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 keep plants on your office desk

Why should you keep plants on your office desk?

Welcome to the Topic “Why should you keep plants on your office desk?”

"Biophilia" is the term that scientists use to describe the intrinsic yearning that humans have to be linked with nature. Workplaces, where most of us spend the majority of our waking hours, have, sadly, lost much of their connection to the natural world in recent decades.

According to a number of studies, providing workers and their companies with even a little amount of greenery in the form of indoor plants may have a significant and good impact on both parties. The same is true for those who work from home or remotely. The following are seven compelling arguments in favor of adding some greenery to your workspace, whether it be just your desk or the whole office.

Increased Productivity

According to research done at Washington State University, the presence of plants in the workplace lowers employees' blood pressure and enhances job completion rates by 12%. 

When plants were present, workers reported feeling more alert.

Reduces Anxiety

Plants may aid in alleviating feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and sadness. 

Caring for, or just being in the company of, another living creature offers us meaning and can be incredibly fulfilling, particularly when you watch your plants grow, thrive, and blossom.

Reduce the number of sick days and absences.

According to the 2015 Human Spaces survey, which investigated 7,600 office employees in 16 countries, over two-thirds (58%) of workers do not have live plants in their workstations. 

 keep plants on your office desk

Employees in workplaces with natural features reported a 15% better wellbeing score and a 6% higher productivity score than those in offices without such components.

Workplace Happiness

Working in a beautiful location that was inspired by nature, often known as biophilia, creates a joyful atmosphere. 

People are happier, perform more effectively, and you keep them longer when they work in an environment that engages them psychologically.

Plants clean the air.

Living in an energy-efficient structure may result in unforeseen consequences. Indoor air pollution is one of the negative effects of working inside, and it may cause health problems such as asthma or sick building syndrome. 

NASA revealed that plants absorb dangerous pollutants from the air, particularly in low-airflow environments. This demonstrates that they are ideal air purifiers: natural, cost-effective, and relaxing!

Plants help to minimize noise.

Did you realize that plants can absorb sound? Plants and trees have long been employed as noise barriers against traffic and other urban noise sources. 

This reduces distracting sounds and noise. By putting big, potted plants in the corners and edges of rooms, your staff will notice a significant reduction in noise levels.


There are certain conditions that must be met for a plant to thrive at your place of business. These conditions include the amount of light that can enter the space, as well as the frequency with which it can and will be watered.

Chhajed Garden is the place to go if you are interested in purchasing indoor plants for your office desk. They sell a wide selection of indoor plants for office desks, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.


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