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Terrace Garden Plants - CGASPL

Terrace Garden Plants

Its a very owesome feeling to relax on a terrace & enjoy the cool blowing air of the evening & if we are surrounded by our favorite plants then its sweeter than the sugar....  You can have this happiness in your balcony also with the help of terrace gardening idea. Also many people prefer the taste of freshly grown vegetables instead of the dingy ones found in the marketplace so they use their terrace gardens mainly to grow fresh and healthy vegetables and herbs. 

terrace garden plants

Variety of plants in garden makes it colorful and vibrant.

But in terrace garden, not all types of plants can be used as the sunlight affects the plants a lot.



There are many plants that would look absolutely splendid in your terrace garden. You can choose any that you like but make sure to add variety in your garden. Some of the plants that you could grow are-

Honeysuckle vine

The honeysuckle vine is easy growing and offers you with a cluster of blooms in many shades. The beautiful tube shaped flowers look absolutely stunning mixed with other plants. Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted by these and are a sight to behold.

Honeysuckle vine


Daylilies are firm and their blooms offer color to your rooftop garden and helps in making It vibrant and lively. The foliage of the daylilies is about two to three feet in height and they do well in full sun. 



Lavenders are loved for their sweet scent. They are able to cope up with the windy and dry conditions of the rooftop. Lavenders can either be planted in containers or in flower beds. They’ll look good either way.

lavender plant

Fanal Astilbe

The Fanal Astilbe is perfect for the shadier parts of your roof. They have a beautiful foliage and will make your rooftop garden shine out with the deep crimson color flowers. They grow best in moist soil. They attract many birds and thus help in making your garden more lively and beautiful. 

Fanal Astilbe

Kousa Dogwood

It has lovely butterfly like blooms which appear at the beginning of spring and continue to winters. They attract birds and are perfect for a rooftop garden.

Kousa Dogwood

You can have simple crotons that’ll give your garden a very attractive look. Along with crotons you can also plant grassy asparagus.

crotons petra plant

You can also add flowering plants to your garden to make it look more appealing. You can grow chrysanthemum, roses, marigolds, gladiolus, lilies, cannas, poinsettias among many others. 

chrysanthemum flower plant

A jasmine creeper will definitely add more glory to your garden.

jasmine creeper

You can have medicinal plants as well, like tulsi and aloe vera.


For good fortune, you can have a bonsai. It’ll bring you prosperity and good luck. There are many varieties of dwarf bonsai available which you can grow in your garden.



You can have a separate area completely dedicated to veggies and herbs or have your whole terrace garden turn into a kitchen garden.


There are several vegetable plants that you could grow. The most common vegetables grown are eggplant, gourd, lady finger, tomatoes and chillies. These are relatively easier to grow and are hence most commonly grown. The taste of these fresh vegetables will be different from the ones you buy in the market.


You can grow mint and coriander as well. They will definitely add more flavour to your salads and cooked vegetables.

mint leaves

You can also grow dwarf varieties of fruit plants like guavas, figs and even lemon.


NOTE: Provide all the plants with their basic requirements and if you are new to gardening, then grow only those plants which are easy to take care of. 


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