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Free Shipping above ₹499 | All India Delivery
"Plant to Gift" Corporate Gifting Guide 2022

"Plant to Gift" Corporate Gifting Guide 2022

Corporate gifting: What is it?

Corporate gifting is the act of sending a gift to a recipient in order to establish a connection with them. Giving gifts as a token of appreciation to customers, staff members, or any other stakeholders in the workplace is known as corporate giving. It is perceived as a sign of value, admiration, and gratitude by the recipient.

Chhajedgarden aspires to follow green business principles and inspires other firms to adopt green gifting. Giving and receiving plants allows you to immediately establish a connection between your company and Mother Nature and promotes environmental and social responsibility. Green presents provide a solid connection of love, care, and humanity with your stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the families of those employees.


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Why Is Corporate Gifting Important?

Corporate giving is very important in the business world. Corporate giving is crucial because it fosters consumer involvement, brand recognition, and loyalty. The goal of gifts is to improve professional relationships and interpersonal links between clients, customers, and employees. Giving exhibits your perseverance at work. By expressing your gratitude to your coworkers or staff, you demonstrate how much you value the work they are doing. Giving presents communicates that work is essential and that working relationships are a key component of it.

Receiving gifts is a powerful experience because it makes you feel connected to the sender and can help you form good associations with them or their products. Businesses and marketers have long depended on the power of gifting to strengthen connections with both current and potential customers and to express gratitude for their business.

Depending on the occasion and the recipient's job title, there are a plethora of gifts available, such as gift cards, plants, experience vouchers, premium things, and many more.

5 Reasons Why Plants Are Best Corporate Gifts

Any plan for building strong and enduring commercial connections must include gifting. Gift-giving strategies can help you establish or maintain important relationships with customers, employees, prospects, and partners.

Let's now discuss all the potential gifts for business. Trust us when we say that plants are the best corporate gifts. The combination of a plant's roots, stems, leaves, and fronds does not fully describe it. The plants serve as a reminder of the untamed beauty of nature, which we yearn for outside the walls of our apartments and work places. Live gifts that last a long time are plants.

The advantages of giving plants to your employees and business partners are listed below!

  1. Plants enhance your mood!

Nothing can brighten up a space like a little greenery. Aside from their countless mental and productivity advantages, plants are, in the broadest sense, a source of joy in any context. Being gender-neutral, appropriate for recipients of all ages, and adaptable to a number of home design types. Giving beautiful potted plants to your customers and staff will show them how much you value them and how plants improve the environment at work.

  1. Increased productivity and health

Numerous studies have demonstrated that those who are around plants are happier, more productive, and in better overall health. Office indoor plants improve productivity and creativity while improving staff morale and overall health.

Thus, sending a living corporate gift plant is an investment in the wellbeing of the recipient as well as a lovely addition to their desk or workspace. To begin with, plants naturally clean the air, making it cleaner and fresher. You'll therefore pay greater attention, have more energy, and perform better at work.

Plants make people happy.
  1. Plants Can Reduce Workplace Stress

A study found that having potted plants on the desk can assist office workers feel less stressed out about their jobs. In today's culture, reducing workplace stress is a huge problem. It has long been believed that being around plants can help people who frequently deal with stressful or routine situations to relax. So choosing up plants for a business can practically never go wrong.

  1. Plants make thoughtful and sustainable gifts

Your professional relationship will develop and flourish as the plant does. A live gift makes someone happy for weeks, if not years, after they receive it. In addition, a fresh plant will be greatly appreciated by anyone wishing to spruce up their home office in a time when many people work from home.

  1. Budget friendly

Another benefit of sending plants as business gifts is that you can find something lovely and special regardless of your budget. If you're looking for gifts for end-of-year celebrations or other special occasions in your place of business, you can also obtain bulk discounts. At the end of the day, purchasing a gift plant is a beautiful experience from which the recipient will benefit for a very long time.

We assume that by this point you are persuaded of the benefits of giving plants as corporate gifts. You can find plant combinations in our collections that were created especially for that use.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind while sending a gift to sustain a positive business relationship:

  • Why are you sending the gifts?
  • What is the cost per recipient in your budget?
  • What details will you require?
  • Which delivery service ought you to pick?
  • How can the presents be customised?
  • What gifts are most appropriate for the event or occasion?

Even if you are able to respond to these inquiries, you still need to put your plan into action. Consider how much time you will need to dedicate to this. Corporate gifting is not difficult, but it also is not as simple as you may believe. Gift givers have a number of difficulties, the most significant of which is the lengthy time required to prepare the gifts. In addition, there are problems with delivery, budgeting, and other things.

The following are a few benefits of corporate gifts for you:

  • To express your gratitude to your connections for all of their support of your business.
  • To encourage loyalty among staff members by rewarding superior performance.
  • To motivate your clients to buy more from you and earn more money.

With corporate gifting, you may establish trust via sincere and important exchanges that honour your connections.

