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The Ultimate Plant Gifting Guide – 2022

The Ultimate Plant Gifting Guide – 2022

Everyone wants to make their beloved folks feel special, but only some of us have the words to express it. The rest of us communicate it by giving gifts.

Giving gifts to your relatives and friends is a wonderful way to show them how much you care about them. Gift-giving is an art since it requires thought and consideration. Giving plants as a gift is the most unique and environmental friendly gift one can make. Giving a plant to a loved one can help them start breathing in fresh air and improving their health.

Today, you may virtually purchase a variety of indoor plants without going to a nursery in person. One such website is With the help of internet portals, purchasing plants and sending them as gifts is simple.

Why Plants Make Great Gifts 

Giving a plant facilitates the expression of many emotions. Different plants offer various health advantages. Additionally, since we spend much of our time indoors—in offices or homes—plants help us keep in touch with nature.

Everyone has a spot in their house or office that looks better with plants nearby. Several studies have shown that those who are surrounded by plants are happier, more productive, and in better overall health. These plants promotes mindfulness, reduces anxiety, and improves concentration.

How To Pick The Perfect Plant For Each Person On Your List

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of selecting a houseplant as a gift is knowing your receiver. A busy acquaintance on the move would benefit most from a succulent plant. While a fern that can tolerate shade might be more at home with a caring owner. If the person already adores plants, think about making a unique pick that will challenge them. In any case, choosing a plant and providing a ceramic pot and a bag of suitable soil can be beneficial.

Consider The Occasion

One of the first forms of gratitude in Hindu mythology would be the gift of a plant. Plants are a traditional gift that can be given on a variety of occasions. Plants make a thoughtful present for any occasion, including a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even a sympathy gift. It is best to give it to someone who is struggling so they can realise they are strong.

Pairing Plants With Presents

When it comes to picking the perfect plant for each person on your list, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider their lifestyle, home decor, and personal taste. For example, if they love spending time outdoors, opt for a hardy plant that can withstand some sun and heat. If they prefer to keep things low-key, go for a plant that doesn’t require too much water or attention. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to get creative with how you gift the plant. There are tons of ways to gift a plant that go beyond simply giving a potted plant. Get creative and think outside the pot! Here are 10 unique ideas:

  1. Plant a succulent in an empty wine bottle
  2. Turn a mason jar into a terrarium
  3. Plant herbs in a cute planter
  4. Make a mini Zen garden in a tray
  5. Put together a DIY air plant kit
  6. Gift a potted plant in a basket
  7. Make your own pressed flower art
  8. Put together a succulent arrangement
  9. Give a bamboo plant in a vase
  10. Create a living wall planter

Pairing plants with presents is also a great way to make your gift extra special. Not sure what to pair with your plant? Here’s the ultimate guide:

  • For the coffee lover: Pair an indoor plant with a bag of fresh coffee beans or a cute mug.


  • For the baker: Add a cute plant-themed oven mitt or tea towel to your gift.
  • For the gardener: Toss in some gardening gloves, a trowel, or a pretty pot.
  • For the plant lover: Pair your plant with a book about plants, a new planter, or some cute plant-themed jewelry.
  • For the fashionista: Add a trendy scarf or piece of clothing in a plant print.

Still not convinced that plants make great gifts? Here are seven reasons why they’re the best:

  1. They’re good for your health: Plants can boost moods, purify the air, and reduce stress levels.
  1. They’re low-maintenance: Unlike pets, plants don’t require much care or attention. Water them every now and then, and give them some sunlight, and they’ll be happy.
  1. They’re long-lasting: With proper care, plants can live for years (unlike cut flowers, which only last a week or two).
  1. They’re versatile: Plants can be used as decoration in any room in the house – from the living room to the bathroom.
  1. They make great centrepieces: Plants are a unique and stylish way to spruce up any table or countertop.
  1. They’re affordable: You can find plants at a variety of price points to fit any budget.
  1. They’re easy to find: Plants are sold at most grocery stores, nurseries, and home improvement stores.

So, there you have it! Plants make great gifts for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea or a last-minute present, a plant is always a good choice. 

Where To Buy The Plant?

The websites listed below can assist you in selecting the ideal plant for your loved ones.

25 Best Plant Gifting Ideas

1. Hoya Heart Succulent Plant

Hoya Kerrii, often known as the Sweetheart Plant or Valentine Hoya, is incredibly simple to maintain. It has large, succulent-looking leaves that resemble flat hearts.

