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Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Indoor Plants

Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Indoor Plants

An excellent method to give homes life and vigour is to embellish them with plants. Indoor plants can give your home an earthy, cosy appearance. These plants not only purify the air in your home but also give it a fresh look.

home decor ideas with plants

It's crucial to understand that not all plants can live indoors now that we've demonstrated that decorating with plants is beneficial for your home. There is nothing like luscious greenery to brighten up a living room, and it is no secret how beneficial plants are to our health and well-being.

home decor ideas with plants

What method of stress relief is effective today?

Ideas for decorating with plants and some green therapy! The "in" thing now is choosing a biophilic design or using plants as decor! And we think learning how to arrange plant room décor to make the perfect fashion statement is an art.

Why Do We Use Plant Decoration Ideas? What Is Plant Room Decor?

It's crucial to consider why we are decorating with plants in the first place before diving into ideas for plant arrangements. The primary reason is that the colour green, used in plant room décor, has a soothing effect on us. Additionally, some of these might be plants that purify the air in your home, giving the room breath of fresh air. In other words, using various plants to decorate your home is what is meant by "plant room decor."

home decor with plants

The possibilities for decorating with plants are unlimited because there is such a great range of indoor plants available, from delicate strings of pearls to massive bird of paradise plants and indoor trees like figs and citrus.

You've come to the perfect place if you're wondering how to apply these plant decoration ideas.

home decor with indoor plants

So, you could wish to start making notes if you need ideas for decorating indoor plants. Here are some simple plant decoration ideas for your house:

Plants on Hooks

Everyone agrees that hanging plants in your home is among the best trends and ideas. It requires little upkeep. Without a doubt, hanging plants give a new dimension to your design while also making a space stand out.

hanging plants

Such a unique detail makes your home truly unforgettable. You can hang them in the living room or balcony to give your home a more natural feel.

hanging plants

Recommended Plants:

Greenery on a Shelves

Keeping plants on a shelf is a smart option. Small houseplants can provide a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. Therefore, keep a tiny plant on your bedside or a hangover in the room's corner. Most plants are only known to be beneficial for the bedroom because they remove dangerous poisons, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

indoor shelves plants
home decor with plants

Keeping plants in attractive pots

A practical approach to add more decor to your home is to grow plants in pots. Having a plant pot that complements your indoor decor is crucial. Even those succulents, ferns, and other plants may live longer and remain healthy with its assistance.

home decor with plants

Choose gorgeous pots, or paint plain pots to make them more unique. Any space with plants can look more appealing by using a variety of plant pots. Try experimenting with various plant pots to brighten any environment.

Recommended Pots/Planter:

home decor with plants

Transform the kitchen

An ordinary kitchen may appear exotic with little greenery. You may try making miniature herb and succulent gardens. Naturally, cooking with fresh ingredients from your little vertical garden is the best activity for enhancing your mood.

kitchen decor with plants

Hanging fresh herbs in your kitchen makes it more attractive and gives your food a new burst of freshness.


kitchen decor with plants

Decorative Home Entrances

The entrance should always have a welcoming atmosphere. Plants added to the entrance's decor will provide the area with colour and textures. Therefore, placing indoor plants throughout your home's doorway will make it appear more lively.

home decor with plants

Not only does it breathe life into your area, but the flower blossoms and the planters also give it an attractive appearance to visitors.

home decor with plants

Layering Plants at Varying Heights

A beautiful technique to add life and interest to a white living room is to layer plants. To create the impression of an indoor jungle, pick an array of forms and shapes and arrange them at various heights, either on stands or hanging as part of a gallery wall. Plants with pink or variegated foliage make excellent decor items because of their striking contrasts.

indoor plants
indoor plants

Frame artwork with vines

Put hanging plants on either side of any artwork hanging on your walls. The finest plants for this are Monstera Adansonii, English Ivy, and Pothos.

home decor with plants
home decor indoor plants

Line the stairs.

