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Top 10 Garden Tools - CGASPL

Top 10 Garden Tools

garden tools

Below are the top 10 gardening tools which will make your gardening a beautiful experience....



Digging soils, turning rocks, moving plants and rocks is much easier if done using a shovel. Loose materials like sand, mulch can also be spreaded out evenly using a shovel. A good pointed shovel should be used. A high quality shovel is a must have tool and it will definitely make your work very easy.



A digging fork is something every gardener must have. It is a multipurpose and an indispensable equipment. It can be used to break the packed soil, create holes for seeds, remove weeds, mix in the soil and also to soften the stiff ground.



Pruners are also known as secateurs and prove to be a handy tool in gardening. They are generally used for trimming the plants and shaping them. They are also used to remove the dead growth. High quality pruners stay sharp for longer periods of time and are able to cut thick branches. It is recommended to buy the bypass type pruners rather than the anvil type as the anvil type pruners tend to crush the stem instead of cutting them properly.



One of the most important tool that is recommended for your garden is a high quality and long hose. The affliction of moving a hose again and again so as to water every area of your garden can be avoided by simply using a long hose that is able to reach every part of your garden easily. Plastic hoses tend to be fragile so rubber hoses should be used.

hose for garden


A hand trowel is a tool used for planting, weeding and potting. Hand trowels are available in many shapes and sizes so you should always go for the one with which you feel comfortable. Always choose the trowel which provides a comfortable grip on the handle.

hand trowel for garden


Essential tasks like cultivating the soil, edging the lawn and many more are performed by hoes. Several varieties of garden hoes can be found and it all depends on the type of garden you have. For instance, a standard or stirrup hoe is used for vegetable gardens. For flower gardens hoes with more delicate touch are used.

hoe for garden


The burden of moving heavy gardening material can be eased by using a wheelbarrow. It is a very essential tool for hauling plants, heavy pounds of mulch and compost. 

wheel barrow to move gardening stuffs

Even a typical wheelbarrow which has a single wide wheel can carry several pounds of gardening material.

wheel barrow for home garden


Thorns and splinters can be very annoying and can be easily prevented by using a good pair of garden gloves. Gardening tasks can sometimes prove to be a total chaos and your hands can end up being sore and hurtful by the time you’re done with it. To avoid extreme pain and scratches, garden gloves should be worn every time you perform a gardening task.

gardening gloves


A rake is a multipurpose tool generally used for smoothing the surface of the soil. It is also used for removing stones and clogs from the ground before planting. Debris such as leaves and weeds can be collected using a rake. 

garden rake

Different varieties of rakes are available for different tasks. For instance, a fan shaped rake is ideal for sweeping up the leaves when working on a large area and a heavier rake is suitable for working on rocky grounds.

grass rake


Loppers are a must if you have any trees or shrubs which need to be pruned. They can remove branches which are up to two inches in diameter and are also used for shaping the branches  Always go for the loppers which have a sharp blade and fiberglass handles which provide a comfortable grip.


garden tools 

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