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25 Easy to care Indoor Plants for Indian Homes

25 Easy to care Indoor Plants for Indian Homes

The growing popularity of indoor gardening is still being fueled by Instagram's interior designs. As houseplants have so many benefits for our health and well-being, indoor gardening may last longer than other social media trends.

indoor plant for home

Most people like having lovely plants around, and many people enjoy living and working in developed green spaces. Since people are growing environmental consciousness, there is a dramatic increase in green space. As a result of the rise in small spaces, particularly in urban areas, indoor plants have become a new fashion trend.

What exactly is a houseplant?

Low-light plants that do well when kept indoors are known as indoor plants. These are ideal for locations with insufficient sunshine. The Golden Pothos, ZZ Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Succulents, and other excellent specimens of indoor plants are just a few.

indoor plant for home

How should a house plant be cared for?

You must be aware by this point that indoor plants don't need a lot of sunlight. Therefore, it is simple to store them in areas with indirect light. Another crucial piece of advice for growing plants inside is to only water them when the soil is dry.

The topsoil can be touched to determine whether it is dry or not. Make sure to give your indoor plants some light—this is a crucial maintenance tip. So give them a glimpse of the sun on the weekends. Bring them to your balcony or terrace, if appropriate.

Low-light plants for indoor use

These indoor plants, such as Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema), Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo Plant, and others, are ideal for homes and offices with little to no natural sunlight. These plants are simple to grow and do well in low light. To know more about plants that flourish and thrive in low light, read our blog article: 

Top 15 Indoor Plants for Low Light

Most individuals today are learning how to make the most of their space and hang their plants to raise them into the air. The popularity of indoor hanging plants is on the rise.

Bringing plants indoors can have a lot of advantages, such as improving the air quality, removing toxins, and fostering a good environment.

According to the NASA list, among many other plants, spider plants, money plants, peace lilies, aglaonemas, and bamboo palms are among the best air purifiers. If you are curious to learn more about NASA recommended plant read our blog article:

Indoor Plants for Oxygen: Top 10 NASA Recommended Plants to Improve Air Quality

Indoor flowering plants

Peace lily and Anthurium might be excellent choices if you're seeking for indoor plants having flowers to decorate your residence. To read more about indoor plants that bloom have a look at our blog article:

Indoor Flowering Plants: Top 12 Plants to Add Color to Your Home

Bedroom indoor plants

We also have excellent choices for indoor plants for bedrooms that will significantly improve your design. English ivy, peace lily, weeping fig, and spider plants are some of the greatest indoor plants for purifying the air and eliminating toxins from your bedroom. Want to select a plant for your bedroom, still confused read our blog article:

Indoor Plants for Bedroom

There are many benefits to owning indoor plants in India, but we need carefully evaluate the maintenance requirements before choosing any to maintain at home. India, the seventh-largest nation in the world, has a wide range of climatic conditions. Varied species of popular home plants require different care to grow and survive due to the diverse geography and climate.

We've compiled a list of some indoor plants, so you may pick your new best friends!


Due to its tolerance for low light, the areca palm is one of the most simple palms to maintain indoors. The plant develops into a thick shrub with thin, bright green leaves. It is well recognised to bring in and emit positive energy.

areca palm


The snake plant is one of the common indoor plants that can be grown easily at home. These plant species are appropriate additions because of their sleek appearance. The plant increases the amount of oxygen in the home's air and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and chemicals present.

snake plant


A good indoor plant for medicinal benefits is aloe vera, especially for detoxifying and absorbing toxins. The most popular medicinal plant used in skincare and health care products.

aloe vera plant


Ferns are popular indoor plants, due to their rich green bunch, they are among the oldest and best interior Indian plants. Ferns are very good at purifying the air. These oddly appealing little houseplants require frequent maintenance and the perfect amount of sunlight.



They are India's top indoor oxygen-producing plants. Warm, humid conditions are ideal for Monstera Deliciosa growth. However, the leaves could accumulate wax and debris, thus it is advised that they be cleaned regularly as part of plant maintenance.