You know that a houseplant would fit wonderfully on every stairway. A couple of vining plants can flourish long as they reach for the natural light if your living space receives a lot of indirect light. Plants that can tolerate minimal light, like air plants, are a better option if your stairway is on the darker side.

home decor plants
home decor with plants

Plant life in the bathroom

The bathroom is the most humid room in your house, and plants adore dampness. Put a few plants that enjoy humidity in the corner, add some hanging plants over your windows, and put a few smaller plants in your shower. The plants will flourish as long as there is a source of light.

home decor indoor plants
indoor home decor

Have a green area

Install a tiered plant shelf in a corner close to a window if it receives brilliant indirect light throughout the day, and stock the shelves with your favourite houseplants. The plants will thrive in the natural light, making a name for your green thumb.

home decor with indoor plant
home decor indoor plant

Create some terrariums

Making your terrariums is simple, and they add a splash of greenery to any room. Make your terrarium table and use our step-by-step instructions to create a terrarium in a jar for tiny spaces. Find out how to create a small succulent terrarium and what to put in one to help your plants grow. Yes, I'd say we have some knowledge about terrariums.

terrarium home decor
terrarium indoor plants

Construct a plant cabinet.

Try building a plant cabinet if you have the room and your home receives little natural light. These are great fun and assist you in maintaining the best conditions for your unique plants. This trendy plant decor has been the source of many obsessions over the past few years. You will certainly enjoy it as well.

home decor with plants

Pick something unanticipated.

Discuss upcycling! There are creative ways to repurpose almost anything. Additionally, the copper and the green vegetation make for a pleasing contrast. Succulent plants or epiphytes that need little watering are preferable for a setup like this. Aside from that, keep the plants in tiny plastic vases that are lower than the copper pot's lip so you may remove them to water them.

home decor with plants


What is a shelfie of plants?

The term "selfie" is primarily an Instagram meaning that results from combining the phrases "selfie" and "shelf," especially when the image shows a plant on a shelf. There are countless Plant Shelfie options on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instead of staring at a busy shelf filled with books spines of every colour and density, plant-decorating shelves and bookcases with plants and plant-related imagery creates a lot more favourable and restful environment.

plant shelves

Forget the soil

Consider growing plants that can flourish in water if your hesitation about using plants as decor stems from worries about filthy potting soil.

home decor with plants

Aroid plants, including pothos, philodendrons, and various types of ivy, can grow hydroponically or in water.


home decor with plants

Make a hobby area.

When you fiddle with plants, create a potting corner in your indoor or covered outdoor living space. A gardening nook may be a great addition to your home, a spot that will bring you a lot of satisfaction and pique visitors' curiosity if you commit to keeping it organised and add some shelves and a few plant stands.

indoor plants decor

Brighten the Laundry Room

Why not make the laundry room in your house a little cosier because you already spend enough time there? Plants will be helpful, we assure you.

home decor indoor plants
home decor with indoor plants

Peaceful Reading

Plants in abundance may liven up a reading area. Wicker furniture gives this room a very bohemian feel.

home decor with plants

The Benefits of Plants in Home Decor

As we strive to re-establish our connection with nature and welcome its soul-nourishing, relaxing impact into our homes, decorating with plants has become immensely popular in recent years.

Indoor plants are adaptable decoration ideas utilised by interior designers as living works of art. They come in different sizes, forms, colours, and textures, from leafy palms to small shapely cactus, not to mention flowering kinds. There isn't another design element like them, and they enhance every interior to their full potential."

indoor plants

Plants have an extensive list of health advantages in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and fragrant. In addition to purifying the air, indoor gardening can be a very conscious hobby, and strategically placed Feng Shui plants are considered to boost positive energy throughout your home.\

indoor plants home decor

However, take caution to consider the maintenance requirements of house plants before rushing to fill your home with them. Choose plants appropriate for the space you are decorating and a place where they will flourish because different plants have different behaviours.


Green is a powerful colour that may revitalise your body, mind, and spirit. I hope the modern indoor plant ideas described above will assist you in improving the aesthetics of your house. Get a plant for your home. Want to occupy a strange void in the space? Invest in a house plant!

home decor

Visit ChhajedGarden and pick up indoor plants to embellish your home with greens if you have any ideas for using plants to boost your interior design. There is a house plant for every room and occasion, whether you want to brighten the kitchen or bring peace to the bedroom. Before you start decorating, ensure to familiarise yourself with the best indoor plants.

Design a lush indoor garden to bring the elements of nature inside and change the atmosphere completely.

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