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20 Statement-Making Houseplants with Huge Leaves

20 Statement-Making Houseplants with Huge Leaves

Want to add a new houseplant to your indoor garden, but want to be sure it has big leaves to match the other plants? In this post, we look more closely into some of our favourite big-leafed indoor plants that can flourish in just about any environment.

big leaf indoor plant

Some people keep a few houseplants in their residences only to add colour or a touch of nature to the rooms. Yet, houseplants can significantly alter the appearance and atmosphere of your home, so adding them to your interior design is a terrific way to add some drama to your room without making any long-term alterations.

big leaf indoor plants

And if drama is what you're after, go for the plants that make enormous, striking leaves. Big-leaf houseplants are the ideal solution whether you have a stark, minimalist environment that needs a dramatic statement or a chaotic, packed space that needs something that will stand out on its own.

There are many different leafy plants available. Is that terrible news? That makes picking them difficult. Based on beauty and ease of maintenance, these are the top indoor plants with absurdly huge leaves.

big leaf indoor plant

These indoor plants in pots look so warm and inviting with their big leaves. In addition to their attractiveness, these plants have several advantages, such as medical value and the ability to purify the air. Large indoor plants make a striking impact in any space. These are a great and inexpensive way to freshen up your room and create the at-home jungle atmosphere.

big leaf indoor plant

Check out our favourite indoor plants with big, lush green leaves!


In the plant world, monsteras are a favourite among enthusiasts. Their heart-shaped, glossy green leaves are enormous and contain distinctive leaf splits known as fenestrations. They can spread out like a vine if provided with adequate assistance. The soil and the container where the monsteras are grown need good drainage.

Waterlogged roots are the one thing this plant despises the most. It also requires regular warmth and light, though too much direct sunlight might damage the foliage. However, cats, dogs, and humans are all slightly poisonous to the Monstera deliciosa.


Monstera plants represent longevity, reverence for elders, and respect for humankind in eastern cultures. Monstera flowers have deep ties, grandiose ideas, and good news in the language of flowers.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are common houseplants that perform well in indoor environments. They don't need a lot of watering. Typically once or twice per month. Don't forget to feed them with diluted liquid fertilisers every six months. These make incredible air filters as well. They purge the air of pollution and are renowned in feng shui for luck and prosperity.

The plant has rigid, sword-like leaves that face upward. They come in an array of hues, but the typical variations have a border that is either yellow or white with a dark green core. Tropical plants that thrive under low light include snake plants.


The snake plant is an ideal gift for someone who appreciates nature because it represents cleanliness and persistence. It's a well-known Feng-Shui plant that brings good fortune.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

If purchasing a large-leafed indoor plant is on your to-do list, the well-known Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great choice. This tree has fiddle-shaped, waxy leaves that are green in colour. Because of their infamously difficult nature, fiddle-leaf fig trees require a steady and knowledgeable hand. Despite being widely used, these plants have such a character for being unpredictable and challenging to maintain. Fiddle-leaf figs can, however, develop into full-grown trees with the proper care. Their size is typically constrained when grown inside by being cultivated in containers and careful pruning.

fiddle leaf plant

Elephant Ear

The enormous, arrowhead-shaped leaves of elephant ear plants are what gives them their name. There are many different kinds to pick from, and each has a few subtle differences in the colour and shape of the leaves. The majority are a blue-green hue.

Although elephant ear plants are grown outdoors, they make fantastic, show-stopping houseplants. Elephant ear plant leaves can grow up to three feet long, depending on the kind. Because of its potential for poisoning, keep this plant away from young children and pets.


The spiritual connotation of the elephant ear plant is one of defence, bravery, and adaptability. The plant also represents stability, balance, and harmony.

elephant ear

Dumb Cane Plant

An indoor house plant that can grow to incredible heights is the dumb cane plant. It features eye-catching, variegated leaves with a paddle-like form. For novices, dumb cane plants are the best. They don't mind dim lighting or dark spaces, and they may readily tolerate some neglect. They don't also have a preferred type of soil.

dumb cane plant

Cast Iron Plant

A popular houseplant that is nearly impossible to kill is the cast-iron plant. It can endure low light levels and thrives on neglect. It also grows up to two-foot-long, long, arching, deep-green leaves.

cast iron plant

Calathea orbifolia

A calathea species known as Calathea orbifolia has broad, slightly rounded leaves with stripes of whitish-green colour on them. The leaves have a silvery-green tint on the underside. Many calathea variants exist. As their foliage rises and falls with the light, they allude as prayer plants.


The Calathea represents a fresh start.

Calathea orbifolia


Caladium is a large-leaved indoor plant that can give a lovely splash of colour to almost any room. Its foliage is huge and shaped like an arrowhead. The predominant hues are pink, white, red, and green. Its leaves frequently have crimson variegation. They usually thrive where the temperature is at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is one of the most popular indoor plants with large leaves. It is a tropical plant with beautiful orange and blue flowers. Only if the plant receives full sun will these blossoms appear.

