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The 10 best plants with heart shaped leaves to show your love

The 10 best plants with heart shaped leaves to show your love

Valentine's Day has traditionally been associated with a dozen red roses. Love is supposed to have its roots in the heart, and Valentine's Day is a great day to express your love. When you want to express your love, a bouquet of flowers is a certain option. However, it's always disappointing to watch those lovely blooms shrivel and perish.

valentine gift

Finding the ideal Valentine's Day gift might be challenging. The best is what your loved one deserves. You want something classic, adorable, but not too cheesy; something thoughtful and profound. Greeting cards, sweets, a bouquet of flowers and a Valentine's Day supper, are the most frequently chosen gift, but a houseplant can be a more durable symbol of love and affection. Cute houseplants with heart-shaped leaves are a more enduring way to show your love. These plants will flourish and will serve as a year-round reminder of your love for the recipient.

valentine gifts

While it's true that love doesn't grow on trees, it does on hearts, therefore with the help of these heart-shaped plants and flowers one can truly find something unique as a gift.

valentine gift as plant

Best Heart-Shaped Leaf Plants For Valentine’s Day

Get them a plant, but not just any plant, if you're looking for a Valentine's Day present for your partner or even your best friend. Find one, with heart-shaped leaves to give them as a token of your care and love for them.

Consider using these 10 heart-shaped leaf plants as a symbolic method to express your love for someone special.

  1. Hoya Kerrii or Sweetheart Plant

Hoya kerrii is known by several names, namely Wax Heart, Valentine Heart, Hoya Heart, and Sweetheart Hoya. Hoya is the name of a species that is native to South East Asia, and because of the plant's heart-shaped appearance, it is frequently connected to Valentine's Day. The eternal love in your heart has a resonance with this plant.

hoya kerrii plant for valentine

Aren't Hoya kerrii the most adorable chubby, cuddly infants? There are a few concerns we need to address, but this pudgy plant is a need. The hoya kerrii comes in different varieties such as Hoya Green, Hoya Variegated and Hoya with a lot of leaves


Hoya Variegated

This hoya grows fragrant, creamy white blooms with pink tints on vines that can grow up to six feet long. These bloom over several days in the late summer to early fall. If you want to add "Variegata" into your home, be caution because you can find yourself completely sidetracked and getting up from your chair to go and admire this magnificent hoya.

hoya variegated plant

Hoya Splash

The leaves of the natural species is a medium to dark green colour with silvery grey specks, however this cultivar has more substantial silvery grey splashes. The leaves are three inches long by one and a third inches wide. They are long, pointed ovals. This hoya's vines have a maximum length of 10 feet.

Dusty rose-colored blooms with lighter pink or cream coronas and darker reddish pink cores can be found on Splash's foliage. The blossoms appear to have white margins due to the tiny, thick hairs that cover them.

hoya heart for valentine
How to Take Care of Your Heart-Shaped Leaf Plants:
  • Sweetheart Hoya plants thrive in bright light and may tolerate some direct sunshine, however too much can cause scorching. A Hoya needs to be positioned close to bright windows in order to grow optimally and avoid problems like withering.
  • The hoya sweetheart plant has thick, succulent stems and leaves that can hold onto water for a very long time. As a result, this plant requires little water. Experts advise watering the plant at least once a month.
  • However, you should stay away from damp or saturated soil because it might cause rotting, which can only be stopped by having adequate drainage in the pot.

The Hoya kerrii is a unique species with leaves in the shape of hearts that truly represents commitment and love.

hoya heart
  1. Heart Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant

Placing lucky bamboo in the home, according to ancient Chinese astrological studies, restores health and prosperity. By putting a lucky bamboo plant in the house, a person can overcome any hurdle.

On Valentine's Day, people give each other "heart-shaped lucky bamboo plants" as tokens of their deep affection. The Dracaena family of plants includes this heart-shaped lucky bamboo plant, which is valued in Asian culture as a sign of luck and success.

heart shaped lucky bamboo plant

How To Take Care Of Your Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plants:

  • It is suggested that you change the water in  plant with a heart once a week. Additionally, prevent the pot from having any stagnant water.
  • This magnificent plant is simple to cultivate and requires little upkeep. To prevent the stalk from becoming yellow, you must keep the plant out of direct sunshine.
  • You can seek the aid of river rocks and stones to maintain the stability of your bamboo stalks.

Give your Valentine this beautiful plant to keep your loving relationship thriving forever. She/ He would be delighted to get such a special gift on Valentine's Day, without a doubt.