Various Forms of Corporate Gifting's

In reality, there are various categories of corporate gifts. When planning your corporate giving campaigns, as was stated before in this post, you must be aware of who you are sending the presents to. The other thing is that you need to be aware of the occasions. These two key ideas serve as the fundamental cornerstone for all different kinds of business gifts. Following are the different types of corporate gifts

  • Sales Prospect Gifting
  • Client Gifting
  • Employee Gifting
  • Event Gifting
  • Promotional Gifting

The selection of Plants as Corporate Gifts that Chhajedgarden has put together is interesting. Our collection has something for everyone, including lovely combinations of plants like Peace Lily, Jade Plant, Sansevieria Plant, and Air Purifier Plants

You can provide the following plants as gifts to sales prospects:

  • Snake Plant

A snake plant, is said to bring luck to workplaces and offices. The plant symbolizes goodluck and determination which makes it a perfect gift for sales prospects.

snake plant corporate gifting
  • Philodendron

These lovely and adaptable plants symbolize appreciation, devotion and growth.

Philodendron plant

You can provide the following plants as gifts to clients:

  • Succulents

Succulents are robust plants that store water in their leaves to live in challenging situations, and as a result, they symbolize endurance and enduring love. According to Feng Shui, succulent plants symbolise wealth and gold as well. These plants make fantastic presents for business acquaintances and clients who you can rely on to always be there for you.

Succulents corporate gifting
  • Jade Plant

The succulent jade plant emits pleasant energy in offices and other places and represents growth, wealth, and prosperity. The jade plant, which has the ability to purify the air, also represents friendship and luck. This plant is known as the "plant of wealth" because of its coin-shaped leaves. You can give this plant to someone who works in a profession that promotes expansion and financial success.

jade plant

You can provide the following plants as gifts to employees:

  • Fern

When you give someone ferns, you are wishing them luck and a prosperous new life in the future.

fern plant
  • Calathea

The Calathea represents a fresh start. That definition comes from the phrase "to turn over a new leaf," which the plant does as night falls. So give someone starting over a Calathea as a gift.

calathea plant


  • Lucky Bamboo Plant

A lucky bamboo represents renewal, growth, wellbeing, adaptability, and strength. An excellent present for someone starting a new period of their life is a fortunate bamboo plant.

Lucky bamboo plant

You can provide the following plants as gifts on various events:

  • Aglaonema Plant

Chinese evergreen, another name for aglaonema, accurately describes the plant's feng shui charm. The evergreen vegetation stands for simplicity, peace, and the good energy it emits. It is the perfect gift to offer on business events.

aglaonema plant
  • Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is commonly associated with sunny vacations, and its power as a symbol derives from its affinity with the sun. It has a lot of positive associations, such as being a representation of success, triumph, independence, peace, honesty and reward. It is well recognised to draw in and emit positive energy.

areca palm

You can provide the following plants as gifts on promotional events:

  • Money Plant

Experts in Vastu believe that having plants in our daily lives activates positive energy. Growing money plants inside the office, bring luck and wealth. Money plant provides many streams of income and aids in removing barriers to financial success. The well-liked money plant is renowned for bringing luck, positivity, and success.

money plant
  • ZZ Plant

The ZZ, also known as the "Eternity Plant" and the "Fortune Tree," fosters development and support wherever it dwells. These plants symbolizes consistency and growth.

These plants are said to indicate consistency and growth in Feng Shui. Most people like to add these to their offices and make good luck wishes while doing so. The ZZ plant (Fortune Tree), with its notable thick, textured leaves, is said to bring luck and good fortune.

ZZ plant

We at will help you select the ideal business plant gifts to suit your requirements, whether they're for clients, to brighten up the workstation of your staff, or for a special event or venue.

We also offer perfect combination of  plant sets as per your desired needs. You just need to visit our site and follow these simple steps:

Under “Plant” section look under the “Fifth Column”

Then select “Office Plants”. Easy right?  You will finally land up on a page with whole lot of suggestions that will surely meet your criteria for gifting.

How to choose the pot size?

Determining the size of pot you require, is the first step in choosing a new container.

Here's a helpful tip: for plants growing in pots with a diameter of 10 inches or less, raise the pot size by one to two inches. Increase the pot size by two or three inches in diameter for larger plants, those growing in containers bigger than 10 inches in diameter. Typically, you should select a pot size that is twice as wide as the root ball and twice as deep.

With the proper pot dimensions, the pot creates the ideal circumstances for your plant's roots to spread out, making it much less likely that they will have root rot or other problems brought on by poor air circulation.

Always select a pot with drainage holes to prevent too soggy potting soil after watering your houseplants. The surplus can freely exit through the container's bottom, allowing oxygen to reach the roots of plants

Different sized pots complement various decors. The pot size you select must match the desired aesthetic design.

