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Winter Plants - CGASPL

Winter Plants

Camellias (Camellia Japonica)

Camellias have gleaming leaves and classy leaves which make your garden appear radiant. There are also some cold climate hybrids present which will look dazzling even when covered with snow. The average height for camellias is about 10 feet. Rich, acidic soil is needed for their nourishment and mulching should be done in winters. They should be kept uniformly moist and in partial shade. Too much sun can be bad for them. Camellias are slow growers but the end result will be definitely worth the wait.


Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

The japanese maple is cherished for its foliage. They are indigenous to Asia. Some of the varieties can grow upto a height of 25 feet.There are many dwarf varieties of japanese maple available as well which are very easy to grow. They can tolerate poor soil and are slow growers. The japanese maple are too beautiful to ignore with their exquisite ruby and golden leaves.

Vegetables and Fruits
There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that you could grow in winters. Some of them are cabbage, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and onions. No need to go out in the cold to buy vegetables from the market now. Just go out to your garden and get your fresh vegetables.


Berry Bushes

Berry have more uses than just making the garden more beautiful. Birds feed on berries. These little flying creatures have their own set of troubles in the winters and berries provide them with nutrition and hence the birds are attracted to places where berries are found. Now even if you’re not a bird lover you can’t argue on the fact that a garden looks even more beautiful with birds sitting on the fences and chirping. Berry bushes can be of different shapes like round or bony.

Bengal Pogostemon
Bengal Pogostemon looks its best in the winters with its beautiful flowers blooming brightly and its purple stems and branches. The flowers clusters in the form of pyramids. This plant is less familiar to other countries and is native to India.

Indian Olibanum

Indian Olibanum is a deciduous tree, present on the dry hills and slopes. It has tiny cream coloured flowers which generally bloom in January. It normally grows to a height of three to five feet. It is also the subject of scientific study.

Bread Flower (Vallaris solanacea)
Bread flower has fragrant and white flowers. Each flower has five circular petals. Flowers bloom from December till spring. This flower is native to India and Burma. Flower has oval shaped leaves. This plant will bring a splash of colour to your garden.

Amaryllis are trumpet shaped flowers and add style to your house in the winters. White, pink, red are just a few options in which the amaryllis are available. When the amaryllis fully bloom, they turn yellow.

Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles)
Chaenomeles are virtually indestructible. They can tolerate severe climates. They don’t need much care. These thorny shrubs can extend upto 8 feet.They can make great natural fences as they are very wide.


Style your garden with these beautiful plants this winter and make your friends and family in awe of your super gardening skills! 



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