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10 Plant Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

10 Plant Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Are you trying to get last-minute presents wrapped for your loved ones? Feeling frenzied about all the Valentine's Day gift ideas? No worries! We've got you covered, love birds! In this article, we are giving our 10 best plant recommendations that are perfect for Valentine's Day to gift to your loved ones. Whether you're planning a humble gift for your loving mother or your crazy siblings or extravagant presents for your lover, plants can do it all. There are so many varieties to pick from, so we are sure that there's one for everyone on your list. Now, let us begin this lovely list without any delay.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we are feeling love in the air! And what could be more romantic and fancy than those classic yet stunning roses? Yes, you may buy a rose bouquet and give that as a gift, but after a few days or weeks, these will wither and perish. So how about you give them something lasting to love and nurture?

Potted Rose Bunch


Roses have been a traditional gift for Valentine's Day, symbolizing intense love. A potted rosebush is an even more special gift as it lasts indefinitely. Furthermore, as spring is just around the corner, your loved one can plant the rosebush outside to enjoy its beautiful blooms every year. This makes it one of the most thoughtful and enduring plant gifts you can give.


Lavender is often recognized for its attractive purple flowers and pleasant aroma, as well as its use in floral teas. However, it's also a great choice as a romantic gift. If your special someone is looking forward to spring, a potted lavender plant will be a welcome addition to their home as the colourful season approaches.

lavender plant

Taking care of lavender is straightforward, requiring only occasional watering and placement in a well-lit area for sustained freshness in the home for months to come.


hoya plant

If you're looking for a way to impress your significant other and convey your love, the sweetheart cactus, also known as the Hoya plant, is a perfect choice. Nicknamed the "Valentine Plant," its waxy, heart-shaped appearance makes it the ideal plant for this romantic holiday. If your partner has a fondness for cute and quirky items, they will surely be delighted to receive a sweetheart cactus for their own home.

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An orchid plant is a must-have for any plant enthusiast! With its delicate and soft-coloured petals, it's impossible not to be captivated by its beauty. It's also the perfect plant for any occasion centred around love, as the colour of its blooms can convey romantic messages.


Fortunately, caring for orchids is quite simple. Just place the potted plant in a bright corner and provide it with enough water to thrive. Since orchids are tropical plants, they need a bit more humidity, but a daily misting of the blooms should suffice to mimic a humid environment for indoor orchids.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf philodendron is one of the simplest indoor plants to cultivate, able to flourish in most environments. Its fast growth makes it an ideal gift for those with no prior experience in plant care.


The plant features glossy, heart-shaped leaves that create a romantic display when hung from a planter or placed on a table. This adorable showpiece is sure to delight any recipient.


The Anthurium, with its red, white, or pink flowers, embodies luxury. These are distinctive, vibrant indoor plants that have glossy and colourful blooms. You can come across them in shades of red, white, or even pink, making them ideal for adding a touch of romance to your space as they resemble a heart.

anthurium plant

As Anthuriums come from tropical regions, it's essential to maintain a warm and humid environment for them. In case your recipient lives in a dry climate, putting them in the bathroom would be a great idea. Don't forget to water them twice a week to ensure they grow optimally.

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Sweetheart Lucky Bamboo

Although not a genuine bamboo plant, the dracaena certainly resembles one and is considered lucky. Two stalks of lucky bamboo symbolize love and are even more meaningful if they are arranged in a heart shape.

Sweetheart Lucky Bamboo

Caring for sweetheart lucky bamboo is straightforward. It thrives in a container filled with pebbles and water, eliminating the need for messy potting soil. Easy peasy plant, easy peasy present!

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Variegated Monstera

Variegated Monstera

The variegated Monstera deliciosa is a highly sought-after houseplant and a hot topic among plant enthusiasts on Instagram. If your significant other is a plant lover, giving them one of these as a Valentine's Day gift will surely impress them and demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond in the relationship. This is one unique yet grand idea if you like being extra! *wink wink*

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Potted Succulents


These miniature plants in ceramic pots are just an amazing way to showcase your affection to anyone. Let it be your family or a friend or a partner, a miniature succulent can steal everyone's hearts! We have a few recommendations for succulents for you! Of course, we would love to make your job easier! :)

a. String of Hearts

string of hearts

This plant is a thoughtful and unique gift that will surely excite any houseplant lover more than a bouquet of red roses. Despite its delicate appearance, featuring heart-shaped leaves with silver engravings and slender stems, it's actually a hardy plant that can thrive in many areas within a home.

b. Echeveria 


There are various varieties of Echeveria to choose from, making it a suitable option for all kinds of plant enthusiasts. With their striking foliage, Echeveria plants are perfect for friends and family. They are attractive, widely available, and incredibly easy to care for!

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Pink Aglaonema

Pink-coloured houseplants are currently in trend, and the pink aglaonema is a prime example. Impress your houseplant-loving partner with a gift of this beautiful foliage. Aglaonema plants come in a range of shades and patterns, from pale cherry blossoms to deep, bright pink. Choose a vibrant colour to express your love. Don't forget to add some chocolates to make the gift even more appealing.

Pink Aglaonema

If you're confident that your partner would love to turn their space into a lush green oasis, we want to help make their dream come true! Give the gift of freshness this Valentine's Day by sending a houseplant.

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Whether you want to express your heartfelt emotions to your romantic partner or they have been wanting to add some greenery to their living space, consider gifting them a new plant from Chhajed Garden. Let us know your favourite Valentine's Day plants in the comments below!


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