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Top 13 flowering climbers for an Indian garden

Top 13 flowering climbers for an Indian garden

Do you want to add some enticing and exotic charm to your garden? Growing climbing plants is a fun and unusual way to begin your gardening career. They produce beautiful flowers that brighten and enliven your surroundings.

flowering climber

Climbing plants grow upwards, changing the appearance of your fence or archway and adding brightness to your area. They can also transform an underutilised section of your garden into your most magnificent feature.

flower climber

Climber-free gardens are rare. Trailing plants are essential in the landscape. Many garden climbers produce some of the most lovely flowers. Flowering climbers thrive on outdoor garden features that receive direct sunshine.

flowering climber

Here are the top ten climbing plants you can cultivate in your garden to get you started.

1. Ranjai Plant or Clematis Heynei

Clematis Heynei, or Ranjai Plant, are medium-sized climbers with tomentose branches. These climbing plants are available in a beautiful white colour with hairy velvet stems and are suitable for most landscapes. Although they demand substantial maintenance, they are one-of-a-kind and stunning plants.

Clematis Heynei

2. Thunbergia Plant

This climbing plant is a herbaceous perennial that spreads quickly. The Thunbergia plant, native to Africa, is likewise simple to trim and is commonly used for decorative purposes.


It typically blooms during the summer and autumn seasons. They come in varying shades, including white, yellow, purple, orange, and others.


3. Calico Flower

It is also known as the Pipevine and is a member of the Birthwort family. It is native to South America and has the botanical name Aristolochia elegans. The fragile evergreen vine has distinctive blossoms and lovely, bright green heart-shaped leaves. This climber's slender woody branches entangle gracefully in tight coils around any support and can grow 10-15 feet tall. During the summer, the vine produces a profusion of three flowers.

calico flower

4. Sankrant Vel or Frame Vine Plant

Sankrant Vel, a Bignoniaceae family member, is a robustly growing climber that every gardening lover should have in their collection. It is a natural climber with compound green foliage and two to six leaflets. It has beautiful elliptical leaves with an acuminate apex. This climbing plant is a must-have to fill your garden with a lovely smell.

frame vine plant
frame vine plant

5. Butterfly Pea / Shankhpushpi

The butterfly pea blossoms have a dark blue hue and resemble conch shells. They look lovely when arranged in a dense cluster on pillars and trellis. The trumpet-shaped flowers come in pink, purple-blue, magenta, and white hues. The morning glory looks stunning when accompanied by heart-shaped leaves.

 Clitoria ternatea

6. Mandevilla Plant

The Mandevilla Plant's capacity to produce aromatic and colourful blossoms makes it an ideal addition to any backyard or garden. It blooms most heavily in the summer and has leathery dark green leaves. This climbing plant can create a beautiful floral image on a wall.

 mandevilla plant
 mandevilla plant

7. Krishna Kamal or Passion Flower Plant

Passion Flower Plants are an excellent way to add a tropical flair to your environment. This climbing plant is fast-growing and incredibly lovely due to the shape of its unusual blossom and trailing stems. Around July, the flower begins to blossom.

Krishna Kamal

8. Jai Plant

This plant, sometimes known as Spanish Jasmine or Royal Jasmine, has dark green foliage and a beautiful smell. The Jai Plants are attractive, with pure white blossoms.

It serves as a medium for religious rites in Hindu and Buddhist temples. It is one of the world's most cultivated jasmine varieties.


9. Rangoon Creeper / Madhumalti

The trailing tubular blossoms enhance the beauty of the lawns. They are a mesmerising colour of red-pink and emit a lovely aroma that creates a peaceful atmosphere in the landscape.

Rangoon Creeper

This fast-growing creeper is both tough and low-maintenance. In tropical climates, it can reach heights of up to 70 feet. The Rangoon Creeper is a beautiful flowering plant for individuals looking for fast-growing plants. The colour of these flowering vines changes as they age.

Rangoon Creeper

10. Ylang Ylang Vine / Hari Champa

Hari Champa is the common name for it. The climber is native to India and tropical Asia and has intoxicatingly fragrant greenish-yellow blooms. Hari Champa is a non-aggressive vine that grows like a shrub when young. Its unique floral arrangement fills the gardens with a lovely smell. It blooms all year and is also very easy to care for.

Artabotrys hexapetalus

11. Ipomoea

Ipomoea is the largest genus in the Convolvulaceae family, with over 600 species. It is a popular choice for people who want to produce attractive plants.

This climbing plant requires a warm, sheltered location to thrive. The majority of Ipomoea flowers bloom in the early morning. It produces delicate fresh flowers in late summer and early spring. These flowers have a distinctive trumpet shape with a royal blue tint that fades to lavender purple in the inner corners.


12. Star Jasmine / Chameli

This award-winning specimen is well-known for its calming scent, which serves a purpose in perfumery. Summer is the best time to see the velvety, white blossoms.

Star Jasmine

13. Bougainvillea / Gaganbel

It is the most beautiful, hardy, easy-to-grow climbing/trailing shrub. Its numerous hues and tonnes of red, magenta, pink, orange, white, and many other variations make a sensation in the yard.



Climbing plants provide colour and texture to your landscape. All the climbing plants mentioned above have a distinct sweet aroma and beautiful blossoms. Although they naturally spread, you can always connect their stems to direct their growth in the right direction. They are an excellent method to adorn your environment.

flowering climber

Are you seeking a natural approach to improve the appearance of your garden? Don't pass these up. Bring your favourite climber home today.

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