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Planter Guide

Planter Guide

With the variety of planters available, your plant garden will appear much prettier. You can pick the ideal planter to fit your tastes if you prefer to display plants on the wall or put them in pots and boxes.  You can add indoor plants to your living area to add a bit of nature. A crucial step in ensuring the success of your indoor plants is selecting the appropriate pots.

When you get them home, you can immediately plant newly acquired plants in their plastic nursery containers in a fresh planter. Update the containers for your established indoor plants that have outgrown them. Your new plant has probably outgrown its growth container after months (maybe years) and would benefit from more space to expand.

Here are some suggestions for selecting planters and pots for indoor plants.

Variety of pot planters for indoor plants:

The type of pot you use influences how much water the plant needs and how frequently you need to water it, so that's another factor to consider. There are many different kinds of content to take into account, such as:

Self-Watering Planters

Do you tend to overwater your houseplants? If so, ChhajedGarden offers the ideal answer for your issue.

For people who either forget to water their plants or overwater them, ChhajedGarden's self-watering pots are a great aid. It is the most intelligent method for ensuring that your plants receive a steady amount of water because too much watering can cause the soil to lose valuable nutrients.

Because plants only take up the necessary quantity of water, self-watering pots by ChhajedGarden also encourage water conservation.

They regularly hydrate themselves, which enables them to remain hydrated and healthy even after being without water for almost a week. They have a unique wick that takes the water from the bottom, absorbs it, and then supplies it to the plant as needed. You no longer need to be concerned that your plants will dry out while you are away.


  • These self-watering planters have a classy and fashionable appearance and come in various sizes, patterns, and colours.
  • They will make your home feel cheery. On balconies, hanging self-watering pots are another option that looks charming. The planters are portable and lightweight.
  • Provide an uninterrupted supply of water
  • Conserving water
  • Maintain moisture in the roots.
  • The soil preserves nutrients.

Our Recommendation:

  • White-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot
  • Orange-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot
  • Self Watering Planter 4", Mutli Color (Pack of 6)
  • Violet-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot
  • Red-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot
  • Green-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot

Coir Planters

Want to save yourself the trouble of re-potting your transplants? Coir Planters from ChhajedGarden make it easier to carry plants from one planter to another. The fibrous body between the coconut and the husk, known as the coconut hull, is used to make coco-coir pots.

By their very nature, coir planters are biodegradable and environmentally benign. Hence, if you're attempting to protect the environment, these planters are what you should buy.


  • Coir planters' texture makes it easier for water and air to reach the roots.
  • The natural decomposition of the coir pots in the soil reduces root disturbance during planting. These Coir Planters are incredibly vivid and a joy, and they come in a variety of colours.
  • Purchasing Coir Planters is a no-brainer if you subscribe to the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" philosophy. Now go check them out!

Clay Planter:

Due to the well-draining soil mixture and good airflow, clay makes excellent pots for root cuttings since they can flourish in such conditions. With clay pots, it is impossible to overwater plants. Clay containers are ideal for evaporating moisture from potting soil and guarding against root rot.

Plastic Planters:

Plastic pots are ideal for plants that require a lot of moisture because the soil is more likely to retain its moisture. Thus there will be less watering. Plastic pots are lighter and easier to move around compared to clay pots. Plastic planters are noteworthy because of how convenient they are in general. They are well-liked by the gardening community due to their dependability, lightweight, simplicity of use, and low maintenance needs.

Our Recommendation:

  • Black Vertical Hook Pot
  • 5" Flower Pot White Colour Sunrise Series (11 cm)
  • Green Vertical Hook Pot
  • Red Vertical Hook Pot
  • Terracotta Vertical Hook Pot

Wooden Planters:

Wooden planters are one of the best solutions if you want a natural art to decorate your home. Beautiful wooden planters from ChhajedGardens's collection can be used in your garden, office, museum, art zones, etc.

These wooden planters are strong, long-lasting, and stylish. In our collection, you'll find a wide range of wooden planters, including hanging handmade planters, twin hanging pots, oval and round handmade pots, and many more.

Terracotta Planters:

Terracotta pots are the preferred container for container gardening. These plants must either be combined with drought-tolerant species (such as succulents and rosemary) or receive regular watering. Plan on constantly watering terracotta because it will dry out after absorbing water from the soil.

  • 2" Sunrise Pot Terracotta (5.5 cm)
  • Stacking Pots Terracotta,Vertical Flower Tower Pots
  • Bonzi Square Pot -17 cm (Terracotta)

Fibreglass planters

Are you seeking a reliable planter that won't break down on you a month after you buy it? Although there are many alternative materials for plant pots, fibreglass planters are still a good choice for many gardening needs. Fibreglass planters change the appearance of your yard or any space.

These planters come in several colours, including cherry red, glitter gold, scorched gold, and charcoal grey. Also, they come in different shapes, including square, buddha, round, heart, and apple-shaped.


