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Different varieties of Aglaonema plants you should know about

Different varieties of Aglaonema plants you should know about

Aglaonema has between 21 and 24 species, while the precise number changes according to whose botanical registry you consult. There are, however, hundreds of distinct aglaonema cultivars with a wide range of leaf colors. The variants are many and all beautiful!

So, whether you desire an emerald beauty or a gorgeous aglaonema red-tipped beauty, there's one out there for you. These low-light, low-maintenance foliage plants are well worth your effort to cultivate.

Aglaonema Anjuman Pink Plant

No one would blame you if you mistakenly confused this Chinese evergreen for a poinsettia. The Aglaonema 'Anjuman Pink' has crimson leaves that are ideal for enjoying the holiday season. Except for the plant's stems and the tiny green rims around the leaf margins, the somewhat lance-shaped leaves of this cultivar are nearly totally brilliant crimson in color.

Aglaonema Red Valentine Plant

In low light, this Aglaonema is a darker green that is speckled with yellow and veined with pink. Brighter circumstances cause the leaves to become an almost uniform golden color and cause the ink to fade. This type is really popular!

Different varieties of Aglaonema plants

Aglaonema Maria Green Plant

A great low-maintenance alternative for your Aglaonema house plant collection. The glossy, dark green leaves are adorned with silvery green chevrons.

Evergreen in China, Maria exudes retro-chic style, having been a fixture in home design since the 1970s. It can withstand more shadow and lower temperatures than other species, making it a valuable and beautiful addition to homes and businesses.

Aglaonema Snow White Plant

The inflorescence of the Aglaonema Snow White Plant produces unisexual flowers in a spadix, with a small zone of female flowers at the base and a broader zone of male flowers towards the tip.

Benefits of Aglaonema plants

Air Purifier

As a great air purifier, Aglaonema is one of the finest indoor plants for reducing indoor air pollution. In their investigation, NASA uncovered astonishing data about its effectiveness as an air-purifying agent.

The well-known Aglaonema Red Plant eliminates 14,300 micrograms (Volatile Organic Compounds) VOC per plant each day. The capacity of plants to eliminate VOCs is mostly dependent on plant species, although the mechanism and the component responsible are being explored for useful insights.

Humidifiers Made from Plants

There is quantifiable evidence that our natural surroundings influence our emotions. Aglaonema, a natural humidifier, raises the amount of optimism. It raises the humidity level in the interior environment. Aglaonema's strong transpiration rate helps to humidify the surrounding air, freshening the space.

Different varieties of Aglaonema plants

Beneficial Health Effects

Our inherent relationship with the natural surroundings usually leaves a favorable impression. Positive emotions boost productivity and have a direct impact on a person's emotions. Aglaonema species have good medical potential, according to recent research.

Methanol leaf extracts of Aglaonema hookerianum are suggested as a rich source of neuroprotective therapeutic candidates.


These plants are both visually appealing and simple to cultivate, making them ideal for any home, business, or lifestyle. Many species of aglaonema plants are a simple way to enhance the appearance of your interior spaces, whether you cultivate one or gather as many as you can.

If you're searching for your next Aglaonema plant to add to your collection, visit Chhajed Garden and choose from a large Aglaonema variety.

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