One of the finest plants to have at home is the anthurium or lily plant, which minimises indoor air pollution by reducing ammonia and xylene levels. The plants are distinctive, with a vivid burst of flowers that are primarily red.



According to vaastu, millions of Indian households utilise the money plant as one of their standard indoor plants. Money plants are said to bring good fortune and wealth. Money plants are able to adapt to practically any climatic and topographical conditions.

money plant


The Dracaena is one of the most prevalent indoor plants. It has the unique ability to purify the air at home and get rid of toxins like toluene. As they grow under all circumstances, you can find it in the majority of Indian homes!



The Philodendron's green leaves are an essence into themselves. It can be placed on top of the kitchen counter or your desk for studying. Additionally, the philodendron is a perfect complement if you enjoy hanging plants. he plant will still thrive even if you don't give it any attention. It has a unique power to purify the air in your room.



Here's another excellent choice that won't require any of your attention. The green spider plants are largely self-sufficient. They can be used as hanging plants on your balcony or as kitchen counter plants.

spider plant


Apartment dwellers love the zebra plant for its low maintenance requirements and eye-catching appearance. The leaves are sword-shaped and have white variegation.

zebra plant


The straight growth and rich, dark green leaves of the weeping fig give it a beautiful appearance. One of the most lovely plants you may have inside your house. The weeping fig can also resist any climatic condition while still maintaining its beauty and flair. A weeping fig can tolerate any lighting conditions, from dim to brilliant.

weeping fig


Large green leaves and a good tolerance for low light describe this undemanding, easy-going plant. These plants help to remove odours while also purifying the air of formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide.



Cast iron is incredibly simple and satisfying to grow indoors. This native of China belongs to the lily family. It produces tiny purple flowers.

cast iron plant


Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, the jade plant is among the best indoor plants for homes. The evergreen succulent is viewed as a representation of luck, fortune, and wealth.

jade plant


Christmas cactus is a spectacular indoor plant for the holidays, with outstanding blooms in lovely pink, white, and red hues. It grows nicely in light potting soil and blooms in the winter.

christmas cactus


Chinese evergreen helps improve the air quality in your indoor space due to its ability to remove indoor air pollution and toxins. Due to its low maintenance requirements, this gem of a plant is one of the most common houseplants grown in homes.

chinese evergreen


The beautiful, wand-like stems of ZZ plants begin thick and bulbous at the base and then narrow to a tip as they mature. It's user-friendly for beginners, has exceptional drought tolerance and looks lovely in white ceramic pots.

ZZ plant


The easiest blooming houseplant to grow and maintain is the African violet. African violets are tiny indoor plants that have fuzzy leaves and clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers. Speaking about pets, African violet houseplants are suitable for them!

african violets


The arrowhead plant is not only gorgeous, but it is also a superb air cleanser. It has the ability to purify the air by removing volatile organic pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from it. Additionally, it reduces dry air and raises indoor humidity.

arrowhead plant


This plant serve as an indoor plant that purifies the air. According to some research, it may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when consumed.

english ivy


The upright, folding leaves of the prayer plant are what give it its name; they resemble hands clasped in prayer. This feature of the prayer plant represents gratitude. Plants aid our ability to focus and remain calm. Studies have demonstrated that having plants in our workspaces increases concentration and productivity.

prayer plant


This plant is well known for its tall stature and distinctively shaped leaves. It can reach a height of 10 feet indoors and does best close to windows that get plenty of sunlight. It is a very effective air filtering plant because of its broad, violin-shaped leaves.

fiddle leaf fig


The plant is hardy, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, air purifier and good luck-bringing houseplant that thrives incredibly well in an indoor environment. It doesn't need to be fed or watered frequently.

lipstick plant


Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa, The Hoya Carnosa is an air-purifying houseplant that requires little maintenance and is simple to grow from cuttings.

wax plant

Not to add that the most of these plants are rather simple to maintain. You're likely to find a houseplant that's perfect for you, no matter your level of experience, your preferences, or the amount of space you have available. Your visions of an indoor garden paradise are about to come true! .

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