Large, dark-green leaves of the bird of paradise can grow up to 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. The layers of thick leaves extend outward from the centre stem. This houseplant will typically sprout one new leaf each month.


The bird of paradise flower represents happiness, paradise, freedom, eagerness, and expectation. Additionally, being the official flower of the ninth wedding anniversary, it stands for constancy, love, and consideration. It serves as a metaphor for having a positive outlook on life.

bird of paradise

Leopard Plant

Leopard plants produce lush, spherical, glossy foliage that is stunning in a pot indoors. The leopard plant makes lovely yellow flowers that pollinators adore when given the appropriate circumstances.

The plant gets its name from some cultivars that have bright yellow dots on their leaves. They should also steer separate from draughty windows and air conditioning vents because they require greater temperatures.

leopard plant

Rubber Plant

The Rubber Tree is a lovely indoor houseplant with enormous, eye-catching leaves. It has glossy, waxy, and dense leaves. A single oblong leaf can get as long as 15 inches. To give your rubber tree plants the room and nutrients they require to grow inside, you should repot them at least once every 12 months. Even inside, these resilient plants can endure a lot of neglect.


As per Feng Shui, the rubber plant species attracts money, success, and luck.

rubber plant

Velvet Philodendron

Originally from Colombia, the velvet philodendron is a rare species of creeping philodendron. It has enormous, heart-shaped yellow-green leaves. Each leaf has lovely veins that are pink, light green, or cream in colour. One new leaf is produced by the slow-growing plant each month.


Philodendrons are a perfect pick for plant lovers or someone with a strong desire to live sustainably because they represent a love of nature.

velvet philodendron


The Xanadu plant yields some of the most striking and alluring leaves. Each leaf has spiky, lobed edges and can grow up to 16 inches long. Unlike most philodendrons, the entire plant grows upright and is not vining.


Swiss Cheese Plant

The Monstera is related to the Swiss Cheese Plant. It also produces broad, fenestrated leaves that are a vibrant green colour. When given the proper support in its container, this variant will grow like a vine and create holes instead of splits in its foliage.

Although they don't grow to great heights when cultivated indoors, Swiss cheese plants have a rapid growth rate. To thrive, they need frequent fertilisation and trimming.

swiss cheese plant

Ruffled Fan Plant

Do you intend to give your interiors additional texture? These palm palms with ruffled fans can complete this task for you!

The ruffled fan palm trees have pleated, fan-shaped leaves. These plants are slow-growing yet readily acclimatise to indoor settings. They can grow more quickly with regular fertilisation and hydration.

These are regal plants with folded leaves that are pale green. The texture of the leaf sets it apart from the other houseplants in a recognisable way. Be careful while handling the fan-shaped leaves because their tips might be sharp.

ruffled fan plant

Rex Begonia

This tiny houseplant makes a statement on tabletops and shelves thanks to its unique indoor foliage. Avoid overwatering, but keep the soil moist enough for plants to develop. Despite its preference for humidity, don't mist the foliage.


Begonia symbolises prudence, thoughtfulness, and effective inter-party communication.

rex begonia

Peace Lily

Some plants may grow without direct sunshine. It suffices to use a light cover or indirect lighting. You can even use artificial lights to boost development. With white lily blossoms on them, the plant is fuller and bushier.

If these plants don't receive enough sunshine, their stems elongate and stretch. The plant's yellowing leaves are another sign of sunshine and moisture issues.

peace lily

Croton Plant

Do you already find the green leaves boring?

Long, colourful foliage will provide colour to your home garden. The leaves of croton plants are vividly coloured. Make sure you give these plants the right environment for growth. With the right amount of water and sunlight, these plants develop more quickly than many other houseplants. The shiny and leather-like leaves of crotons feature vivid colours.

Majesty Palm

Although it is generally slow-growing, the majesty palm is an elegant and well-liked indoor palm tree that can reach heights of up to ten feet. Large green fronds supported by several stems are a distinctive feature of majestic palms. It might not be suitable for individuals without a green thumb as it may be a challenging palm species to keep happy inside. A majesty palm must have the ideal light, temperature, and fertilisation to thrive.


The palm branch represents triumph, tranquilly, and eternal life.

majesty palm

Alocasia Plant

If given enough humidity and extra light throughout the winter, the Alocasia plant, also known as the African Mask plant, is a beautiful foliage plant and a houseplant that can grow quite large. The second requirement for your new houseplant is humidity. Don't repot your African mask plant too frequently because it enjoys a snug fit in its container. Alocasia prefers a damp climate and requires a lot of water while actively growing.


The Alocasia represents growth, strength, and prosperity following the lore surrounding the plant.

alocasia plant

Final Thoughts

Pick your favourite plant from the collection now that they are ready for exhibit. In most circumstances, it will be simple to grow these plants. Get one of them immediately if you intend to redecorate your living areas! You may completely transform the atmosphere of your home with little to no effort. From drab to colourful! Why then wait? Purchase your preferred house plant right away!

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