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Vertical Gardening Ideas: A Guide On How To Transform Your Home With Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardening Ideas: A Guide On How To Transform Your Home With Vertical Gardens

To kick things off, we have another great vertical gardening-related topic for you. Green and colourful flowers and leaves are bursting out of living walls in today's cities. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits can easily be grown and harvested from an indoor or outdoor living wall with minimal maintenance and effort.

Our goal here is to provide you with some fantastic vertical garden ideas for your home so that you may make your space more eco-friendly. We've got you covered if you're looking to do some indoor gardening but are limited by space constraints, if you have a tall blank wall, or if you have some shady but unsightly areas on your balcony that you'd like to cover up. If you want to give your home a new, fresh, and wonderful look, read on to learn about some indoor vertical garden landscape ideas!

Let's not waste any more time and get started right away!

1. Picture Frame Vertical Garden

This is our favourite minimal idea for your indoor vertical garden for our favourite indoor plants. Succulents! It would look beautiful in every part of the house, and since the frame size is customizable, it could be sized to fit any wall.

Picture Frame Vertical Garden

For plants like succulents that require little attention, like the picture frame made of wood, this is a great option. This is a project anyone can tackle on their own, or they can simply buy some traditional wooden picture frames and mount them on the wall. If your space gets some sun, you may add some greenery by hanging a wall planter like this and filling it with succulent plants of varying sizes and hues. Place dirt and selected succulents in the planting frame. The nicest aspect of cultivating succulents is that they continue to bring aesthetic value to your home without requiring constant attention in the form of watering. Plants in picture frames can be assembled into a living wall to provide colour and texture to any space in your garden. It's an inexpensive and effective method of bringing life to a drab wall.

Discover the simple steps to making your planter out of a photo frame here!  

2. Hanging Terracotta Vertical Garden

This is a fantastic method for bringing natural colour to an otherwise dull setting. They're equally stunning both inside and out. Displaying plants in attractive terracotta pots can liven up any room or balcony. To achieve a minimal, bohemian vibe in the home, all you need are some clay or terracotta pots and some white, thick rope. If your pots have a flat bottom and a drain hole in the centre, you can hang them with rope to create a sleek and airy effect.

Hanging Terracotta vertical garden

Take some rope, some square terracotta pots, and a brass snap hook to make your hanging planters. Just fold in half the ropes you started with, which should bring you to four. Run the rope's middle through the snap hook and double it back over. Tighten it by pulling it and checking that the rope lengths on either side are equal. To finish, suspend the rope from the roof. Take a clay container and thread the rope through both sets of holes in the bottom. More terra cotta containers should be treated similarly. Gather the rope and tie a knot at the base after you've passed it through the final container. You may now start cultivating your preferred plants and flowers in the completed ceramic vertical garden.

Look how classy and easy it is! 

3. Indoor Ladder Vertical Garden

If you're short on floor space but still want to display plants and books, this do-it-yourself project is perfect for you.

Indoor Ladder Vertical Garden


If you're short on floor space yet want to grow several houseplants, an old ladder is a great solution. Repurposing an old ladder to store houseplants is a clever way to add character to any room, and your guests will adore this creative touch! The planks of a ladder can be converted into shelves by attaching a few pieces of wood to form a shelf, making it ideal for displaying decorative objects or housing small plants.

4. Mason Jars Herb Vertical Garden

A vertical herb garden is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to cultivate herbs but is limited by space. This is the time to put to use any accumulated mason jars you've been hoarding. This is a sustainable option for showcasing your beautiful indoor herb vertical garden. Mason jars as planters are perfect for a wall display in the kitchen or on the balcony.

 Mason Jars Herb Vertical Garden


How to DIYMake your gallery wall by nailing a wooden board to an empty wall. Use a utility knife to slit the necks off of used plastic water bottles. Put dirt and plants in plastic bottles, then nail them vertically to a wooden board. You are set to grow your favourite herbs at home. Ready, set, grow!

5. Pallet Vertical Garden

A pallet garden that can be stacked to grow your favourite herbs, spices, and flowers. Pallet vertical gardens are an easy way to spruce up plain walls. Because so much of this style's decor favours muted browns, the addition of plants is a great way to give the room a jolt of energy and, quite literally, new life.

Pallet Vertical Garden


Making or just leaning up against the wall, a wooden pallet can be repurposed into a plant shelf. This inventive use for recycled pallets will save tons of wood from landfill. This pallet can be wall mounted or used as a tabletop display. A more natural appearance is achieved by using a wide range of plant types and colours.

6. Upcycled Vertical Garden

Stylish planters have bases made from recycled plastic containers. Buy low-cost plastic pots and modify them into hanging planters if you can't locate the appropriate sizes elsewhere. Plants in hanging containers provide any room or balcony with a burst of vitality and a breath of fresh air.

Upcycled Vertical Garden

These planters can be hung near a window for optimal sunlight exposure. Remember, giving your plants a good place in the house is better than adding tons of decorative items to the plants which don't benefit your green babies.

