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Indoor Plants that Flower

Indoor Flowering Plants: Top 12 Plants to Add Color to Your Home

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

A green environment brings enthusiasm and peace into your house. Who could possibly dislike that?

Both the eyes and the mind are calmed by the fragrant freshness of flowers and grass. Since it is seldom possible to skip all the work and travel to the woods in search of the lush greens, the bustling urban lifestyle and lack of greenery in the centre of the cities create an unfilled hole of greenery in our lives. By converting their houses into indoor gardens with a choice of minimal care indoor blooming plants and shrubs, city dwellers must find a halfway path.

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Beautiful blooming plants may give colour to any interior setting while also serving as decor and offering a number of advantages. After all, studies have proven that plants may raise life pleasure, creativity, and even self-esteem. You don't need to be an expert gardener to maintain these flourishing plants. While having a good time in the sun is unbeatable, you can bring that same positive vibe within with low-maintenance indoor blooming plants that will bloom all year.

indoor plants that flower

How does flowering plant impacts a person lifestyle?

Flowers are among nature's most exquisite gifts, and they have a special place in our lives. It is difficult to see the light in the darkness when life becomes difficult. Thus, in order to feel better, it is necessary to have a positive outlook. The positive effects of fresh flowers on your health and ability to relax are greater. Religious writings, folklore, and antiquated mythology all discuss the significance of flowers in our lives. According to the research, receiving blooms as gifts and having them about the house has a therapeutic impact on the recipients.

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Flowers have a wonderful effect on our lives that never fails to make people smile. Its eye-catching hues and alluring scent have the power to instantly alter someone's mood.

If you regularly browse Instagram's home decor section, you may have noticed that plants are now having a significant boom  It appears that people are once again interested in exercising their green thumbs, and why not? If you choose foliage with aromatic qualities, plants may quickly change the mood of any room, purify the air by removing all the pollutants, and even provide a pleasant scent to your home.

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Therefore, if you're thinking about bringing a plant indoors, you don't have to limit yourself to green vines.

However, there are a few things to take into account before your relationship with a new bud may, ahem, blossom. Flowering plants are just as simple to manage as more well-known indoor plants.

The first is: How would you describe your interior climate?

Access to natural sunshine is one of the primary and most crucial factors to properly taking care of blooming plants. If there isn't any natural light available in your house, you might want to think about purchasing artificial fluorescent lighting designed with plants in mind.

Second, monitoring three factors once you've found the ideal location for your new plant: sunshine, humidity, and enough water. The flower plant you select will have specific care instructions, so you'll want to have those close at hand.

You should maintain a constant check on indoor plants since they are particularly vulnerable to insects and illness.

flower plants

Your blooming plant should survive even when grown inside as long as you keep up with basic upkeep. Want some green ideas?

We have put together this list of the best indoor flowering plants.


Anthurium is a fantastic eye-catcher; its lovely blossoms and foliage are attractive whether it is in your living room or bedroom. These flowers may be placed wherever in the space since they subtly change the atmosphere and give everyone a peaceful, content feeling. This plant is at the top of the list of stunning flowering indoor plants and requires just little upkeep. Anthuriums will repay you with their long-lasting blossoms in colourful colours of pink, crimson, lavender, or white.

Why We Adore It: Heart-shaped leaves and blooms are pleasant to the eyes. With its open heart-shaped blossom, the anthurium represents hospitality and encourages joy and plenty.

anthurium plant

Christmas cactus

This indoor flowering plant, referred to as the Christmas cactus, has vibrantly coloured flowers and a succulent feel. These traditional favourites are well-liked for a reason: Christmas cactus are easy-going and can live for many years. Their exotic-looking flowers come in a variety of lovely hues, from white to coral, pink, and red. They prefer direct, strong light. Don't let water sit in the tray; just water when the soil is dry. In reality, many of the plants marketed as Christmas cacti are closely related species sometimes known as Thanksgiving cacti, which often bloom a few weeks earlier. Christmas cactus is among the greatest indoor blooming plants. This fashionable flower plant looks great indoors, whether it's at your house or business.

Why We Adore It: When maintained properly, a Christmas cactus may survive for 20 to 30 years and we believe it is an excellent representation of loyalty. It has exotic-looking blossoms and is an old-fashioned favourite.

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Peace Lily

White blooms on long, thin stalks of peace lilies may not be the greatest, but they have a majestic grace about them when they rise above the glossy foliage. This low-maintenance houseplant may bloom all year long, but summer is when it produces the most blossoms.

Peace lilies are among the simplest and most attractive home plants. They are accessible and simple to cultivate, in addition to being simple to maintain.

Why We Adore It: peace lilies have air filter qualities that make your house oddly mesmerizing and pure. It  represents peace, innocence, purity, recovery, optimism, and prosperity. It is frequently cultivated or given as a symbol of purity, beauty, rebirth, longevity, and sympathy. 

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African Violets

African violets are among the simplest blooming houseplants to cultivate and require minimal maintenance to bloom many times a year. They appear in hundreds of different types, some with ruffled or white-edged flowers, others with variegated leaves.

African violets are the greatest option for anyone searching for indoor blooming plants that are simple to care for.

African violet prefers warm temperatures and filtered sunshine, but avoid wetting the fuzzy leaves because doing so results in unsightly brown stains. African violets may grow exceptionally well and freshen your space and attitude when exposed to filtered sunshine.

Why We Adore It: These plants produce lovely, fragrant blooms all year long that range in colour from white to pastel pink. The African violet represents faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion.

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Gloxinia typically blooms in late winter or early spring and produces 3-inch-wide bell-shaped flowers with vibrant hues, frequently accented with white bands or specks.

