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Return Gift Plant Gifting Ideas

Return Gift Plant Gifting Ideas

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy plants and that’s pretty much the same thing”

Why do we constantly need to be reminded of the value of plants? Our guardians have been educating us about the value of plants and trees ever since we were young. However, why are individuals constantly urged to plant trees, encouraged to do so on their birthdays, or even after someone passes away? In this article, we'll do our best to explain everything to you as well as the ideal justifications for giving  plants as return gifts to people.

return plant gift

The most significant and revitalising creatures are plants and young trees. Numerous health advantages as well as aesthetic and visual appeal benefits come from having plants in your home. Plants make wonderful return gifts because they are thoughtful presents. If you love plants, you will definitely appreciate the thrill of getting one. Plants should be shared, just like happiness. Giving a plant to someone conveys your confidence in their ability to care for life and desire for them to enjoy the satisfaction of watching plants flourish. The delight of watching a plant develop from its infancy stage to flowering is priceless and worth of being shared with your loved ones at every stage!

plant return gift

Chhajedgarden is the one-stop shop for gifting plants, offering anything from seeds and a full blossoming plant to the ideal bonsai to brighten your life! It has also been demonstrated that plants like succulents can improve sleep quality and mental calm.

Anyone's day can be made better by a lovely jade plant or a cuddly, small ficus plant. You're in the proper place if you think that your loved ones deserve the best. Return gifts as plants can be incredibly meaningful and personal.

Plants not only help us feel more connected to nature, but they also make homes look more attractive. Instead of giving your guests the typical gifts, consider giving them plants instead.

return gift

Giving a plant as a return gift has numerous advantages and encourages the display of many emotions. Consider giving plants as  return gifts for the following reasons:

  • Good For Health

In difficult times, we typically stay indoors and most people begin to feel constrained. Even a little plant may make the air in our homes or offices feel more calming and pleasant for those who are breathing it in. Therefore, having a tiny plant can help you feel calm and renewed. To wish for someone's health and well-being while giving them a plant.

Good for health
  • Sustainable

Given all the advantages of the plant, it is appropriate to give them as gifts to anybody, on any occasion. Therefore, you can combine a plant with anything else to offer to someone.

Considering that you can give plants to anyone on any occasion, they are regarded as the most ideal present.

plants are sustainble
  • Unique Idea

The majority of people might not consider presenting a plant as a return gift, therefore if you are the only one who has, what are you waiting for? Just purchase one already. A little plant makes a thoughtful present for close friends or family members. Plants are among the most lovely and distinctive presents you can ever give to somebody, taking into account all the facts and advantages.

unique idea
  • Plants make affordable gifts

If you find that buying a return gift for someone is out of your price range and you don't even know what to get them, consider purchasing a little plant. And if you simply heed our advice, eventually you will come to appreciate what a wonderful gift it would be if nourished and well-cared for.

plant as gift
  • Sophisticated

Indoor plants like money plants, snake plants, and Dracaena Gold Star plants fill your home and business with a wealth of aesthetic and sophisticated sensations. They are suitable for house decoration as well.

sophisticated plant gift

In India, celebrations are essentially a frequent thing. It is a land of celebrations where giving gifts is considered polite. Every holiday and special occasion is celebrated with the same love and care. But do we always know what to give people? If you don't, though, giving someone a plant as a return gift right away might be a wonderful way to instantly put a smile on their face.

Every occasion has its own charm and requires a unique touch to make it special. On these special occasions, sending plants as presents online is a fantastic, significant, and dignified concept. The following list of special events explains why living plants are the ideal present.


Weddings are unique, and Indian weddings are particularly exceptional. Indian weddings stand out from other weddings due to their many customs and rites, which also make them enjoyable moments to remember.

A few wedding necessities, such as the wedding arrangements, decor, and some distinctive and exclusive wedding favours, must be chosen together with the wedding fun. Selecting the proper wedding favours for your guests is crucial since they will serve as a priceless memory of your special day and a gesture of gratitude from your end.

Make your wedding memorable by providing your guests with live plants as wedding favours.

wedding gifts

Additionally, green wedding favours are the ideal way to represent your relationship, which will only strengthen with time. Plants require minimal care and love to grow, just like a relationship, making them the ideal return gift choice for your guests.

You can offer the following plant as a token of gratitude to your guests:

Maranta (Prayer Plant)

Benefits of Maranta plants

A Maranta can serve as a token of thanks when you wish to give someone a present. A perk of prayer plants is that they make the ideal thank-you present. This is true since plants stand for appreciation. Additional advantages include:

  • Prayer Plants Don't Require a Lot of Maintenance
  • Prayer Plants Reduce Stress
  • making the air in your home and workplace cleaner
  • Prayer Plants Are Safe For Pets
  • It also represents thanks and gratitude when given as a gift. It is thought to bring luck and good energy in several cultures.
  • Prayer plants have a relaxing effect that eases tension.
maranta plant

Yellow Lilies

Flowers that say "thank you" well are yellow lilies. They represent gratitude, and their cheery hue evokes positive emotions that are sure to make your favourite person smile.

