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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery

Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric 150 GSM

Original price Rs. 1,750.00 - Original price Rs. 35,000.00
Original price
Rs. 1,750.00
Rs. 1,750.00 - Rs. 35,000.00
Current price Rs. 1,750.00
Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric 150 GSM

Product Name : Geotextile Filtration Fabric 

Product Description :

To prevent Soil from Entering and Clogging the Drainage System 

1 Roll -200 Sq m (Lenght 100mtr x 2 Mtr )

Geotextile is manufactured from high quality polypropylene Staple Fibres . The Fibers are mechanically bonded through Needle -punching to form a Strong ,

Flexible and Dimensionally Stable Structure , with optimum pore Sizes and high Permeability . The Geo textile is resistant to Chemical and biological Organisms

normally found in Soli and is stabilized against degradation due to exposure to ultravoilet radiation . 

 The Geotextile Fabric confirms to the attached Property values as shown in the picture . 

 Product Dimensions : 

Size      Geotextiles for         Price 

A-            100 Sq ft                   1750

B-            200 Sq Ft                  3250

C-            500 Sq Ft                  8750

D-           1000 Sq Ft                 17500

E-            2000 Sq Ft                 35000

 Uses in Landscaping :

  1.  Fast Drainage and passage of air and Fertilizers .
  2. Minimizes Penetration by Weeds .
  3. Prevents unwanted growth beneath the fabric 
  4. Prevents erosion of Soil 
  5. It is placed over natural Soil and Covered with a layer of Decorative stone .
  6. Weed Growth in inhibited .
  7. Assures long term minimal maintenance of the landscape