According to Vaastu, millions of Indian households have this plant as one of their common indoor plants. Money plants are said to bring good fortune and wealth. 

▶️Money Plant Care 

Money plants are low-maintenance and fairly easy to care for. These plants are of two types; Variegated and Non-Variegated Money plants and both are super easy to care for.

⟶ Light

For a healthy indoor money plant, create a tropical environment near sunny windows facing east or west. North-facing windows perform well too. In warm months, give it fresh air and light in a shaded outside spot.

These tough plants can handle bright indirect light or low light, but be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight as it may cause leaf burn. If you have a variegated variety, just keep in mind that it might need a bit more light to maintain its vibrant color.

⟶ Water

Money plants have less watering needs. These tropical plants enjoy soaking in the bright indirect sunlight and occasional misting. Check the top inch of soil to see if it's dry. If so, give your money plant a shower to keep it hydrated. It's an easy peasy work!

⟶ Soil 

To successfully grow a Money plant, you need a rich and well-draining potting mix that promotes healthy growth. While vining varieties are not too picky about the soil they're planted in, tree-like growth patterns need more root support to maintain balance.

With proper care, money plants will thrive for years and years. 

⟶ Money Plant Fertilizer

To keep your money plant healthy, fertilize it every three weeks during the growing season and add compost to the potting mix. Use a water-soluble plant fertilizer for root application and misting to encourage healthy foliage. Luscious leaves for the win!

▶️Money Plant Benefits

Money plant for home? Absolutely. Money plants with their attractive variegated and heart-shaped leaves are not only used for their aesthetics and visual interest. Money plants for indoors are the best option for people who want to add some greenery to their indoor spaces with minimal effort. 

→ Money plant for bedroom

Have you heard about the benefits of keeping a money plant in your bedroom? According to Vastu guidelines, placing the plant on either side of your bed (but, do not keep them too close to the head or footrest) can promote quality sleep and reduce arguments. It's definitely worth trying out!

→ Money plant for office desk

A versatile indoor plant can also be perfect for your office desk and workstations. Money plants have fantastic health and psychological benefits. How? We’ll tell you. 

Money plants can help to reduce radiation levels from electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and cell phones. This is because the plant's leaves absorb and filter out harmful electromagnetic radiation.

study published in the journal "Environmental Science and Pollution Research" found that money plants can reduce radiation levels by up to 50 and also reduce stress and anxiety. This is likely due to the plant's ability to purify the air and release calming phytoncides.

→ Money plant for bathroom

Add a money plant to your bathroom for a tropical touch. They thrive in humidity but make sure they receive at least some indirect light so they can give you a show with their luscious green foliage.

→ Money plant for gift

Money plants are a fantastic choice for gifting. With a diverse collection from Chhajed Garden, you will have no problem choosing one or two money plants for your next gift. Did we mention it's also super affordable and easily available? Yes! To buy money plant online in India, just click here and it is delivered right to your house.

▶️Money Plant Types

Money plant varieties can be quite a show to the eyes. There are a bunch of different types of Money plants available out there, including:

Marble Money Plant Variegated Money Plant ●Gold King Money Plant ●Good Luck Money Plant  ●Jade Pothos Money Plant

▶️Money Plant Pot

 Money plants are not fussy plants. They simply need a pot with drainage holes. Thats all! Whether you go for hanging pots or ceramic pots, make sure to give them a house with holes to breathe. 

▶️Money Plant Propagation 

Propagating money plants is a fun way to expand your plant collection. Simply pick a stem cutting with a few leaves and nodes and put it in water or soil. After the plant starts to grow roots and new leaves, time to shift them to a new pot. 

  • Can money plants grow in water?

Yes, money plants can grow in water. Just put a stem cutting in a vase or jar of water, and it will start to root in a few weeks.

  • Can money plants grow without sunlight?

Money plants can tolerate low light conditions, but they will grow best in bright, indirect sunlight.

  • When to water money plant?

Water your money plant when the top inch of soil is dry. Be careful not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot.

  • Are money plants lucky?

In feng shui, money plants are known to bring good fortune and luck. 

  • Why money plant leaves turn yellow?

There are a few reasons why money plant leaves might turn yellow. The most common cause is overwatering. Other possible causes include underwatering, lack of sunlight, or pests and diseases.

▶️Where to buy a Chinese money plant

To buy Chinese money plant online, check out Chhajed Garden Fresh and new arrivals of money plant for sale. 

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