The colour yellow is a representation of lovely sunshine and is regarded as a sign of joy and cheer. Yellow lilies send a message of joy and remembering.

yellow lilies


Kalanchoe is another another stunning succulent you can gift as a token of love to your guests. This perennial plant is boastful of its green, scalloped leaves and large flower heads on top. One of the greatest flowering plants to gift in a pot is the kalanchoe, which comes in shades of red, pink, yellow, or white. The plant is a symbol of enduring love and perseverance

Kalanchoes are renowned for their impressive, vibrant blossoms and big, thick foliage. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The owner of a kalanchoe plant has an easier time because it is a succulent. In general, they are simple to maintain and care for.

kalanchoe plant

Benefits of kalanchoe plant

  • Kalanchoe species have been used to cure diseases like infections, rheumatism, and inflammation in conventional medicine.
  • Additionally, kalanchoe extracts have immunosuppressive properties.
  • Oxygenators for the night, this implies that they remove harmful carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. They are the ideal indoor plant to gift.
  • Additionally, having them enables you to sleep longer and wake up feeling more rested.

A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. This well-known phrase by poet Alexander Smith contains a profound insight that offers us a suggestion to safeguard our mother earth by growing more trees and plants for future generations! While there will be a tonne of chocolates and other treats served during your wedding festivities, what if you took a risk and gave your guests saplings or plants instead? Something wholly original, fresh, and never considered before, right?

Yes! Choose eco-friendly gifts for your guests, such as potted plants, as thank-you gifts to spread positivity. This will not only save you a tonne of money, but it will also be a thoughtful and wise choice. Plants have a variety of benefits, including acting as antidepressants, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and lowering levels of airborne dust. Go green by using potted plants.

Potted plants were requested by one of our customers as thank-you gifts for their wedding. ChhajedGarden was honoured to be a part of their wedding. Recently, we've noticed that couples are choosing lovely, extremely eco-friendly favours for their weddings. These days, giving potted plants as wedding favours is extremely popular. Below are the pictures of our customers who chose for gifting their guests potted plants on their wedding.

wedding plant gifts

Birthdays & Anniversary

In addition to being a day to enjoy yourself, your birthday serves as a reminder that you have aged a year. There is no set law that states that birthday gifts must in some way involve cakes and other items. No occasion is exempt from it, not even anniversaries. Nobody convinces you to give your special partners mushy gifts on their anniversaries.

You can also give them plants in return as birthday presents, such as Snake plants, Aloe vera or Jade plant which stand for purity, perseverance, and excellent health. Give these plants to someone as a token of your affection and good wishes for their future health.

Benefits of Snake plant

The snake plant, sometimes known as mother-in-law's tongue, is a hardy succulent that can reach heights of up to six feet. Snake plants not only provide great ambiance but also have a lot of health advantages, such as:

  • air filtration inside
  • eliminate harmful contaminants
  • could improve mental health
  • simple to maintain
  • useful in preventing allergies
  • may contribute to enhancing a space's "energy," according to feng shui
  • can treat mild illnesses
snake plant

Benefits of Aloe Vera

People have used aloe vera, a well-known medicinal herb, for thousands of years. The thick, short-stemmed plant known as aloe vera, or aloe barbadensis, stores water in its leaves. Although it is primarily recognised for healing skin injuries, there are numerous additional uses for it that may be healthy.

  • It includes beneficial plant components.
  • The majority of the plant's beneficial bioactive ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, are present in the gel.
  • It has antibacterial and antioxidant qualities
  • Canker sores are treated using it.
  • Eliminates constipation
  • It might make skin better and keep wrinkles at bay.
  • Blood sugar levels are decreased.
aloe vera

Benefits of Jade plant

You'll discover that growing the jade plant inside can improve your health and financial situation after you read about these scientifically verified benefits of the jade plant. Jade plants have several benefits, including the potential to:

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Easy to Keep
  • Symbol of Prosperity
  • CO2 Intake at Night
  • Ornamental Use
jade plant

Popular Festivals like Diwali & Christmas

When the spirit of the season is in the air and the New Year welcomes you with open arms, you can always choose a Christmas tree to add some holiday flair to your house. It is important to wish someone prosperity, whether it is Christmas or Diwali.

christmas gift

To wish your loved ones luck in a special and environmentally friendly way, purchase a lucky bamboo plant, a Christmas tree, Jasmine plant or a Sempervivum Green Wheel (Lakshmi Kamal) Plant to send them online for Diwali.


Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant

According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, bamboo plants are extremely lucky and auspicious. It is renowned for bringing luck and prosperity. Bamboo plants are said to bring good luck, wealth, and fortune, and they are commonly kept indoors and in offices.

