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Crassula Ovata Plant

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Crassula aka Jade plant is one of the best and popular indoor plants. This succulent variety boasts raindrop-like leaves and thick and luscious foliage with a beautiful appearance. Crassula plants have over 300 species in their family, but crassula ovata is one of the most popular and well-known houseplants. 

Crassula are popular houseplants for their adaptability, low care requirements, and symbolic meanings of good fortune and wealth. You can add a touch of tropical flair to any room by cultivating a jade plant on a windowsill as a shrub or tiny tree.

Pot Size: 7.5 cm pot 

Crassula Ovata Plant

▶ Benefits of Crassula plant   

Elevate your homes: The Crassula plant is one of the best indoor plants for tabletop displays. The Jade plant is appreciated for its growth patterns, colors, sizes, and foliage.

Having a Crassula plant in your collection will be a great addition to elevate your corners, desks, and center tables. This plant can be adaptable to any setting so you can decorate any space with Crassula plant with no worries!

Easy to Grow: Crassula plants are less demanding and they require minimal maintenance.

Drought-tolerant: You don't have to worry about killing your jade plants. They are usually hardy, drought-tolerant, and forgiving.

Money-Attracting Properties: Jade plants are very well known for their wealth-attracting properties. This plant often called the money plant or money tree is said to bring good luck, fortunes, and stability to its owners. 

▶️ Quick Care Tips for Your Crassula Plant

☀️Light: Crassula plant plants prefer bright indirect sunlight. Harsh sunlight can burn their leaves.

💧Watering: When the top inches of the soil are dry, water these plants until the water drains out of the pots.

🪴Soil: Well-drained soil, with coco peat or succulent potting mix.

🌡️Temperature: Prefers room temperature between (65° to 75°F / 18° to 24°C)

✂️Pruning: Prune or trim dead and brown leaves.

🐜Pests: Common pests are, aphids, mealybugs, scales, and mites. Usually, they are treated with neem oil or just water.

🐱Not Pet-Friendly: Most crassula varieties are mildly toxic if ingested.

▶️ Significance & Symbolism of Crassula Plants

Have you ever heard of the amazing benefits of having a jade plant in your home or office? Not only is this beautiful plant an excellent addition to your indoor decor due to its easy maintenance and attractive appearance, but it is also believed to bring good luck, foster relationships, and even attract wealth! 

According to the principles of feng shui, jade plants are considered one of the most important plants for creating positive energy and promoting prosperity. They are often referred to as the "money tree" or "lucky plant" and are frequently given as a gift for those starting a new business. So, why not bring some zen vibes and good fortune into your life with a gorgeous jade plant?