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18 Desk Plants to Brighten your Workspace

18 Desk Plants to Brighten your Workspace

Coming to work before sunrise and leaving after sunset can feel incredibly deprived for people who enjoy being outside. Even while employing a light therapy lamp or lightbox can be beneficial, adding some houseplants might be the last bit of nature that increases productivity and job satisfaction. A person works the majority of the time. The least they should get is a lovely workspace! Without a bright green plant, the vision of the ideal office workstation is lacking. It is a sight to behold.

desk plants

A plant in an office setting serves more than just decorative purposes. You may ensure that you are inhaling toxin-free air while working for hours by using a plant. Do you know that plants in offices reduce stress and make the environment more conducive to working?

Office plants are well known for their beneficial effects on stress reduction. The presence of plants in and around the office encourages productivity, positivity, and overall wellness. Many studies undertaken by prestigious organisations have found that indoor plants give people the impression that they are near nature.

office desk plant

Being surrounded by nature gives one a sense of abundant tranquilly. Also, lucky plants for business desks represent optimism as the pandemic rears its terrifying head again. Green encourages creativity and improves the flow of positive energy in a space. Put live, green plants in any empty spaces in the room that can benefit from an energy boost. This lovely addition to your office's desk will work as well.

office desk plant
ChhajedGarden is the place to go if you're seeking desk plants for your workplace. We frequently decorate our office desks with artificial plants, but there are many little plants you may keep there that will improve the atmosphere more than you might imagine. What better approach to give your office space the peace it requires than to add some beautiful plants?

In light of this, we have gathered a variety of lucky plants for office desks that are attractive to the eye, calming to the soul, and helpful to the intellect.

office desk plant

You can purchase the most calming plants with ChhajedGarden's broad collection of desk plants.

Money Plant

The Money Plant is a representation of wealth and fortune. Having this plant on your desk at work promotes positivity and promises success in your professional endeavours. It is an air purifier that NASA recommends so that you can work while remaining alert and healthy.

money plant


The carefree philodendron will bring cheer to any office desk, whether bathed in sunlight or nestled away in a warm corner, with its glossy green leaves and trailing habit.

philodendron plant

Snake Plant

Dracaena, often known as the snake plant, is a hardy plant that keeps growing until its owner stops caring for it. Although there are differences in size between different snake plants, they are all suitable for offices.

snake plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Although bamboo can grow swiftly, it needs minimal maintenance to stay strong. One of the best lucky plants for office desks is this fast-growing plant. It is perfect for an office setting with a demanding work schedule. The plant helps make the workplace feel lighter and more open while easing tension and stress.

lucky bamboo plant
lucky bamboo plant

Peace Lily

Massive, stunning blossoms and a reputation for being lucky plants are two characteristics of peace lilies. This plant is perfect for offices with hectic work schedules because it needs minimal maintenance. Peace lilies are a well-liked alternative for offices with limited space because they require little maintenance.

peace lily

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is ideal for your workplace desk for many reasons. For starters, this is essentially a plant for beginners. Give it a good watering so it can quickly recover if you ignore it and the leaves fall off. It has a distinctive appearance and can endure dim lighting.

ZZ Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are symbolic of wealth and fortune. Rubber plants are a fantastic option for office spaces because they require little upkeep and may flourish in any environment. They enhance the office's appearance, filter the air, and reduce stress.

rubber plant

Jade Plant

Anybody looking for a tiny office desk plant in India might consider the jade plant. These adorable plants release energy and don't require much upkeep. So, your workstation would be in a great location if it is close to a window. As jade plants are regarded as lucky, having them in your office will ensure you never run out of luck.

jade plant

Aloe Vera Plant

There is no doubt that aloe vera can improve your mood. Aloe Vera plants are perfect for an office desk because they have many health advantages. Since it is small, requires minimal maintenance, and may grow under filtered light. '

aloe vera


Syngonium is another excellent little plant for an office desk. It is a "hard to kill" plant with lovely leaves in the form of an arrowhead. It requires relatively little maintenance and can thrive in low-light environments.



