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Pots And Planters For Home Decor - CGASPL

Pots And Planters For Home Decor

The biggest advantage of a planter would probably be that it can be easily moved. You can move it wherever you want. However, plants in containers are much more dependent on a human being for its basic necessities as it has limited amount of soil and restricted roots. Containers are more popularly used due to their ability to turn a simple house into a wonderland. They look exceptionally well inside and outside the house. Now, there are a lot of planters available. The most common ones are listed below.


Pots and containers are used for their ability to make their surrounding look even better as they easily stand out in the gardens. There are a lot of unconventional things that can be used as planters that will definitely highlight your garden and home. Planters gives a sort of finished look and are ideal for concealing cheap and unattractive pots.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

hanging pots

Wall Pots

wall pots

Stacking Pots

stacking pots

Flower Pots and Vases


Railing Planters

railing planters

Ornate Urns

ornate urns

Glass Containers

glass containers as a pot for plants

Double Pots (Window Planters)

double pots


Plastic Pots

plastic pots

Plastic pots can heat up and cool down very quickly. They also minimize the root damage in hot weather.

plastic pots


  • They are relatively cheaper than other containers.
  • Have more drainage holes than terra cotta and ceramic pots.
  • They come in a lot of shapes and sizes and therefore the buyer has a lot of variety to choose from.

white plastic pots


  • They don’t last more than a few seasons as they become fragile.  .
  • Once broken, it’s challenging to find an another way of reusing them and that affects the environment.
  • They have a bad impact on the environment. 

Plastic planters

Fibre Planters

fiber planters

Fiber planters are not very delicate and can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor gardening to make your place look attractive. Almost all antique designed planters are made up of fiber as it can be easily mould to any shape, color and size.

fiber planters


  • changes the complete look of the place with its beauty
  • Very light in weight so fiber planters can be easily used for desk plants
  • Can be easily available
  • Many colors and designs can be found

Indoor Fiber Planter


  • Costly as compared to other types of planters
  • Once it is broken, very hard to reuse it

fiber planters

Clay, Ceramic and Concrete Pots

Clay pots

These kind of pots only have one drainage hole in them.



  • They have a more visual appeal as compared to the plastic containers.
  • They are widely available.
  • Concrete pots are good insulators and they help buffer the plants from extreme weather conditions.
  • Clay is considered a sustainable resource and hence clay pots are eco friendly.



  • They do not provide proper drainage.
  • You have to drill additional holes.
  • Clay pots are very delicate
  • Once broken it cannot be used again
  • Concrete pots have excess lime which is toxic for some plants. 

Self-watering pots


Self watering pots have a reservoir system at the base.



  • They are lightweight.
  • Very handy for the people who can’t put too much time into gardening.
  • Useful for small plants that require to be watered more than once per day.
  • They prove to be useful in places that have low space and can also be hanged.


  • They are more expensive as compared to the other choices.
  • They are not suitable for large plants.
  • Most of these containers are made of plastic and have a negative impact on the environment.

Stainless Steel Planters

steel planters

The steel planters gives the smooth and uniform texture to the pots and a extreme costly look to the pots. So it is widely used in big restaurants, offices, exhibitions to enhance the beauty of the place

Stainless Steel Planters used for outdoor plants


  • These are very reliable
  • Not so costly
  • It can be used for outdoor pots also

steel planters


  • Time to time maintenance is important

Stainless Steel Planters

Wooden Containers

Ribbed Big wooden waterproof planter

These are very attractive but have a maintenance issue. 

wooden pots 


  • They are usually not that heavy.
  • They are available in a wide variety of timber and add style to the garden.
  • They provide good insulation of heat.
  • They are not easy to break

wooden planters


  • They require a lot of maintenance.
  • The bottom part of the container may rot if it gets too much moisture.
  • Pests and insects are attracted to natural resources like timber.

wooden containers for plants


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Terracrafts - September 15, 2022

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Terracrafts - September 15, 2022

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terracrafts - September 15, 2022

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