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42 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties You'll Adore

42 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties You'll Adore

Aglaonema plants have an impressive range of colour and pattern combinations. Aglaonema varieties can also add colour to darker homes thanks to their tolerance for shade. First and foremost, there is a staggeringly large selection of various cultivars and species of Aglaonema available to anyone interested in keeping a Chinese evergreen plant as a houseplant.

aglaonema plants

We have gathered a collection of the most beautiful species and varieties of Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) to help you choose the right one. The tolerance of shade plants is available in a wide range of hues and patterns. There is something here for everyone, whether they prefer an Aglaomena in green, pink, red, or spotted.

aglaonema variety

1. Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

The large, bright-green, variegated foliage of the Chinese evergreen Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah' is a favourite because it has stunning splashes of bubblegum pink. The plant's stems grow in a vivid pink hue that matches the markings on the leaves, which truly distinguishes the sparkling Sarah Chinese evergreen from other species and turns it into a show-stopping indoor plant.

Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

2. Aglaonema Silver Stone

At first glance, an Aglaonema 'Silver Stone' may appear to be just another tropical houseplant: green, leafy, and attractive to look at, but not particularly noteworthy. The delicate shimmering markings and pale, silver-white stems that keep giving this houseplant a gentle appeal have, however, caused houseplant enthusiasts to fall in love with this species of Chinese evergreen.

Aglaonema Silver Stone

3. Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

The Aglaonema "Pink Dalmatian" may be one of the most attractive Chinese evergreens you can grow indoors. Typical of most Chinese evergreens, this species has lovely, enormous leaves. Nevertheless, the name "pink dalmatian" refers to the delicate pink spots that are delicately scattered across the leaves of this species.

Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

4. Aglaonema Georgi's Ruby

Another gorgeous Chinese evergreen is Aglaonema "Georgi's Ruby." These plants make an impressive statement on a desk, end table, or in a sizable pot filling a vacant corner thanks to their profusion of large, dense leaves. The vibrant arches of chartreuse set against the dark green of the foliage and the cherry-red veins that distinguish each leaf on this species of Chinese evergreen make it unique.

Aglaonema Georgi's Ruby

5. Aglaonema Siam Aurora

The Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' is a stunningly lovely Chinese evergreen cultivar, also known as the red aglaonema. This low-maintenance plant, which boasts leaves that are rimmed and veined with a deep crimson, promises to warm up any interior space with little work. It has stems that are a fiery red sunset colour.

Aglaonema Siam Aurora

6. Aglaonema Emerald Bay

The Aglaonema 'Emerald Bay' produces distinctively pinnate-shaped foliage that is noticeably less stiff and more fluttery than that of other Chinese evergreen species. This foliage has a texture similar to that of a peace lily plant. The centre vein of this plant's leaves is surrounded by a bright-green rim, and a nearly solid feathering of silvery green runs over it.

Aglaonema Emerald Bay

7. Aglaonema Red Emerald

When one looks at an Aglaonema 'Red Emerald,' it is immediately clear where the name of this Chinese evergreen cultivar came from. This plant produces broad, glossy leaves that are a rich emerald green colour. Each eye-catching leaf is divided down the middle by a blood-red vein. To add even more allure, the leaves are also speckled with golden amber spots.

Aglaonema Red Emerald

8. Aglaonema Stripes

The Chinese evergreen Aglaonema 'Stripes' variety is a well-liked cultivar typically grown in residences and workplaces due to its decorative appeal. Large, ovate leaves and lime-green stems are produced by this cultivar. The large leaves are conspicuously striped with fine silvery-white bands. Starting at the centerline of the leaves and arcing upward on either side are these symmetrical stripes.

9. Aglaonema Nitidum

The Burmese evergreen, also known as Aglaonema nitidum, is a common houseplant. It has an upright central stalk that can grow to be about 3 feet tall, with leaves that can grow up to 18 inches long! The plant's foliage is typically a silvery green colour with a few lighter green splotches throughout. The Burmese evergreen is ideal for securing a vacant corner where it will have sufficient room to grow.