  1. Morning Glory

The perfect heart-shaped leaves and vibrant blossoms of morning glory have a wonderful appearance. This one is a member of the Ipomoea genus. The plant's most intriguing feature is that the flower grows against a background of heart-shaped green leaves.

Morning glory, a flower that lives only during the day, has perfect coils and curves in its petals, but as night falls, moonflowers unfold and take on a rounder shape.

morning glory plant

How To Take Care Of Morning Glory

  • Although this incredible plant thrives in subtropical climates, it may also be grown in regions with harsh winters. Since they are members of the climber family, they don't need a lot of garden space.
  • Outdoor temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit are the best for planting this moonflower plant.
  • The plant needs a lot of phosphorus in its fertiliser to grow properly, but too much nitrogenous fertiliser can hinder the blooming process.
  • Water regularly, and mulch around the roots of your morning glory plants to keep moisture in.


morning glory plant

Morning glory flowers have historically symbolized unrequited love. The morning glory represent strength, providing someone the ability to realise their goals and aspirations. These flowers have a strong will, which they transmit to their recipient. It is believed that the flower embodies the capacity to overcome challenges. Flowers are frequently presented as gifts to show love and gratitude. The morning glory is a lucky charm as well.

  1. Anthurium

This unique plant is ideal for Valentine's Day! Anthurium, which has a red heart-shaped leaf and a green blossom, is one of the most spectacular flowers in the world of flora.

Anthurium plant

How To Take Care Of Anthirium

  • Bright, indirect light is necessary for flowering anthuriums because direct sunlight will burn the leaves and petal
  • When the top inch of the soil seems dry to the touch, water the area thoroughly. Check the soil for dryness every few days because your Anthurium will require more water as it receives more sunshine and warmth.
  • This magnificent plant can flourish on a variety of soil types with excellent drainage, high organic matter content, and strong water retention.
  • To prevent rotting of the stems and roots, the plant should not be planted any deeper than 5 cm.

This specific flower plant represents an universal symbol of wealth, joy, and compassion. This flower is easily available in a variety of intriguing flower bouquets for lovers, making it a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your beloved.

anthurium plant for valentines

This tropical plant's intriguing combination of pink or red and green makes it the ideal organic Valentine's Day gift. Caladium leaves can be heart-shaped, arrow-shaped, or lance-shaped, and they can be any combination of red, pink, rose, white, chartreuse, or green.

Araceae is a family of flowering plants that includes the genus, Caladium. They are frequently referred to by the names elephant ear, Jesus' heart, and angel wings.

These plants are grown for their vibrant foliage, which comes in white and passionate red colours that signify immense happiness and jubilation.

caladium plant

How To Take Care Of Caladium

  • This lovely plant, which is native to South America, demands a warm climate, well-drained soil, and a high level of organic matter.
  • To maintain the soil moist for a longer period of time, it requires routine watering.
  • To improve water retention for the plant growth, you may apply mulch or pine straw.
  • These plants need shade and indirect sunshine

The caladium plant, with its heart-shaped leaves, symbolises how abundantly you love your partner.

caladium plant
  1. Cyclamen

It is a beautiful potted plant to gift to your loved ones because of its brilliantly coloured flowers and beautifully patterned heart-shaped leaves. The exquisite heart-shaped leaf plant, has lovely flowers and gorgeous foliage. It is often grown as a houseplant and is the best winter bloomer.

Cyclamen is placed next to historic monasteries and churchyards because it symbolizes the compassionate and devoted heart.

cyclamen plant for valentine

How To Take Care Of Your Cyclamen Plant

  • When the plant is growing in the winter, expose cyclamen to bright, indirect light.
  • A plant is actively developing if it has leaves. During this time, water whenever the soil feels dry
  • Avoid letting water touch the plant's leaves or crown (where the stem meets the roots), as this could make it decay.
  • Placing the pot on a tray and then watering it, allowing the roots to absorb the moisture, is a typical method for watering cyclamen.
  • Cyclamen have a long tradition of representing enduring love and deep affection due to their delicate blooms and delicately heart-shaped leaves.
cyclamen plant for valentine day
  1. String Of Hearts

With the lovely trailing String of Hearts, there will undoubtedly be a sense of love in the air. This plant is very well-liked for Valentine's Day since it has little heart-shaped and lovely lace pattern leaves.

string of hearts

How To Take Care Of Your String Of Hearts

  • The string of hearts plant grows quickly and produces an abundance of flowers when given the correct warm temperatures, moisture levels, and indirect light.
  • The best results in terms of growth and flower output will come from placing your string of hearts plant somewhere it will receive bright yet indirect sunlight.
  • Despite being drought-tolerant, the string of hearts prefers more frequent watering than many other succulent species
  • Overwatering can cause leaf loss, inflated foliage, and an untidy growth pattern.
string of heart for valentine gift
  1. Heart Fern