Rosemary is a fantastic protective plant that may keep the bad energy out of your office. The plant has lovely purple blossoms. It is also renowned for having a high concentration of antioxidants, which can reduce the chance of contracting diseases and illnesses. The plant is a terrific decoration option for your office area and gives a dash of freshness and greenery, making it one of the best Vastu plants for offices.



Who can resist the heart-shaped leaves of the pothos plant? The pothos is the finest plant for the task if you have shelves or a place to hang a plant in your office.



The office interior may change as the kalanchoe blooms. When the weather gets warmer, its bright, vibrant blossoms appear. If you can arrange it near a South or West facing window in a well-lit area, you can grow kalanchoe well.

kalanchoe plant

Air Plant

The air plant is among the best decorative plants you can add to your desk if you don't mind a little upkeep. These may fit into terrariums. They don't have to be rooted in the ground.

air plant

English Ivy

A trailing plant like English ivy can soften the sharp edges of a desk. For indoor growth, ivy requires average water and moderate light. Ivy tendrils can be wrapped around a small trellis or an obelisk to create a living work of art if the plant's tendency to trail and climb becomes overbearing.

english ivy

Rex Begonia

Rex begonias have an array of jewel-like cultivars that make excellent desk decorations. With dozens of varieties with speckling, veining, and even swirling patterns in hues of silver, purple, red, and green, it's all about the leaf with these plants.

rex begonia

Spiderwort Plant

A spiderwort plant, a small plant with lovely purple foliage, will look elegant on a desk or shelf. With the least amount of work or maintenance, it yields luscious leaves.


Nerve Plant

Use a nerve plant to add brightness to a dark workspace. Its oblong green leaves have prominent veins that are frequently white, silver, or pink.

nerve plant

Advantages of Having Plants in the Workplace

The following blog elaborates on the advantages of bringing these tiny natural magicians indoors that are scientifically justified:

Boost the humidity

Plants kept on desks typically discharge 97% of the water they consume. You may make a room more humid by grouping several small plants for desks.

Using indoor plants for office workstations in the interior spaces has been shown in studies at the Agricultural University of Norway to reduce the occurrence of dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.

Clean the Air

Due to chemicals in paints, furnishings, textiles, and building materials, indoor air in some locations can be up to 12 times more contaminated than outdoor air.

According to NASA studies, desk plants can eliminate up to 87% of volatile organic compounds and other contaminants every 24 hours. Formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene are examples of VOCs.

According to NASA research, indoor plants for desks filter the air by attracting pollutants into the soil. Online stores in India sell air-purifying tiny plants for desks.

They aid in lowering noise levels.

Plants help to lessen the distracting impacts of background office talk by absorbing sounds rather than isolating them against noise pollution. According to a 1995 article by London South Bank University, placing larger plant pots in several spots at the edges and corners of a space has a positive advantage.

Increased Productivity

Employees with at least two potted office desk plants and a bouquet of vibrant flowers produced 13% more imaginative and inspiring ideas than those in rooms with sculptures and showpieces.

How will you care for the plant on your desk at work?

It is a critical query that may be on your mind as you select the plants for your desk.

How are you going to care for them?

Most plants mentioned above are low maintenance and will thrive with little care.

Do not forget the following:

  • Water the plants as soon as the soil becomes dry. Never overwater a plant because it will suffer.
  • If your workstation doesn't receive sunlight, set them up on a window sill for two to three hours.
  • Place them away from the air conditioner's direct line of sight.
  • To keep your plants healthy and happy, you can even shower them sometimes.
  • To keep them healthy, you can give them fertiliser every two months.

Office plants can increase productivity in a variety of ways. In addition to your mental health, they will also look after your physical health. Your workspace will look more welcoming and draw optimism if you put a plant there. The icing on the cake is that they clean the environment as you work hard. You may look for and buy plants ideal for your workplace desk using ChhajedGarden. We provide a range of plants to suit your needs.

Visit the website for your preferred office desk plant right now!

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