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Golden Money Plant

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Epipremnum Aureum 'Golden', also known as the Money Plant Golden, has large, glossy, light yellow heart-shaped leaves that gleam with a golden green hue. It is not only easy to grow and low maintenance, but it also purifies the air, eliminating indoor pollutants for a healthier home. Vastu and Feng Shui believe it attracts wealth and positivity, making it ideal for any office or home. In addition, it thrives in low light conditions, making it hassle-free to grow. Money plant Golden Pothos has NASA approval for air purification.

Golden Money Plant

▶️ Scientific Name : Epipremnum aureum 'Golden’

The golden money plant is a beginner-friendly indoor air-purifying plant for all plant novices. Loved by Indian homes, this money plant will surely bring a new and fresh look to your house. Looking for a companion that can survive even in periods of neglect? How about a beautiful trailing plant that can add some life and color to your home? These tough and resilient plants are the perfect addition to any home decorator's collection!

Whether you're bringing bohemian vibes with hanging planters or creating a modern chic look to your space, Golden Money Plant is your best option! 

▶️ Benefits of Golden Money Plant  

✅ Air-Purification: The Golden Money Plant is a great air purification plant for indoors. Easy to care for and grow, this money plant is well-suited to cleanse the air around your house.

✅ Low-Maintenance: The golden money plant is for all plant parents. You don't have to worry about killing this plant because it's a tough one! A strong, resilient indoor plant that is suitable to sit on your tabletops. Anyone can easily grow a golden money plant.

Decorate Your Space: With its heart-shaped leaves in fresh and luscious green and golden hues, this variegated money plant will surely be a great decorative element to your environment. 

Decorate your money plant in a hanging basket for a trendy look, or place it in your office desk or tabletops for a modern and chick atmosphere. 

✅ Easy to Propogate: Money plants are easy to propagate and care for. 

▶️ Quick Care Tips for Your Golden Money Plant Tree

☀️Light: Keep your Money Plant Golden in bright, indirect sunlight for optimal growth. Typically adjusts to various lighting conditions.

💧Watering: Watering should be done once the top inches of the soil are dry. Drain out the excess water from the saucer. Over-watering leads to root rot so avoid watering your Golden Money Plants during the winter season.

🪴Soil: Use well-drained, potting mix with coco-peat.

🌡️Temperature: Golden Money Plant plants prefer warm and consistent temperatures between (18-29°C)

🌱Fertilization: Feed your Golden Money Plant Tree during its growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. Avoid over-fertilization during winter seasons. 

✂️Pruning: Prune or trim dead and brown leaves, pinching and trimming your Golden Money plants will allow them to grow healthier and bushier. 

🐜Pests: Occasionally invites bugs and mites, treat them promptly to maintain your plant’s health. 

🐱Not Pet-Friendly: Golden Money Plant Trees are not pet-friendly.

▶️ Significance & Symbolism of Golden Money Plant Tree 

In many cultures, Money Plant Golden has a significant role to play as an indoor plant. Money plants are believed to bring good luck and financial success to their owners. Hence its iconic name “Money Plant”.

The Golden Money plant is a versatile indoor plant that can thrive in various locations such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, workstations, bathrooms, and balconies. Its adaptability and aesthetic appeal make it an excellent choice for adding a touch of greenery to any indoor space.

Money Plant Golden is a great plant to gift due to its affordability, accessibility, and ease of care. Get your hands on our Golden Money Plant collection to gift to your friends and family for prosperity!