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Top Indian Fruit Plants - CGASPL

Top Indian Fruit Plants

The top fruits that you can grow in your garden are listed below. Go check them out!


Mango is the national fruit of India. This fruit is a favorite among thousands of people in India. The mango plant is easy to grow and maintain. It generally requires watering at least two to three times a week. It needs to be grown in a well drained soil for proper growth.



The mango plant loves full sun and a warm environment for its proper growth. There are a lot of varieties of mango present, mango baramasi is one of the many available variety that you can grow in your home.

baramasi mango

This is Mango Baramasi a very popular mango variety as it gets fruits throughout the year.


The naseberry plant or more commonly known as chikoo is an evergreen fruit plant. The fruits of this plant are juicy and sweet. It is green in colour but after ripening it turns brown. The ideal temperature for the growth of this plant is 15 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. A moist and well drained soil is a must for the proper growth of this plant. Regular fertilizing is needed for this plant and it needs a little extra care.

Naseberry fruits


The lemon plant is a flowering houseplant and as well as a fruit plant. There are many varieties of this plant available. The color of the fruit is generally yellow or green and has a sour juice. Lemons are added in welcome drinks very often. This plant has white blooms and loves sunlight. It needs regular watering for its proper growth. Temperatures below 10 degree Celsius are damaging for its growth.



Grapes plants are also known as Angoors and are found in green, purple and black colors. Grapes are used in the production of innumerous things like wine, jam, jelly, vinegar etc. The grape plant loves warm weather and should be protected from winds. Regular watering must be done to retain the moisture of the soil. It needs full sunlight and a well drained soil in order to grow strong.

various colors of grapes 



The pomegranate plant is a fruit plant which is often used as an ornamental plant. Pomegranates are red in colour but have a delicious taste. They are less sweet but juicy. The fruit has a high content of vitamins and nutrients. The pomegranate needs to be cared for. It needs a well drained soil and a warm weather. It needs fertilizers and watering at least once a week. Growing a pomegranate is a little work but the end results are definitely worth it all.



An apple is a very common fruit found in every household. There are many different varieties available and you can choose the one that suits your conditions the best. A dwarf family apple is an ideal choice if you wish to grow your plant in a container or patio. Apples are green but turn red after ripening. An apple plant loves the sun and can be grown in any type of soil. It grows in early Spring and late winters. It is filled with nutrients which are important and beneficial for the human body.



The fig plant is a fruit plant which is also used as an ornamental plant. It is an important plant used in many commercial sectors for different purposes. It provides us with calcium, vitamins and many other nutrients. 


A warm weather and a well drained soil is all it needs for the proper growth. It loves sunlight and the flowers produced by it are unisexual.

figs plant


Bananas prefer to be grown in rich and fertile soil. Organic matter is important for their proper growth. An appropriate amount of water should be provided to keep the plant healthy. The plant are not affectionate towards strong winds and extreme weather conditions. 



The custard apple produces a very delicious fruit, that is high in VItamin C and A. The custard apple grows best in dry regions and prefer a well drained soil. The plant bears fruit in about three to four years.

custard apple


A coconut palm tree is easy to grow. It needs a well drained soil and should be kept in a nicely lit spot. Regular fertilizing should be done for the proper growth of plant. The coconut palm tree grows well at a temperature of 21 C and above.



Guava, also known as Peyara, is a small fruit plant. Guava is green in color but after ripening it becomes slightly yellow. The guava is enriched with vitamins and nutrients. The guava plant is super easy to grow and requires very little care. It is affectionate towards warm weather and a full sun. It can survive drought conditions as well but moist soil is helpful for its growth. Regular fertilizing is good for this plant and also watering it two to three times a week.


Guava Fruit has four verities-

1. White Guava

 white guava

2. Pink Guava

pink guava

3. Red Guava

red guava 

red guava

4. Black Guava

black guava

The pulp inside can be white to pink or red, i.e, sweet or sour. 


