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Pebbles Brown

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Product name:  Pebbles Brown

Product Description:

Coloured gravels were used in 18th century France to create designs on the surface of the ground – in effect partitioning the ground, often into geometric/symmetrical patterns.

Red or brown gravel might have been used to mark out circles, rectangles or squares enclosed by low hedges, with white or cream gravel to create paths outside of the hedging. In this way, very simple gardens created a high impact – with patches of contrasting colour covering the ground, separated by low green hedging.

The same idea can be used today to create a distinctive garden feature. Pebbles are currently very trendy, with landscape designers using them as mulches, in mosaics and paving, and to surface paths and driveways. There are even pebble specialists that supply a large range of local and imported stones, in a range of different textures and colours.