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Vertical Gardening - CGASPL

Vertical Gardening


1.Tin cans or tiffin boxes-

These are the most common and the easiest things to find. You can use old coffee tin cans or buy some tiffin boxes. Attach these tiffins to a wooden wall. Make sure to use the space wisely and efficiently. Too much space between the tin cans crummy. Fill the tin cans with your desired plants. These tiffin boxes will definitely make your garden look grand.



2.Fern and moss painting planters

This is one of the most interesting and opulent way of vertical gardening. It gives an illusion of a 3D painting of beautiful and elegant ferns and mosses. All you have to do is put a wooden frame on the wall and plant ferns and moss inside it. These types of vertical gardens can be put up at doorways and balconies. One can also, use smaller frames and plant different plants as well.




Using bottles as containers is a shrewd idea. You can use old wine bottles or plastic bottles for this purpose. They are easy to ply and maneuver. Bottles can be hanged using strings. Just tie them together, to cover the wall and empty out some space from the bottle to fill it with your desired plants. Bottles will give a very swanky look to your garden.



4.Shoe stands or Book stands

If you have any old furniture lying around, now is the time to use them!
Shoe stands or book stands can be used as excellent vertical gardens. They will give a very suave look to your garden.





If you are willing to put some extra effort and a few extra cash into your garden, then building a trellis is the right choice. A trellis is very sturdy and long lasting. It gives a strong base to your vertical garden. You can either build a trellis or simply buy one. Cucumbers, peas and green beans will look exceptionally good on a trellis.


6.Pallet planter

Some plywood, staple gun,landscaping cloth and a pallet is all you need for a pallet planter. Using pallets for vertical gardening is very handy and convenient. Conjoin the plywood with pallet using the staple gun and then cover it with the landscaping cloth. Lay your pallet on the ground and be ready to get your hands dirty. Fill the pallet with soil and begin planting. Water it and leave it for two weeks, to allow your plants to take up roots. Stand it upright and enjoy your beautiful pallet planter.



7.Gutter gardens

An awesome way of vertical gardening is to use gutters. Gutters are practical and productive. If the gutter sections are aligned at angles then the water trickles down watering every section turn by turn. Gutter systems are one of the most used systems in vertical gardening.



8.Hanging pots

Vertical gardening, in the most simplest of form can be done using pots. Pots can be hanged to a fence, pallet or basically anything which can provide support and to which the pots can be attached. Just make sure that the support system is strong enough to hold the pots and it can withstand strong wind. Pots are very charming and they’ll make your garden look stunning.



Hunt and gather everything you might need, to make your own vertical garden today! Use anything you want. The sky’s the limit.

Be creative. Add style to your garden and let everyone see the artist in you.

Happy Vertical Gardening to You!!!

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