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Calathea Pinstripe Ornata Plant

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Calathea Ornata also known as the Calathea pinstripe, is a tropical plant loved for its unique foliage. While it may be a bit finicky, mastering its growing requirements is well worth it. This pet-friendly plant boasts glossy, wide dark green leaves adorned with hand-painted pink and white lines, adding an artistic touch to any space.


  • Pot Size: 12 cm Pot
  • Contents: Plant, Plastic Pot
  • Pot with Plant Height 20-25 cm

Calathea Pinstripe Plant

▶ Benefits of Calathea Pinstripe   

Organic Air-Purifiers: The Zebra Plant works as an air purifier. They remove harmful pollutants in the air like formaldehyde and xylene. 

Pest control: The pinstripe plant is known to repel some common household pests, such as mosquitoes and spiders. This can help to create a more comfortable and pest-free environment in your home.

Aesthetic Appeal: The Calathea Pinstripe is an incredible plant, admired and adorned for its unique appearance. With beautiful shades of green, the pinstripe plant has a striking pattern and veins to it making this an interesting plant to add more beauty to your house.

Improves Mental Well-being: Studies and research have shown, that taking care of and tending to plants significantly improves mental well-being, and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

Surely looking at calathea pinstripe will immediately boost your mood, help you relax and enjoy your time. 

▶ Quick Care Tips for Your Calathea Pinstripe

☀️Light: Calathea Pinstripe prefers bright, indirect sunlight in humid spots to Avoid exposing it to harsh sun rays as it can cause the colors of its leaves to fade or burn.

💧Watering: Water regularly when the 1-2  inches of the soil is dry. Remove standing water from the saucer. Over-watering leads to root rot so avoid watering your Calathea Pinstripes.

🪴Soil: Use well-drained, moist soil. A mix of peat and perlite is a good option.

🌡️Temperature: Keep your Calathea Pinstripe away from heating and cooling units, as it is sensitive to cold or hot drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations. 

🌱Fertilization: Calathea Pinstripe can benefit from fertilization during its growth season. Use diluted fertilizer as per package instructions. 

✂️Pruning: Prune or trim dead and brown leaves, pinching and trimming your Calathea Pinstripes will allow them to grow healthier and bushier. 

🐜Pests: The Calathea Pinstripe may occasionally attract common pests like spider mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, and fungus gnats. Prompt treatment is necessary to ensure that the plant remains healthy.

🐱Pet-Friendly: Calathea Pinstripes are non-toxic! This plant is safe to be along with your children and pets.

▶Significance & Symbolism of Calathea Pinstripe 

Calathea plants in general have significant meanings in many cultures. People believe, that calathea plants symbolize “new beginnings” and good startovers. 

Calathea pinstripe aka pinstripe plant is no exception! Pinstripe plants are a great gifting option for your friends and family. Give a gift that keeps giving and has beautiful, depth meaning to it. Get this tropical houseplant to amp up your space!