  • These fibreglass planters come in varying sizes and are resistant to rust and frost.
  • Because of the durability of the fibreglass material, the pot can withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, or intense sunshine without losing its aesthetic appeal.
  • They are resistant to the elements, strong, and lightweight. Moreover, fibreglass planters are simple to maintain and clean.
  • They provide an excellent option for both indoor and outside use.

These planters from ChhajedGarden may add a traditional appeal to any indoor or outdoor garden while being little care of because of their lightweight and long-lasting qualities.

Our Recommendation:

  • Acacia Square Fiber Planter
  • Ageratum Rectangular  Fiber Planter
  • Ancient Chinese Fiberglass Fiber Planters Rectangle Shape Decorative Pot
  • Axis Gray Fiber Planter

Ceramic pots with glazes:

Almost any plant will flourish in a glazed ceramic container. If you're looking for a beautiful item that will complement the interior design of your home, ceramic pots are the most common choice.

  • Modern Square Ceramic Pot - Blue Tabletop Plant Decor
  • White Ceramic Pot with Plate: Perfect for Indoor Gardens
  • Set of 3 White Ribbed Ceramic Tabletop Planters - High-Quality Pot Set for Indoor Plants
  • Set of 3 White Ribbed Ceramic Tabletop Planters - High-Quality Pot Set for Indoor Plants
  • Set of 3 White Ceramic Pot with Plant Picture - Modern Design

Planter Stand

You can display your indoor plant by lifting it off of the surface it is currently sitting on and placing it on a planter stand. Any indoor plant may be improved using plant supports, which are a great way to do it. They make small plants appear taller, enabling them to provide a striking impact.

Since there are many creative ways to display indoor plants, choosing plant stands for indoor use can be fun.

You can buy planter stands made of several materials on ChhajedGarden, including wood, plastic, terracotta, bamboo and even wicker.

Stands for metal planters

Metal stands can be used indoors, outdoors, or on a patio and come in different forms, sizes, and styles on ChhajedGarden.

Your plants' roots can avoid scorching if you use the proper metal container, the right kind of plant liner, and different gardening techniques.

Innovative multi-shelf metal planter stands are for you if you have limited room but want to own and display the most plants possible. These planters will allow you to showcase your numerous plants while occupying little space.

Supports for wooden planters

Planter stands crafted from wood look nice, keep the water well, and are reasonably light. One of the most practical and organic gardening containers is a wooden planter stands, which may also quickly enhance the appearance of your garden.

What Shapes and Designs Make the best Indoor Planters?

Depending on the type of pot, the size and type of plant, and the general architecture of the room, the optimum form for indoor plant pots for commercial use may change. Restaurants can benefit from oval or rectangular planters because they are easier to clean, take up less room, and can be positioned in corners or along walls. They require less drainage than circular pots and are very simple to water.

Indoor plant pot selection is a personal preference. Use one sizable pot if your area is spacious.

A plant's pot should be sized appropriately for it. Use a compact pot planter for your plant, for instance, if it takes up little space. Use a larger container if your giant plant needs more room than what a small one can provide.

Although shape is not the most crucial aspect of container gardening, it does affect the appearance and functionality of your indoor garden.

Here are some suggestions for selecting planters and pots for indoor plants.


Take your plant's requirements into account before selecting a pot or planter. Some plants need a lot of drainages, while others need soil that retains moisture better. Another factor is the pot's size. The plant may become root-bound in a small pot planter, which results in limited growth. The soil may retain too much moisture if the pot is too big, which could cause root rot.


Considering your home's design will help you choose the right pot or planter. Choose a pot or planter with clean lines and a straightforward design if your home has a modern or minimalist aesthetic. A pot planter with a more ornamental design may be more suited if your property has a more traditional or rustic appearance. Another crucial factor is the pot's or planter's colour. Choose a colour that goes well with your interior design and the colour of your plant.


Picking a pot with drainage holes is always a wise move. This way, you may prevent the potting soil from getting overly wet after watering your houseplants.

The pot's bottom allows the extra water to drain. Hence, plants may access oxygen. To prevent the roots from absorbing too much moisture, be careful to empty the saucer or tray underneath the container.


Think about the location of the plant when selecting a pot or planter. Select a pot or planter that can withstand direct sunshine without fading or cracking if the plant is going to be in a sunny location. Use a pot or planter that is lightweight and portable if the plant will be in low-light areas.

Final thoughts

For the health and beauty of your plants and the overall look and feel of your house, picking the appropriate indoor plant pots and planters is crucial. Consider the needs of your plant, the style of your home, the material of the pot planter, and whether or not it's a particular pot or planter that adds character to your home.

Almost all commercial spaces, including offices and hotel lobbies, might use an indoor pot plant. It might be tricky to pick the perfect container and plant—from colour schemes and plant types to size and budget—before making your final decision. But if you do it well, your indoor space will have a sophisticated feel that will last a lifetime!

We hope that this manual has given you all the knowledge you need.

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