Maintaining a room's temperature between 15 and 26 C or 60 to 80 F is recommended. Sweetheart hoya is comparatively drought-tolerant and can survive with as few as one or two waterings per month.

These hoyas need a lot of light to grow and flourish indoors. Your hoya kerrii should be placed someplace that gets daily exposure to sunlight.


2. Sempervivum Green Wheel (Lakshmi Kamal) Plant

These captivating Sempervivum Green Wheel succulent plants will instantly bring elegance and greenery to any indoor environment. These succulent plants produce dense rosettes of fleshy, pointed, grey-green leaves.

It is believed that keeping a Lakshmi Kamal plant in the home can bring money and prosperity. A Lakshmi Kamal plant, according to Vastu Shashtra, can purge the entire architectural "Vastu dosh" if it is placed in the northeast direction of the home.

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Feng shui and Vastu Shastra both consider bamboo to be a lucky plant. Bamboo is a popular indoor plant that is believed to be lucky for the home since it attracts luck and money.

Lucky Bamboo plants are a great option for housewarming presents due to its high decorative value and low maintenance needs. Each stalk of the plant has a special meaning. The bamboo plant's three stalks stand for prosperity, happiness, and good fortune, while its two stalks stand for love.

Both soil and water can be used to grow bamboo plant. Filtered or distilled water is your best choice for keeping the roots of your bamboo plant moist and strong. To stop algae growth, wash the container every few months.


4. Orchids

The orchid plant will add beauty and elegance to any home with its well-defined, delectable flowers and slender, green branches. The simple maintenance requirements make it a favourite of individuals with busy schedules. You can discover orchids in a huge variety of colours when you browse internet stores.

By keeping orchids in your living or working space, you can also contribute to the improvement of the air quality in your vicinity. Like other houseplants, orchids take in carbon dioxide from their surroundings and release oxygen into the air.

orchid plants as gifts


5. Peace Lily

This plant, which is abundantly covered in glossy foliage and bears white flowers with sphere-shaped centres, bestows harmony and freshness onto people. This makes it one of the best housewarming gifts for someone moving into a new home as a symbol of eternal happiness and good health. Peace Lily favours partial shade or filtered light.


Peace lily Plant as a Gift

6. Bonsai-Tree

According to Japanese tradition, bonsai trees bring harmony, luck, and calm. Bonsai plants aid in keeping one's health. Coughs, exhaustion, sore throats, and lethargy are all treated with it. In addition, bonsai has some psychological advantages that might help you reduce mental tension.

Bonsai Plants as a gift

7. Money Plant

According to vaastu, millions of Indian households utilise the money plant as one of their standard indoor plants. Money plants are said to bring good fortune and wealth. Money plants are able to adapt to practically any climatic and topographical conditions.

Keeping a money plant at home boosts human energy and lowers stress. It lessens anxiety and sleep difficulties.


Money Plant as a gift

8. Snake Plant

The snake plant sometimes referred to as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” and Sansevieria is one of the plants that can be grown easily at home. The plant increases the amount of oxygen in the home's air and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and chemicals present. Snake plants eliminate harmful air pollutants and other chemicals.


Snake Plants as a Gift



Anthurium Plants 

Anthurium seems to be the ideal wedding present. These beautiful plants have a great meaning: they strengthen any relationship by bringing luck and understanding. Additionally, anthuriums are one of the finest ornamental plants. The heart-shaped flowers, which come in a variety of colours, are the epitome of love.

 Anthurium plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although they need adequate,    indirect light. The plants are distinctive, with a vivid burst of flowers that are primarily red.

Anthurium Plant as a Gift
  1. Jade Plant

Jade plant, one of the most well-known plants in Indian homes  is simple and inexpensive to maintain. Giving a jade plant seems to have a beautiful message; it is a desire for the family's good fortune and financial success. It represents progress and good fortune. It also has the ability to filter the air. The jade plant needs weekly watering and should be placed in indirect sunshine.

jade plant
  1. Ficus Plant

It is a member of the fig tree family and needs very little upkeep. The ficus plant represents wisdom and leadership. A ficus plant is a suitable housewarming present.

ficus plant


  1. Philodendron

Philodendron is a wonderful plant to give to someone who is ill. It stands for prosperity and good health. With indirect sunlight, it requires very little upkeep and can flourish indoors. Philodendrons are believed to enhance indoor air quality. The plant  contains calcium oxalate crystals that can be hazardous to both humans and animals.




