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We have started taking orders. Please place your orders.
We have started taking orders. Please place your orders.

7 Layer Lucky Bamboo

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Original price
Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 3,499.00 - Rs. 3,499.00
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Bring home the latest and lucky Bamboo 7 layer to purify the surroundings. This plant will for sure start working from the very first day and you will be the one to witness the results.

Lucky bamboo 7 Layer is a perfect match when talk of keeping it at home or office. The modishly designed featured plant is an appealing piece that is a symbol of happiness and good luck. As a Fengshui element is present inside, the Lucky Bamboo 7 layer is known to be the most popular indoor plant. Coming along with a stylish pot this green plant would enhance the surroundings. The purpose of keeping the Lucky Bamboo layer 7 is ensuring the good fortune. It is believed that keeping such plant at home or at workplace brings serenity and calmness. The tough stalks of the plant can revive in the vases of pure water and even in the soil.

The Lucky Bamboo 7 layer is a symbol of joy. Bringing wealth and ensuring better health, with its every growing leaf it carries along prosperity into the lives of the people. No matter if its kept poorly or without care, the plant will definitely last longer and shows its effect for a longer duration. One of the amazing features of the plant is that they are sent in technically designed packaging which can even be used for gifting purposes. The two layer ventilated recyclable packaging keeps this plant and the planter safer. 


  • Bring happiness, fortune and good luck
  • Added Fengshui element
  • A stoneware pot
  • Ventilated Recyclable Packaging