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Top 15 Office Plants - CGASPL

Top 15 Office Plants

Give your office the magical green touch by these 15 best office plants and have a stress free and relaxing atmosphere in your office.  Some of the below plants are even credited by NASA as best indoor plants.


The aglaonema lipstick is an exceptionally attractive plant used mainly for decorative purposes. The aglaonema are slow growing and have a grand foliage. The growing conditions of the aglaonema vary according to the different varieties. The variegated varieties require more bright light as compared to the dark green varieties. They should be watered extensively, throughout the summer season. The aglaonema loves high temperatures and grows adeptly in a well-drained potting soil.


Calla lilies are not considered to be true lilies, but these beautiful plants work as ideal plants for offices because they’re very easy to care for. The calla lilies flowers can be found in many colors, like, pink, purple, orange, red and green. They do well in part shade and require regular watering. The soil should be damp at all times, but too much watering can also be harmful.


Orchids are some of the most commonly grown indoor plants. Their beauty makes your office and home shine out. There are a lot of different varieties of orchids available in a range of colors. Most orchids prefer moist and well draining conditions. They need regular watering but should be allowed to dry between watering intervals.


Anthuriums have a striking foliage and lovely flowers which grow all year round, under the right conditions. Also, anthuriums are very easy to care for and that makes them perfect for decorating your office. They have bright heart shaped flowers, that come in a lot of colors. Anthuriums are not tolerant towards direct light and love to be watered thoroughly.


If you wish to add some exotic color to your office, then croton petra is the plant to choose. It is a bushy plant with a brightly hued foliage. This evergreen shrub loves high temperatures. They love bright light and should be grown in a humus rich soil, which should be well-drained. Moderate watering is required for their proper growth.


Stromathe’s are extremely attractive plants with a tricolor foliage,i.e, green, red and white. They are also called as Stromanthe Tricolor or Tristar. Often used as gifts, this plant can grow up to a height of 2m. They are not tolerant towards light and grow well in full or part shade. The leaves of the stromanthe fold during night, as if praying. The stromanthe blooms in spring, producing pink-red flowers.


The philodendron moonlight has a beautiful yellow foliage. This clumping perennial shrub has oval shaped leaves and produces pale pink flowers. These plants need to be kept in partial shade and grows well in fertile, well-draining soils. The philodendron moonlight is known for its glossy and smooth texture of the leaves.


Dracena Mahatma can help add a dramatic look to your office with its striking foliage. These are long plants, with strap-like leaves which are often variegated in red or yellow color. This is a hardy plant which can tolerate low levels of light, humidity and water. In general, the dracena mahatma should receive direct light. The red colors of the leaves makes this plant stand out.


The dracena colorama likes bright indirect light, well-drained loamy soil and high levels of humidity. It also produces small, fragrant and showy flowers along with yellow-orange berries. The dracena colorama helps in giving a striking appearance to your office and home.


Poinsettia are the most commonly used plants for decoration. They have a striking green foliage and produce long lasting flowers. The red color of poinsettia is due to the modified leaves. The plant needs to be watered thoroughly and needs to be kept in bright natural light. Overwatering can be dangerous and can lead to rotting.


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