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Alocasia Wentti Plant

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Approx Plant Height : 15-20 cm 
Pot Dimension : 12 cm

▶️About Alocasia Wentii Plant

Alocasia Wentii, also known as the New Guinea Shield, African mask plant, or the Hardy Elephant Ears, is a must-have for any plant lover. Its glossy large leaves, which have a unique color with an almost purple/burgundy underside, will definitely catch your eye. 

And the best part? Alocasia Wentii is a tropical plant that is easy to take care of, and it tends to thrive as an indoor plant. So, if you're looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that will add some natural beauty to your home, this might just be the perfect choice for you!

▶️Alocasia Wentii Basics

Botanical Name: Alocasia wentii

Common Names: African Mask, Hardy Elephant Ears, New Guinea Shield.

▶️Alocasia ‘Wentii’ Specialty

The Alocasia wentii plant was first discovered in the early 1900s in Borneo. This rare tropical beauty is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia and is known for its enchanting appearance. Its large leaves can grow up to a foot in length and have a glossy green top with a striking purple underside. 

But here's the best part - you can easily buy African mask plant from Chhajed Garden. Growing Alocasia wentii is a breeze, even for inexperienced gardeners. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it also helps filter contaminants from the air, making your indoor environment healthier.

▶️Alocasia Wentii Benefits

✅ Air Purifier - Alocasia Wentii plants are great air purifiers. They remove contaminants from the indoor air like formaldehyde.

✅ Stunning Foliage - The Hardy Elephant Ears plant is cherished for its ornamental leaves. Their glossy, huge leaves will make an impressive statement in your living room. The foliage of Alocasia wentii is attractive due to its unique shape and vibrant colors.

✅ Low Maintenance - Alocasia Wentii is a beginner-friendly, low-maintenance houseplant.

▶️Quick Care Tips for Your Alocasia Wentii Plant

Know about Alocasia wentii plant care:


Keep your Alocasia Wentii in bright, indirect sunlight.


Alocasia Wentii requires medium water levels, meaning they dislike being completely dry and sitting in standing water.


Alocasia plants require high nutrient intake during the growing season.


Remove dead or brown leaves for a better appearance.


Alocasia plants are pest-resistant, although scales, bugs, or spider mites may appear. Treating them with neem oil or spraying water on your ferns promptly is important.

🐱Not Pet-Friendly

Alocasia Wentii plant is toxic if ingested. 

▶️Common Problems With Alocasia Wentii

▶ Curly leaves - Underwatering.

▶ Wilting and yellow leaves - Overwatering, root rot.


How to identify Alocasia wentii? 

Wentii Alocasia plants have large shield-shaped leaves that grow up to 3 feet long. The top of the leaves are medium green while the undersides are bronze-purple.

How to propagate Alocasia wentii?

Propagate your wentii plant by dividing its rhizomes during the growing season.

Is Alocasia wentii poisonous?

Yes, Alocasia Wentii is toxic if ingested, so keep it away from curious pets and little ones.

Why is my Alocasia wentii dying? 

Your Alocasia wentii may have developed fungal disease due to overwatering. Remove affected parts and repot in fresh soil.