10. Aglaonema Butterfly

Another gorgeous Chinese evergreen with distinctive foliage is the Aglaonema "Butterfly." This variety's leaves have a delicate pink stripe running down the middle of them. Each bright green leaf has a light yellow speckling and is joined to pretty pink stems.

Aglaonema Butterfly

11. Aglaonema Silver Queen

Its large, ovate leaves, which are primarily covered in a silvery-green hue and accented with dark green splotches and edges, give the Aglaonema 'Silver Queen' its name. This plant will eventually grow a central stem that resembles a trunk and lose its lower leaves as it gets older. This Chinese evergreen plant matures to a height of about 2 feet.

Aglaonema Silver Queen

12. Aglaonema Golden Hope

This Chinese evergreen variety stands out from the others. It has broad, ovate leaves that appear to spiral outward from the centre of the plant, giving it a striking rosette shape when seen from above. The name "Golden Hope" for Aglaonema comes from the colour of its leaves. The plant's leaves have a sunny-golden yellow colour and are striped with green, giving it a starburst-like shape and colouring.

13. Aglaonema Diamond Bay

Another lovely Chinese evergreen variety is Aglaonema "Diamond Bay." This cultivar has long, lance-shaped leaves that can reach lengths of over 12 inches. Each leaf has a silvery green centre that covers more than half of its surface area as it emerges in clumps from the central plant.

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

14. Aglaonema Creta

The Aglaonema 'Creta' is a stunning plant that, like other Chinese evergreens, is prized for its decorative foliage. Large and ovate, the leaves are growing straight up to the sky. They are primarily green in colour, but they have yellow freckles, a red tint, and a crimson centre vein and edges on the rim.

15. Aglaonema Red Valentine

Another stunning Chinese evergreen is the Aglaonema 'Red Valentine' variety, which has large, variegated green, ovate foliage that is heavily speckled with spots in various shades of bright red and pink. This plant is the ideal Chinese evergreen for Valentine's Day because the undersides of its leaves and stems are both stained a vivid shade of red.

Aglaonema Red Valentine

16. Aglaonema Silver King

One more silvery-hued Chinese evergreen cultivar is Aglaonema 'Silver King'. This one has moderately glossy, lance-shaped leaves that are long and narrow. The leaves, which reach a maximum length of 10 inches, are heavily variegated and have a silvery hue.

17. Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema 'Maria' has long been a beloved evergreen in China. Since the 1970s, it has gained popularity in interior design and decorating, and it is now thought to be ideal for the retro-chic look. The plant helps to create subtle visual interest without being overly ornate thanks to its closely packed, ovate leaves with intriguing patterns of alternating lighter and darker green.

18. Aglaonema Maria Christina

Despite being slightly smaller and having more dense foliage growth, it resembles Aglaonema "Silver Queen" in appearance. It is also more tolerant of the cold!

19. Aglaonema Anyanmanee

This plant will win your heart if you enjoy indoor plants with spotted leaves thanks to its dusty pink spots on broad, dark green leaves.

20. Aglaonema Black Lance

A tall, upright variety known as "Black Lance" has long, narrow, deep-green leaves with a wide strip of silver-green streak in the centre of the foliage.

21. Aglaonema Red Anjamani

Nobody would blame you if you mistakenly thought this Chinese evergreen was a poinsettia. The red-hued leaves produced by the Aglaonema 'Red Anjamani' would be ideal for the holiday season. This cultivar's slightly lance-shaped leaves are almost entirely bright red, except for the plant's stems and the thin green rims that surround the leaf edges.

Aglaonema Red Anjamani

22. Aglaonema Cutlass

The 'Cutlass' variety got its name because of its long, streaked leaves, which resemble almost daggers. A vibrant appearance is produced indoors or outdoors by surfaces that are cream-green-white with a dark green centre vein and edging.

23. Aglaonema Pictum

Due to its distinctive pattern, this subtropical shrub with a slow growth rate is also known as a camouflage plant. Pictum tricolour is named after its tricolour leaves, which range in colour from light to dark green and have eye-catching white spots.