  1. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant indicates and represents good fortune and prosperity. It is the ideal present for those who are just starting out in business or a new venture and has a wonderful symbolic connotation. The adorable small spherical green leaves become the focus of attention inside the house.


chineese money plant


  1. Air Plant

It is a super-fancy plant option for indoors that doesn't require potting or soil, as you might infer from the name. For individuals who require unusual plants, air plants are ideal for compact spaces. It represents originality. The plant needs indirect sunshine and an environment without rapid changes in temperature.


air plant


  1. Bird’s Nest Fern

The bird's nest fern fascinates us with its stunning foliage and distinctive leaf pattern. The name comes from the foliage's resemblance to a bird's nest. The plant represents tranquilly and an easy going relationship. It is the ideal gift for a birthday or other special occasion and is also ideal for people who enjoy houseplants with distinctive characteristics and appearance.


bird's nest fern
  1. Prayer Plant

The plant represents devotion, gratitude, and focus. It is perfect for indoor environment because it can easily live in low to medium light. The plant is perfect for those who appreciate unique qualities in a plant. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the plant might need less water, but it should never be over watered. Prayer plants provide a relaxing effect that helps people feel less stressed and anxious.

prayer plant


  1. Spider Plant

Let us explain that the spider plant is a symbol of health, good fortune, and prosperity, if the name of the plant has confused you about whether it makes a good present or not. It is the perfect present, especially for individuals who are relocating to a new location to begin new lives. Additionally, these plants require little care.


spider plant


  1. Carnation Plant

This is the ideal selection if you're looking for a plant to give as a present to someone special. The carnation plant is the perfect gift to give your spouse on your anniversary since it represents your love and respect for them. The plant, which comes in a variety of colours, is incredibly fascinating and attractive.


carnation plant



  1. Lavender

Another aromatic flowering plant that is great for gifts is lavender. They are the ideal gift for females because they stand for beauty and elegance. The scent is quite alluring and will make you feel wonderful.



  1. Oxalis

Oxalis is renowned as Shamrock and comes in a variety of colours. The oxalis plant is considered to be a lucky charm. It is in fact the ideal plant to give someone starting something fresh, such as a new marriage or career. The plant requires little care, can be left outdoors with indirect sunshine, and can be watered when the soil is dry.




21. Kalanchoe

The plant is a wonderful gift since it represents love and perseverance. It also signify money and success. Folklore frequently mentions kalanchoe, which is widely used in traditional medicine to treat fever, abscesses, bruises, contused wounds, coughs and skin illnesses around the world.


22. Bird Of Paradise

The  tall plant becomes the central focus that can brighten and beautify your living room. It looks amazing when it blooms and is ideal for warmer regions. Freedom is symbolised by the Bird of Paradise. It has a lovely appearance and may be given on any occasion to anyone. The plant requires high humidity, intense sunshine, and continually moist soil.

bird of paradise


23. Monstera

Monstera is the only plant you need to look for if you're looking for a spectacular indoor piece to put in the living room to provide that eye-catching touch. It makes a wonderful wedding plant gift because it represents longevity and family. It does well indoors, needs some indirect sunlight, and is simple to maintain.



24. Cactus

Most people feel conflicted about giving cactus to others. We also know that cactus is an extremely resilient plant that requires little care and water. You might not be aware, though, that the cactus represents endurance in mythology. Giving cactus plants as a gift also suggests that the recipient is a fighter who will never give up.



25. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a relatively common plant. Even if it may be simple, it makes a fantastic plant gift. The plant stands for good fortune, healing, and energy. It is a low-maintenance plant that needs only sporadic watering and consistent strong sunlight. Additionally, we are aware that Aloe Vera is a fantastic DIY remedy for a number of health, skin, and hair care issues.

aloe vera


What Should You Consider While Buying Plants For Gifting

A plant is one of the most attractive and enduring presents. Plants complement everything, offer natural beauty, and even aid with air purification. But not all plants are suitable for everyone. The recipient's capacity for care, mature size, potential allergies, pet and child toxicity, and other factors should all be taken into account when presenting plants as gifts.

These are some of the top plant gift suggestions, and they'll make the recipient smile. They are a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation while also being kind to the environment. How do you feel? Tell us what you think and believe on and share your suggestions with us on our Instagram handle




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