7. Plywood Hanging Vertical Garden

A sturdy piece of plywood can be recycled into a stylish and easy plant stand. You'll need imagination and skill to pull this off, but the results will be worth it. Display your classic plywood planters in style on a balcony by hanging them indoors to create a vertical garden.

Plywood Hanging Vertical Garden

Heavy greens won't be a problem for these durable pots. Plywood's neutral colour is a plus in any interior design.

Find out more about it at this link!

8. Recycled Pocket Vertical Garden

You may make eco-friendly planters from old shoe racks or discarded tote bags. These bags are made from biodegradable, non-toxic material and are quite sturdy. They have metal grommets so you can easily screw them to the wall. One can use a hanging shoe organizer as a vertical garden as well, as the pockets are just the right size for cultivating individual herbs.

Recycled Pocket Vertical Garden

You can grow just about anything in these eco-friendly planters, from annuals to small edibles and perennials. All you need to do is grab your show organizer or unused canvas pouches, fill it with some soil and plant your herbs! No toxins, no chemicals, all enviro-friendly!

9. Leather and Wood Trellis Vertical Garden

This method works for the outdoor vertical garden as well, but if you got a basic boring wall in your kitchen or your living room, spice it up by adding a wood trellis to build your vertical garden there. Building a wooden trellis for your garden requires some time and effort, but the result is a beautiful, timeless decoration for your home that can also be used to show off your harvest.

Leather and Wood Trellis Vertical Garden


You may create a beautiful vertical garden with this trellis and use it to grow a wide range of plants.

Look at this, and you'll know what to do! 

10. Stacked Crates Vertical Garden

Those in search of a serious DIY project that could take some time but yield spectacular results need to look no further. Build a pyramid out of planters, stacked vertically! Support the piled crates with wooden planks so the construction doesn't become too unstable.

Stacked Crates Vertical Garden

The contrast between the green leaves and the orange wooden crates is striking. You may make a beautiful home for your plants and flowers out of stacked crates, not to mention a terrific visual addition to your landscape. This can serve as both a beautiful decorative element and a functional food storage solution by holding your favourite herbs and veggies. One of the things we like best about this Do It Yourself project is how adaptable it is!

Our Vertical Gardening Plants and Other details

11. Recycled Bottles Vertical Garden

All of us have a ton of empty soda and juice containers lying around the house. The rubbish can serve as a unique planter at any time! Grow gorgeous herbs and small plants with the help of recycled Coke bottles and cans for a unique and eco-friendly garden element.

Recycled Bottles Vertical Garden


Instructions for making something at home: take some used plastic bottles and cut off the tops in a rectangle shape using a utility knife. Drill a pair of holes near the bottle's base and another pair near its cap. Plants and soil can be placed in the bottles. Put together a vertical bottle garden by lining up empty bottles along a railing or a wall and securing them with twine.

12. Leaning Bookshelf Vertical Garden

If you happen to pick up some old furniture or shelves, you can easily turn that into a plant's shelf. This is one of the unique yet simple ways you can showcase your plants at home.

Leaning Bookshelf Vertical Garden

You can set the leaning bookshelf in your living room corners and set plants either with pots of your choice, or you can just fill your shelves with soil and plant your herbs and veggies.

13. Hanging Buckets Vertical Garden

You may make a fascinating vertical indoor garden out of some old tin buckets by modifying or transforming them into something else entirely. If there are enough holes in the bottom, a tin can or plastic bucket can make a decent planter. Four simple items—a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and some attractive tin buckets—are all that are required to build an indoor vertical garden.

Hanging Buckets Vertical Garden

In addition, you can buy some cheap tin buckets at your neighbourhood shop to use as planters. Living walls on a balcony, in the kitchen, or even in the living room can all benefit from this method.

14. Lattice Vertical Garden

An attractive trellis or vertical lattice screen can be built for this ingenious vertical garden. Adding a lattice trellis or screen to an otherwise uninteresting space can make all the difference.

Lattice Vertical Garden


Vertical gardening, which makes use of lattices, is a great method to make the most of a limited area. Lattice is useful and adaptable because it can serve as a barrier, divider, or even a vertical planter. Growing your food doesn't have to stop because you live in an apartment; a few S hooks and galvanized buckets can turn any balcony into a mini-garden.

15. Simple DIY Vertical Garden

A simple and easy DIY vertical garden to have at home or out on the balcony is to take an old wooden frame or crate and make it into a gorgeous vertical garden. Using PVC tubing, mason jars, a shoe organizer, recycled plastic bottles, tin cans, old crates, clay or terra cotta pots, old wooden frames, or bookshelves are all fantastic do-it-yourself vertical garden ideas.

Simple DIY Vertical Garden

You may get creative with this DIY project by painting it with intricate designs and adding pretty labels to identify each herb.

Final Thoughts: 

If you're short on square footage but want a garden full of plants and flowers, consider constructing a living wall. You can use pocket planters attached to a vertical surface to construct your own, or you can purchase a do-it-yourself vertical wall kit online.

These are the 15 vertical garden ideas we covered here! Select your favourite and get planting!


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