24. Aglaonema Chocolate

The dark green foliage of this Aglaonema species, which is frequently accentuated with burgundy venation, is one outstanding feature that will undoubtedly catch your attention. Although it prefers bright indirect light, this adorable aglaonema variety is also tolerant of low light conditions.

25. Aglaonema Harlequin

Harlequin has a darker green colour that is veined with pink and has yellow flecks in low light. Brighter conditions cause the pink to turn pastel and the leaves to turn almost uniformly yellow. This variety is very well-liked!

26. Aglaonema Suzy

Suzy, a well-liked indoor variety, combines the pink colour that many of the more light-loving aglaonema varieties produce with the low-light tolerance of the darker cultivars. It has gained enormous popularity as a type of indoor plant.

27. Aglaonema Red Gold

This stunning house plant thrives both indoors and outdoors. Its red-rimmed leaf edges surround a stunningly green interior. The stems and leaf veins both have a hint of red to them. This one is a well-liked option for planters in shade.

Aglaonema Red Gold

28. Aglaonema Deborah

Deborah's foliage has a gray-green centre with veins and dark green edges. For someone with a bad green thumb, this minimal variety is perfect.

29. Aglaonema Leprechaun

The foliage's edges are green, and the leaves have a delicate cream colour that blends beautifully with them.

30. Aglaonema Cory

This aglaonema variety develops attractive leaves with feathery silver-green stripes on white or cream stems. It can withstand the cold well as well.

31. Aglaonema Emerald Star

 The dense, multicoloured foliage of Emerald Star has a combination of dark and light green dots and grows quickly.

32. Aglaonema Amelia

Amelia is another lovely variety with silver-gray and dark green leaves that are variegated.

33. Aglaonema Tigress

The plant gets its name from its long, green leaves with white and green striations, which make for a bushy indoor plant.

34. Aglaonema Wishes

This variety's foliage makes a statement. This cultivar's pink to red-hued leaves make it a wonderful indoor plant. It is among the best varieties of aglaonema!

35. Aglaonema Red Peacock

It makes a beautiful houseplant because of the pink veins and streaks on its green leaves.

36. Aglaonema Pink Moon

It is a pretty plant that can survive in low light. It's quite beautiful because of the pink and white freckles and spots on the foliage.

Aglaonema Pink Moon

37. Aglaonema White Rain

The attractive variegated foliage of Aglaonema White Rain has a stem that is white-cream in colour and flows through the middle of the leaf.

38. Aglaonema Etta Rose

It is a beautiful indoor plant with green edges and red-pink freckles on the leaves. When grown in low light, the elegant variety of aglaonema takes on a pink hue.

39. Aglaonema Golden Madonna

Its foliage is spotted with green and gold and has cream-coloured stems. The Golden Madonna is a great houseplant, particularly for tabletops.

40. Aglaonema Firecracker

Aglaonema Firecracker is a low-maintenance plant with red leaves and green centres. Bright, distinctive foliage brightens any kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom and goes well with almost any decor.

Aglaonema Firecracker

41. Aglaonema Pink Angel 

One of the newest hybrids, this striking Pink Aglaonema angel is not to be missed. With colour combinations of apple green, white, pink, and red in so many different combinations, this plant is difficult to describe. Pink Angle is a simple plant to grow, but it does not do well in direct sunlight. To keep its extremely white, tender leaves, shield it from the sun.

42. Aglaonema Brilliant

The leaves are brilliantly mottled with a cream-white midrib splotches on a dark green surface, just like their name suggests. Additionally, it cleans the air and is believed to bring luck.

These plants are the ideal choice for any home, workplace, or way of life because they are incredibly attractive and simple to grow. It's simple for amateur gardeners and enthusiasts to fall in love with Aglaonemas because it's always a plus when a plant provides excellent aesthetic value without requiring intensive care. See our comprehensive guide if you're looking for your next Aglaonema plant to add to your collection.

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