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The Desert Rose- ADENIUM - CGASPL

The Desert Rose- ADENIUM

Now, most people believe that taking care of a desert rose is hard, but actually it is quite easy. A little information is all you need to get started on them. 


The ideal container:

select a pot for adenium

Choosing the right container is extremely important. The desert rose needs proper watering but will not survive in standing water. So, the container should have drainage holes to prevent the water from standing. Terra cotta containers and ceramic pots are some of the containers that can be used.

Potted Pink Adenium

A proper place to keep your plant:

In seasons like summer, spring and fall, the containers can be kept outside in your garden if the temperature doesn’t go below 40 Fahrenheit.

In winters, when the temperature starts to come near 40 Fahrenheit, the plant should be brought inside. Place it near a window. The plant should be placed in such a way that it receives as much sunlight as it possibly can. During winters, the plant may lose some foliage but that is nothing to be worried about.

Window Adenium

The basic needs: The most important things to know in caring for the desert rose are its basic requirements. 

Sunlight- The desert rose needs full sun daily for its proper growth. A sunny window is a perfect place for a desert rose. 

Temperature: A minimum temperature of 50 Fahrenheit is needed at all times. If the temperature is kept at 60 Fahrenheit or above, the leaves of the plants may retain all through the winters.

Soil: A well drained soil mix with a pH of 6.0 is ideal for the growth of the desert rose. 

Water: During spring and summer, the plant should be watered at least 2-3 times a week. You can check if the plant needs watering by touching the soil. If the soil feels dry, you should water it. Too much watering can be bad for the desert rose. Pots with proper drainage should be used to avoid this problem.

Fertilizers: Different fertilizers can be used for different seasons. For example in spring, soluble fertilizer can be used twice a week. 

White Adenium 

Trimming and pruning: Trimming and pruning the desert plant in spring can be very helpful for the growth of more branches and better foliage. 

Propagation: Propagation of the desert rose is typically done by seeds. The seeds should be fresh and placed in a container which has a good draining growth medium. They should be covered and watered everyday from below and once every three days from above. After the seedling appears, water it only from below until and unless it is big enough to transplant.

Repotting: Repot the plant as and when required. Warm weathers are ideal for repotting and hence if you wish to repot, spring is the right time to do it. The soil should be dry and the dirt should be removed from the roots before repotting. Treat the cuts, if any, with an antibacterial or a fungicide. Put the plant in it’s new pot, fill it with soil and gently spread the roots along the way. The plant should be kept dry for one or two weeks and then watering should start slowly so as to avoid root rot.

Red Adenium

A Few Tips

Protect your plants from common problems like root rot and pests.

Proper sunlight should be provided.

Make sure not to water the plant in excessive amount.

To obtain a straight and strong stem, keep rotating the plant after every two or three days.

Pink Adenium

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