This leaf plant with a heart shape is ideal for your house and a special someone!. The heart fern plant's dark green, heart-shaped leaves also contribute to the warm, alluring appearance of your space. Because of its wonderfully heart-shaped leaves, this delicate fern is a favourite among collectors of houseplants.

heart fern plant

How To Take Care Of Your Heart Fern Plant

  • The Heart Fern prefers shaded areas with lower light, especially since too much direct sunshine may cause the fern plant to dried up. This does not, however, imply that no light at all should be provided to the plant.
  • The heart fern prefers constant water.  Root rot results from letting your fern remain in excessive amount of water. Only provide water when the top inch of soil has dried off. Depending on the humidity level in your home, this might be done once a week or once every other week.

These heart shaped leaves symbolizes eternal love and care for your loved one and signify how abundantly you care for your partner.

  1. Philodendron Gloriosum

Yes, there are many heart-shaped leaves in nature, but this one is very beautiful and large. This Philodendron Gloriosum is the ideal plant to express your love for your Valentine and to display your ever-growing affection for them.

The species, Philodendron gloriosum is breathtakingly beautiful and in high demand. In addition to having a lovely shape, this plant is especially cute and adorable due to the velvety texture of the leaves. You can't go wrong with this one, that much is true.


Philodendron Gloriosum

Types of philodendron

 There are just a few of identified types of heart-leaf philodendron, but there are two varieties available in the trade: var. oxycardium has glossy, brown, new leaves, and var. scandens has light green, new leaves. There are also 'Variegata' variants that have leaves with contrasting dark and light green striations. However, pothos plants predominate among indoor plants with distinctive leaf hues or patterns that resemble heart-leaf philodendrons.


Philodendron Gloriosum for valentine

One of the simplest houseplants to cultivate, heart-leaf philodendrons just require weekly watering and a dosage of diluted fertiliser a few times per year. They also tolerate dry air and shaded situations. However, you might notice these issues.

  • Yellowing Leaves
  • Withering Leaves
How To Take Care Of Your Philodendron Gloriosum
  • These plants thrive closest to windows that provide bright indirect light
  • Maintain a moist but not damp soil. The Philodendron Gloriosum enjoys a fairly moist soil environment, however you should avoid overwatering it as this can cause root rot.
Philodendron Gloriosum as valentine gift
  1. Monstera Deliciosa

Don't miss  if you want a bold, slightly abstract take on heart-shaped leaves!. With very little maintenance, your significant other can find joy in Monstera deliciosa's  beauty.

Monstera deliciosa plant

Due to its gorgeous heart-shaped leaves, Monstera deliciosa makes a lovely aesthetic houseplant and is one of the best plants to give for Valentine's Day.

Monstera plants have become extremely popular in recent years, taking over Instagram and Pinterest feeds. This enormous tropical multicoloured plant, Monstera is even more well-liked and leaves that are white-green. There are a few different variegated varieties, the most remarkable of which is the Monstera Delisioca 'Albo-Variegata'. However, they are both pricey and extremely rare.

It is an amazing, spreading, simple-to-grow, and generally low-maintenance

monstera plant
How To Take Care Of Your Monstera Deliciosa
  • Bright to moderate indirect light is ideal; strong, direct sunlight is not.
  • Water once every two to four weeks, letting the soil dry up in between sprays. In brighter light, water more frequently


Monstera deliciosa plant
  1. Alocasia Cucullata Plant

The Alocasia Cucullata plant, sometimes known as "Buddha's Palm," is a popular choice for indoor plants. Its enormous, heart-shaped leaves and slender stems, which appear to be waving with the slightest breeze. Due to its aesthetic and retro vibe, the Alocasia Cucullata plant has become a popular indoor houseplant option.

Alocasia Cucullata plant

The Alocasia cucullata has stunning glossy green foliage in the shape of a heart with distinct veins on tall green stalks. This Alocasia's heart-shaped leaves make it the ideal present for those you care about.

Alocasia, known as "the tree that grows up to the heavens," is believed to bring good fortune.

Alocasia Cucullata pla nt for valentine

How To Take Care Of Your Alocasia cucullata plant

  • The plant thrives in well-lit, bright environments, but direct sunlight should be avoided because it will burn the leaves
  • The demands an environment with higher than ordinary humidity.
  • In addition to irritating the skin and eyes, these plants are poisonous if consumed.


