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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery

Pebbles Chips White

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Enhance the presence of your garden by choosing the Pebbles chips white. These may help in enlivening the border, giving a pretty ground surface that may catch the eyes of beholder.

Product Name : Pebbles Chips White

Product Size : 250 Grams / packet

Product Description :

Pebbles Chips White is by and large utilized for decorating enclosures and for other beautiful reason. Pebbles Chips White is immaculate white Makrana marble stones. Finely cleaned, these stones are broadly acknowledged for their regular appeal and hardness. Pebbles Chips White are the smaller stones that are used in the decorating of the fountains and the pathways of a garden. They are basically used in large number for various interior designing purposes due to their fireproof nature. This affordable Pebbles Chips White can be used to fill out the empty spaces in a garden. These stones are available in dry and wet tumbled finishes. The surface of the finished one varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles are mostly smooth or polished in compare to that of the wet tumbled ones.

Pebbles Chips White accessible in 3 sizes and might be utilized for various applications. They are regularly utilized for enclosure bunks to give a regular look, could be used for gimmick strips in arrangement cots, as a rock carport or for an impersonation stream couch. It is incredible for utilization on flowerbeds, as its mix colour is extraordinary for standing out from the greenery in your enclosure. Therefore get you garden a newer look by placing Pebbles Chips White


  • White in color
  • Utilized for ornamentation reason at inns, restaurants and additionally in families.
  • These are accessible in diverse size and quality.
  • It is generally used in fish house (Aquarium), garden and Home enhancement, Fountain and so on.
  • Stone are available in different size, colour and pattern.
  • A decorative material
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Low in cost