Withhold water from the plant once the flowers have faded to let it go slumber. Watering should continue as soon as fresh growth appears. Gloxinia is the ideal option for anybody searching for a lovely indoor garden that requires no upkeep. After a while, these well-liked perennials come back with stunning velvet blossoms.

Why We Adore It: The gloxinia flower represents leadership, independence, change, originality, and a pioneering attitude according to numerology. The number "one," which also represents the sun, is used to symbolise this plant. Unlike the other plants, which had blooms that hung down in the style of slippers, this one had symmetrical, bell-shaped, upright blossoms.

flower plant

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis Orchid, a traditional indoor blooming plant with a minimal maintenance need, can make your home appear as stunning as you could ever dream. You may put it close to your coffee or side table; it has long branches with large, white flowers that appear really lovely and refined. About 45 species of mostly epiphytic orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis are indigenous to Southeast Asia, southern China, and India. They are popular indoor plants that are frequently in bloom once a year (and occasionally more frequently) and have blooms that endure for at least four months. They are commonly known as moth orchids.

Why We Adore It: One distinctive feature of phalaenopsis is that following pollination, the blooms in some species of the subgenus Polychilos change into green leaves. Many lovely blossoms can be produced by a single flower spike in a lengthy arch.

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These typical indoor houseplants have an uneven growth pattern. Begonia may blossom wonderfully in indirect sunshine, giving your space an attractive aspect. Begonia plants often have smaller blooms and bloom in a variety of colours, including yellow, red, pink, orange, and more.

Because of their stunning leaves and beautiful blooms, begonias have become quite popular. There are around 1000 species, with a wide range of hues, dimensions, and forms! With these gorgeous species, you may embellish your gardens or bring them within and watch them flourish next to a light source.

Common types of Begonia are listed below:

Rieger Begonia

Wax Begonia

Cane begonias

Tuberous begonias

Why We Adore It: Begonias' biggest attraction is its propensity to bloom spectacularly in gloomy environments. Begonia symbolises prudence, thoughtfulness, and effective inter-party communication.

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Dendrobium Orchids

Beautiful indoor plants from the orchid family include dendrobium orchids. These plants are unquestionably among the most popular blooming plants in the world, whether they are grown inside or outdoors. The magnificent Dendrobium orchids are available in a variety of colours, including orange, red, violet, yellow, and pink.

Why We Adore It: Greek also has the translation "life in a tree" for the dendrobium orchid. In their time, orchids have also evolved into a remarkable representation of romance, sophistication, beauty, allure, fertility, and thoughtfulness.

flower plants


It is one of the most exquisite indoor blooming plants. It is a typical houseplant that yields an exquisite range of vivid red blossoms that give your living space a lively appearance. Most people mistake the brightly coloured sections of poinsettias they consider to be the blooms for colourful bracts (modified leaves). In the middle of the vibrant bracts are the yellow blooms, often known as cyathia. The plant features vivid crimson, pink, or white petal-like bracts and leaves with varied lobed shapes.

Why We Adore It: Poinsettias are a vibrant representation of Christmas, with cheery red bracts and delicate yellow blooms set off by velvety green foliage.

flower plant


An indoor plant that stands out is the kalanchoe because of its vibrant blossoms. It thrives in direct sunlight, this plant resembles a succulent, thus it doesn't require much water. Kalanchoe is a succulent perennial plant with dark green leaves that have scalloped edges and enormous umbels of flower clusters held above the foliage. Its growth habit is erect and multi-branched. For a houseplant, its bloom period is unusually prolonged. The most famous of them is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. When compared to other succulents, it has a particularly extended blooming period. When the light exposure is appropriately managed, kalanchoe has blooms that bloom repeatedly and is popular among growers for its fascinating leaves and simplicity of maintenance.

Why We Adore It: This indoor plant, which comes in a variety of colours including red, pink, magenta, orange, white, and yellow, is a necessity.

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A fully bloomed amaryllis can't be passed without being admired. Those enormous, cheery-colored blossoms are very stunning. Additionally, this plant blooms for a long period of time during the winter. During the hectic winter months, amaryllis bulbs don't require much of your care either; all they want is a warm, well-lit location and weekly watering.

Why We Adore It:  Some of the most popular types include "Red Lion," which has vibrant red blossoms, and "Samba," which has red and white blooms. However, there are many other amaryllis species that bloom in a variety of hues, including pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and multicoloured blooms.



Cyclamen can be the ideal choice if you're seeking for a plant to make your fall and winter more cheerful. Given ideal growth circumstances, the stunning, vibrant heart-shaped flowers should remain for around eight weeks. Make sure there is no standing water in the pot and keep the soil wet. The Cyclamen is revered as the sacred love flower in Japan.

Why We Adore It: It is a flower of enduring devotion and sincerity. The cyclamen is known as the flower of intense love because of its tuber, which gives it the ability to resist challenging circumstances. Heart-shaped leaves are topped with pink, lilac, crimson, or white blossoms that last for months.

flower plant

More than merely enhancing your home's decor and appearance, having plants and flowers around the house provides a number of health advantages, according to scientific research. There isn't a more natural or attractive method to enhance vitality, improve health, elevate spirits, relieve stress, or relieve worry than to surround oneself with plants and flowers.

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In today's metropolis, indoor blooming plants are the emerging trends. More than ever, people want to take care of plants, and they spend a lot of time looking for attractive, simple-to-grow plants to adorn their homes. The most popular flower varieties that are simple to grow at home have been carefully investigated. So, to experience the value of flowers in daily life, get a fresh floral plant from us!

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