Mosambi or sweet lime is grown tropical and subtropical regions. It requires a hot climate and a loamy soil for its growth. The tree bears the fruit after it is five to seven years old and the mosambi fruit is ready for harvest by August or September. The fruit is delicious and has innumerous health and skin benefits.

sweet lime


Orange trees are available in many sizes, there are certain dwarf varieties also available. The orange tree prefers well-drained, fertile soil for their growth and are lovers of full sun. Consistent watering is required for healthy growth of the tree.



Papaya’s are fast growing trees that are very easy to grow and the fruits are present all year around. They need lots of sunlight, water and fertile soil. Papayas fruit all throughout the year and the fruits have a lot of health benefits. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A and carotenes.



Pineapples are a type of bromeliad and are very easy to grow. The pineapple plant loves full sun and should not be kept in shade for too long. It is rather difficult for the pineapple to bloom and may not produce fruit for the early two to three years. Pineapple has amazing effects on the health and skin.



Home grown strawberries are incredibly delicious and fresh. Strawberries are really easy to grow. It needs to be regularly watered for its proper growth. Strawberries require sun and a well drained soil. Strawberries are juicy and have a sweet taste. They provide numerous skin and health benefits, for instance, strawberries reduce cardiovascular diseases.



Ber is a hardy fruit rich in Vitamin C. It can be found abundantly in India. This fruit is also rich in antioxidants and several nutrients.


It is super easy to grow. Since it is a hardy plant it can grow easily in different regions of varying climatic conditions. Ber is a great fruit for skin and also helps fight against dandruff.



Cashews are very easy to grow. This plant is known to produce cashew nuts, but the nuts are only a part of the cashew fruit. 

cashew fruit

The other part of the fruit is very attractive, juicy and high in Vitamin C.This part is called as the cashew apple.



Date palms are generally found in the tropical and subtropical regions. They cannot survive if the  temperature is below -6 C. It can grow in loamy soil and sand. The fruit produced by the plant has a very sweet taste and provides calcium and iron.

date palm


The health benefits provided by amla or the Indian Gooseberry are innumerous. It helps you with hair problems, eye care, menstrual cramps, heart diseases among hundreds of other things. The amla plant is known to be hardy and because of that it can be grown in variable conditions. This plant produces small, yellow-green flowers along with the fruit.



This plant grows up to a size of a small tree. It bears large quantities of fruit which is edible and is commonly used in chutneys and pickles. The rai amla plant prefers a well drained soil for its growth. The plant produces the fruits in about three to four years.

Rai Amla


Bael or wood apple is grown extensively throughout the country. The wood apple has a sweet, pungent and lemony taste. It has a lot of medical benefits. It is also traditionally used as a male contraceptive. It is tough to open, so to get the pulp you need to consistently blow it with a hammer. 

Bael (Wood Apple)


The jackfruit plant is mostly grown in a rich, porous soil. It needs to be regularly watered, but too much water can be harmful. The jackfruit has a very distinctive and fruity scent. The flesh of this fruit is a source of nutrients. The unripe jackfruit is often used in curry’s in several parts of India.

jack fruit (fanas)


The karvand plant is majorly grown for the fruit it bears. The plant needs full sun or semi shade for it to thrive along with normal water conditions. The plant attracts birds, bees and butterflies. The fruit produced is often used in pickles.

Karvand Fruit Plant (Carissa carandas)


Mulberries are produced by a plant caller Morus. The mulberries are delicious and have a sweet flavor. Mulberries are extensively used for their medical benefits and their sweet taste.It is used in baking pies and tarts, improving skin conditions and cleansing the blood. 



The pistachio tree provides us with the pistachio nuts, which are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and carotenoids. The nuts also have very low calories.

pista fruit plant (pistachio)

The ideal temperature for growing the pistachio tree is above 37 C. The pistachio tree thrives in loamy soil and can grow up to a height of 30 feet.


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