  • Easy to maintain and requires little maintenance
  • Can be cultivated without soil.
  • attracts and radiates positivity
  • increases the aesthetic value and house décor
  • It is an excellent plant gift for newbies
lucky bamboo

Benefits of Sempervivum Green Wheel (Lakshmi Kamal) Plant

'Green Wheel' Sempervivum is a captivating evergreen succulent plant. This plant, known as Laxmi Kamal, is lucky, it is thought that keeping a Lakshmi Kamal plant in the home can bring money and prosperity. These succulent plants produce dense rosettes of fleshy, pointed, grey-green leaves with crimson tips that are borne in successive layers.

lakshmi kamal plant

The amazing Lakshmi Kamal Plant Benefits listed below will persuade you to add this succulent to your return gift list for your loved ones and acquaintances.

  • Has religious and spiritual advantages
  • It is simple to grow and care
  • Your living environment will look more elegant and green with a Sempervivum Green Wheel succulent plant.

When Diwali is around the corner pollution level happens to increase. This Diwali reciprocate your care and affection to your loved ones with plants that purifies indoor air and make inside air breathable.

As is self evident, plants are essential to human survival on earth and serve as a significant source of oxygen. In areas that are densely surrounded by various types of plants and flora, the air is thought to be fresher and cleaner.


Air quality is declining daily as pollution levels rise. This increases the likelihood of developing respiratory illnesses such bronchitis, sinusitis, and asthma. Even if pollution and breathing dangerous substances cannot be avoided, indoor plants can assist maintain a sufficient supply of clean air and oxygen.

There is something inexplicably relaxing or enjoyable about being surrounded by greenery, but some plants can actually help you breathe better by generating more oxygen.

Here is a list of the plants which are considered best for oxygen.

Areca Palm

This plant can considerably increase the amount of oxygen in your home. These gorgeous areca palms are tropical trees that create a lot of oxygen. In addition to producing large amounts of oxygen, they also remove harmful airborne contaminants like formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and toluene.

areca palm

Rubber Plant

One of the top indoor plants for purifying the air, according to a study is the rubber plant. It also performs exceptionally well in terms of resistance to pests and diseases, and because it transpires at a high rate, the environment it inhabits becomes more humid. In other words, it's low maintenance and healthy for your health.

rubber plant

Spider Plant

Indoor air is cleaned by spider plants. In homes or businesses, formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and carbon monoxide can all be removed from the air by using spider plants, according to studies. Strong, thick roots enable the spider plant to withstand irregular watering.

spider plant

English Ivy

An evergreen plant with some unexpected advantages is english ivy. It could serve as an indoor plant that purifies the air. According to some research, it may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when consumed. Additionally, it seems to help lessen cough brought on by colds and virus illnesses.

english ivy


A sad occasion, farewells mark your loved ones' departure from you. One could believe that such times call for speech and perhaps a few wise words to address the departing one, but to express your love, you need more than just words. Although they can seem like a horrible idea but cactus can represent determination, toughness, and endurance. So, if you give these plants to someone who is saying goodbye to you, you are telling them that you care about them and that you love them because they never gave up.

Benefits of a cactus plant

Cacti are among of the strangest and most beautiful plants in the world. It has striking forms and gorgeous green colour variations. Cactus plants come in a variety of forms, and they may be used in a variety of home décor styles, including minimalist and bohemian. Succulents and cacti are two of the most unusual plants you can cultivate inside. There are numerous advantages of cactus plants that go beyond aesthetic value and these are:

  • reduces tension and anxiety
  • incredibly adaptable
  • indoor air filtration
  • Reduces background noise
cactus plant

New Year

New Year's brings fresh starts, new expectations, objectives, and resolutions. A lot of individuals celebrate the new year with a lot of fanfare and display and exchange pricey gifts with one another. But if you're looking for a thoughtful gift, you may always choose money plants, which stand for prosperity and good fortune. Send a money plant as a return gift to a loved one and wish them success in their job, business, or new investments.

Benefits of money plant

The most cherished plant in every home is the money plant. Money Plant, also known as Greenskeeper or Grower, is referred to as the "Lucky plant" and may be found in every home. Epipremnum aureum is its scientific name, and it primarily grows in temperate regions. Money plants are said to bring prosperity and abundance to the home, as their name suggests. Other benefits include:

  • Acts as an anti-radiator
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • brings prosperity and good fortune
  • Repairs relationships that are broken and promotes positivity
  • Brings tranquilly
money plant

Other complimentary return gifts that goes well with these wonderful potted plants are:

  • Books on plant care
plant books
  • Seeds and fertilizers
  • Pot planters
  • Pesticides
  • Pumps and sprayers
  • Pebbles

Plants can survive for a very long time, are lovely decor pieces, are healthy, and can be given as return gifts for every occasion. On any of these occasions, choosing to buy and send your favourite plants as presents online allows you to avoid the time-consuming search for a thoughtful, expressive, and environmentally responsible gift that will endure a long time.

Which plant-related return gift are you planning to gift to your loved ones? What and to whom do you intend to give a gift and for what occasion? Please share your ideas in the comments.


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Pushkar Adhikari - August 13, 2023

I am planning a house warming party next Sunday, 21 May. At Surat Gujarat
Can you please suggest some plant saplings have spiritual/vaastu value as return gift in india.
I will need 200 nos , and my budget is between Rs 50 to 80 Max per saplings

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