Alocasia Cucullata plant
  1. Scindapsus pictus

The common names Satin Pothos and Silver Vine are frequently used to refer to Scindapsus pictus. The majority of Scindapsus pictus resemble pothos, particularly the Satin Pothos with its heart-shaped leaves. It has stunning, robust, matte green leaves with silver spots that are slightly shiny and sparkle when the light hits them just right.

Scindapsus pictus plant

A thin silver line also delineates the leaf's edges. The Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus' has heart-shaped leaves that almost resemble gorgeous snowflakes.

Scindapsus pictus plant
How To Take Care Of Your Scindapsus pictus plant
  • Provide bright, filtered light for Scindapsus pictus. Its leaves will become scorched by direct sunshine, and its variegation will disappear in too little light.
  • In between waterings, make sure the top inch of soil has dried off. Keep the soil just damp over the winter. Overwatering is indicated by yellow foliage.
Scindapsus pictus for valentine
  1. Green Epipremnum Aureum

A gorgeous and vibrant variation of the traditional dark green, heart-shaped epipremnum aureum with chartreuse foliage, it has long, drooping vines and is a perennial that grows prolifically. These are also known as Devils Ivy.

Actually, this money plant requires very little maintenance. This is also the cause of its appeal and widespread use in homes. Although it can survive in water, the plant grows nicely in soil. The money plants are also cultivated in water bottles.

plant for valentine

How To Take Care Of Your Epipremnum Aureum

  • The plant must be kept in the shade because it demands less water and sunlight.
  • If the leaves start to turn yellow, you shouldn't water the plant. Fertilizers are typically not necessary for the plant.
  • If you maintain the plant in water, you must frequently replace the water.
  • Pruning the dead branches and yellow leaves is also crucial.
  • A support should be provided to help the plant grow upward; you can achieve this goal by using a wooden warp with husk.
Epipremnum Aureum

Other Non Heart Shaped Plants that you can gift as a token of love

Plants make the ideal Valentine's Day present for a loved one, friend, or family member. Plants are not just beautiful; they also have symbolic meanings. Here is a list of plants that represent love in case you want to buy someone a plant for Valentine's Day.

  • Tulips

Tulips are a vibrant and amusing flower. They now serve as a metaphor for a variety of ideas, such as prosperity, love, and friendship.

Tulips were frequently utilised in Turkish art as a representation of heaven on earth, according to the Turkish people. The options for a gift for a loved one are unlimited due to their large range of colours and symbolic meanings.

tulips as valentine gifts
  • Aglaonema

Flowers aren't the only source of vibrant colour! The brilliant red and pink stripes and streaks on the leaves of the red aglaonema make it stand out. Red aglaonema is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, and it lasts longer than cut flowers. Your loved one can enjoy it for years.

You can grow red aglaonema in either low or high light. Although it enjoys plenty of relative humidity, it can also easily survive dry air.


Aglaonema plant
  • Orchid

A beautiful option for letting someone special know you're thinking of them is to gift them an orchid. orchids have elegantly shaped, long-lasting blossoms that dance along the bloom stalks like butterflies. These flowers can bloom for up to three months. orchids are fortunately easy to care as well because they like the same conditions as most other houseplants.

  • Bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis)

Lamprocapnos spectabilis is one of the most romantic-looking plants because of its exquisite pink-red heart-shaped blossoms. A bleeding heart symbolize  passionate love, compassion, and romance. The plant's distinctive, heart-shaped flowers wonderfully capture these characteristics.

broken heart

Other than just presenting a potted plant, there are tons of ways to gift a plant. Get creative and think outside the pot!

  • Pair a Hoya Kerrii plant with a box of chocolates
  • Customise the plant pot with a picture of your special one
  • A basket of love with a lucky bamboo plant and a cute teddy and breakfast
  • Add a personal touch, pour your heart out on a handwritten letter
letter for valentine day
  • Surprise your loved one with a Caladium plant along with a customize frame or keychain
valentine frame
  • Pair your plant with delicious cakes and cookies
cookies for valentine
  • Pair a plant with a heart shaped ceramic pot
heart pots


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What Size Plant One Should Purchase?

This is typically the first concern when purchasing a plant. When determining plant size, keep the following in mind:

  • What will happen to the plant? In general, floor plants should be taller than those that rest on tables, desks, or windows. Remember that your plant will develop. It is wise to purchase a plant that is a little smaller.
  • Larger plants are heavier, which makes moving them a little more challenging. Small plants are simple to relocate whenever you want.
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