We provide a variety of pot collections with a wide range of colour and shape options. We provide pots made of premium plastic and ceramic.

Another important factor is the pot's material

Despite being lightweight, flexible, and colourful, plastic pots have a propensity to become brittle over time.

On the other hand, clay pots are more resistant to wind and can shield the plant from unexpected fluctuations in temperature.


plants in plastic pots for gifting.

Ceramic Pots are a good option to consider

Choose a ceramic pot or coir pot if you want to go for a more environmentally responsible alternative. Ceramic pots of excellent quality are readily available for a reasonable cost. Do some research, then get in touch with us to let us know what you found. Our experts can aid in your decision-making after you have a general idea.

Additionally, there are numerous ceramic pots available in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes. These are wonderful gifts.

plants in ceramic pots for gifting

We at offer various types of plots such as:

  • Plastic Pots
  • Ceramic Pots
  • Round Pots
  • Square Pots
  • Vertical Garden Pots
  • Stacking Pots
  • Hanging Pots
  • Railing Planters
  • Self-Watering
  • Net Pots

Personalization with Chhajedgarden

Incorporating a logo, a special message, or a custom design, you can make your company gifts even more meaningful. Our greatest joy comes from making our customers and the new plant parents happy.

customizing your plants gifts

We provide customization by screen printing, plant care instructions and logo tags on the pots. We customize the packaging as well for our customers.

How can you customize/ personalize the gifts by adding:

  • Complimentary tags
complimentary tags with plants
  • Little message cards or data cards on plant care
plant care cards
  • A special message
special message with plants
  • We can add your branding to print pots, cards, gift wraps, tags, bags, boxes, and more. If you have specific designs, that's great.
plant customization printing on pots
  • Screen Printing on the pots
  • Customizing the packaging: Printing or using an eco friendly packing.

Please let us know if you have any other gift item requests so that we can accommodate them. Send us an email at

When you buy in bulk, you save money! Depending on the goods and the total invoice, we give discounts for large orders.

You can ask for Chhajedgarden products that aren't listed in the website's store, and we'll make arrangements to send you pictures of those items.


Order Procedure:

Send us an email at or Whatsapp +91-7303231231 with the details of your inquiry, including your name, company name, shipping address, phone number, and email address. Send information about your end's modification needs as well. Following receipt of your order, we will contact you by phone or email to provide you with product price and an estimated shipment date.

Please keep in mind that because plants are not like other non-living things, we must plan for order delivery at least 20 days before purchase confirmation. We kindly ask that you place your orders in advance as soon as possible.


What method will be used to distribute the plants?Will all of them be presented at the venue, or will the plants need to be shipped to various places across the nation? The type of packaging you'll require will depend on the answer to this question. Custom packaging will be somewhat more expensive. Spend a little more money on packaging if the plants need to be shipped across the country. You will lose the item if the packaging is improper. All of our plants are meticulously chosen by hand, prepared, bagged, wrapped, and placed in custom plant boxes to guarantee they reach our customers in the best possible condition. Its packaging is distinctive.


To ensure that your item reaches you in good condition, in the shortest span of time, we ship using renowned courier providers only. Our company will dispatch your things via Government Registered Book Post or Speed Post if there is no courier service in your area. The majority of our orders are sent in 2 to 14 working days. The typical turnaround time for orders is 2 to 20 business days.

A plant that you order is carefully chosen to ensure that it is in fantastic condition and is fully prepared to go to you or your recipient.

How are the plants transported?

FedEx is our primary shipping partner. FedEx is used to ship the majority of the orders. But there are some areas that FedEx cannot reach; in these circumstances, items are shipped by different service partners including SpeedPost, Delhivery, DTDC, Bluedart, etc.

We also provide transportation of plant by air, train and roadways as well but please be aware that we only suggest using these mode of providers for wholesale orders. Orders that exceed Rs. 25,000

  • By Air (Air Cargo) - This method is excellent for moving plants, although it might be expensive in comparison to other methods.
  • By Road - Depending on the destination, this takes 5-7 days from the date that the products are booked, thus it's not the best option for live plants.
  • By Train: Depending on the location, this form of transportation is quicker and can take one to two days. If you choose this option, please provide us the name of the station and the selected train. If you don't stay at the station when the train pulls in, or if you don't designate an agent, the cargo might not be unloaded.

Happy Customers

Numerous clients have already approached us about corporate gifting. Almost everyone is aware that lucky bamboos, or feng shui plants, are frequently given as gifts. But keep in mind that there are also excellent, inexpensive Indian options. The crassula plant, for instance. Pick plants that are growing nearby. These won't cost much to maintain and will be simple. You may acquire the plants at a pretty good price and will receive fantastic value for your money if you plan ahead well and use the right kind of pot and packaging.

All live plant products come with a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee, and we'll be happy to replace any plants that weren't up to par or were damaged in transit. High-quality products, client contentment, and extensive customer support services have helped us establish our reputation.


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