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Plant Gifting Ideas

Plant Gifting Ideas

Looking for the ideal gift for a plant admirer in your life? Of course, the simplest and possibly most obvious—gift idea is to get them a plant, but chances are they may already own it.

plant gifting ideas

Everyone has a friend who collects plants as if it were their profession or you may know someone who is devoted to collecting houseplants, and are constantly in search for additional plants.

plant gifting ideas

It doesn't matter if your friend, relative, or co-worker is an experienced gardener or a beginning enthusiast; they always benefit from more greenery in their lives. So don't worry if you're trying to decide what to buy for your favourite plant parent, this gift guide is here to assist!

plant gifting ideas

We've decided to help you with the ideal gift suggestions for plant lovers that are unquestionably not just another stem-and-leaf-in-pot. 

A brand-new plant isn't necessarily the ideal present for plant lovers. Unless you are very familiar with someone's plant collection, it can be difficult to select a suitable variety to complete their urban jungle. Think about these enjoyable and useful presents and accessories that any plant parent is sure to love if you have a plant enthusiast

Here are 25 gifts for the plant parent/ plant lover in your life:

Upgrades to Houseplant Tools

Things other than plants can also be appealing! Your loved one will value an attractive and useful improvement to the equipment they use to care for their plants.

house plant tools
  1. Houseplant Sprayer 

While a standard spray bottle works just as well, these glass and metal houseplant sprayers are considerably more aesthetically pleasing when displayed on a shelf.

plant sprayer
  1. Micro-Tip Pruning Snips by Fiskars

These tiny, spring-loaded scissors are without a doubt one of the most essential items. They are highly adaptable; you can cut off a sprig of herbs, make a cut for propagation, remove dead foliage, and snip off tags and ribbons. We strongly advise purchasing the two-pack for your plant enthusiast because they will want them all around the house.

pruning snips

 For Plant Care

These products make plant maintenance simpler for your garden enthusiast. Both newbie and experienced plant lovers will adore these selections as gifts!

  1. Grow Care Sticks

Do you know a green thumb who also like smart homes? Perfect are these Bluetooth grow care sticks. Put one in a container and use a smartphone app to receive alerts when the plant requires additional sunlight, fertiliser, or water.

  1. Self-Watering Bulbs

With these cute watering bulbs, you'll never forget to water again. They drip water into the plant's roots, very small portion at a time.

  1. Houseplant Care Cards

With the help of these exquisitely drawn cards, you can learn how to take care of 32 popular houseplants. On the front of each card, you can quickly see what kind of atmosphere and watering the plants require. On the back, you can find instructions for troubleshooting.

  1. Leaf Wellness Pest Spray

Leaf Wellness Pest Spray is an inexpensive, effective, and odor-pleasing pest prevention and treatment. Additionally, it makes plant leaves glossy and lovely!

  1. Mod Sprout Smart Grow Frame

Plants should be shown as works of art because they truly are! These frames come in a number of sizes and shapes and have a grow light built in. Your plants can now be shown wonderfully even in dim areas!

Gorgeous Planters

Even though plants are attractive on their own, we've never met a plant enthusiast who didn't like adding a lovely planter or plant hanger to their collection.

plant hanger
  1. Mud Cloth Plant Basket

These unique cloth plant hangers cover the ugly pots that houseplants come in and also make it possible to place the plant on a hook with ease!

  1. Color Block Plant Hanger

It's simple to suspend pots in front of a bright window using a braided cotton hanger. These hangers are well-built and include lovely color-blocked embellishments.

plant hanger

For Creative Gardeners

Being a plant lover is a way of life, not only about the plants themselves. Here are some of our favourite plant-themed craft presents for the crafty plant enthusiast on your list.

  1. DIY Terrarium Kit

Whether it's a toddler or an adult, this DIY terrarium kit makes a wonderful present for a budding plant enthusiast! It comes with all the materials you need to create two gorgeous miniature terrariums, including tiny dinosaur figures.

DIY terrarium


  1. Making Amazingly Lifelike Plants from Paper

Do you know a green thumbed plant enthusiast? The best option is paper plants! Buy this book to learn how to make your own exquisitely lifelike plants to give as gifts, or give it to your favourite maker so they can make their own.

Accessories for Plant Lovers

With these favourite accessories, you can help your beloved gardener shout their adoration for plants from the clouds!

  1. Plant Mom/Plant Dad Pins

Share your passion for plants by wearing one of these "Plant Mom" or "Plant Dad" pins. In comparison to winged metal pins, the metal and enamel pins are more reliable and have a safe rubber back.

  1. Monstera Keychain

With this keychain, you may keep a reminder of your love for plants with you at all times.

Plant-related books

A good book is always an excellent choice! These are few of the top picks for book lovers of plants. There are some on plant maintenance, and there are some to broaden the horizons of your favourite plant enthusiast.

  1. Plant Parenting

Plant Parenting is an excellent how-to manual for a budding plant enthusiast who wishes to grow their own plants. It focuses primarily on indoor plants but also provides some information about fruits and vegetables, serving as a great introduction to vegetable gardening.

  1. The New Plant Parent

If we could only read one book about indoor plants, it would definitely be The New Plant Parent. This book explains what exactly is meant by "bright, indirect light" and how to determine what your plant actually needs to thrive based on how it grows in nature. 

  1. Drunk Botanist Book

Increase your appreciation of plants by having some fun with mixology! The focus of this book is using plants to create enticing and delicious cocktails.

Items for Plant Lovers That Are Out of the Box

Are you looking for something that will genuinely blow their minds? Here are a handful of presents for plant enthusiasts.

If your plant-lover is also an introvert, they could adore a tote bag since it reflects both aspects of their personality! Introverted But Willing to Discuss Plants.

The hand-stamped "Please Don't Die" plant sign is ideal for your fussiest and most dramatic plants.

  1. Designer Desk Pots

Plant lovers are constantly searching for lovely containers to hold their plants. These tiny holders come in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Choose the one that will suit their personal style, or even have one made for them!

desk plant pot
  1. Handmade Diaries With Dried Flowers

When paired with exquisite dried pressed flowers, handmade diaries—which are already a classy gift option—gain much more appeal on the aesthetic front. These are not only beautiful to look at, but also a green alternative that lessens carbon emissions. Give these journals to your loved ones who appreciate plants as a surprise, and encourage them to write down all of their eco-friendly ideas in them.

  1. Metallic Pot Stand

No one who loves plants can deny the importance of pot stands in urban settings. These supports provide an attractive plant display in a confined area while ensuring sufficient aeration beneath the pots. They aid in preventing hard-to-remove dirt stains beneath the pots by giving adequate room for sweeping and cleaning. These stands can be utilised both inside and outside. 

pot stand
  1. Plant Jewellery

Give your plant-loving buddy an opportunity to show off their passion for plants with stunning jewellery items featuring preserved flowers. These will not only make your loved one grin, but they will also go with their trendy personality.

plant jewellery
  1. Jute Planters

Don't hesitate to get these amazing planters for your eco-friendly pal! Jute planters, a type of fibre basket, are a green substitute for pots that not only beautify gardens but also provide a number of advantages for general plant growth. These permeable baskets work well as water reservoirs and keep roots from being encircled. Another inclusion in the extensive list of their benefits is their small size and capacity to be planted along with the plant directly in the soil.

jute planters
  1. Sculptures based on plants

Plant sculptures are another form of art that flora enthusiasts like. These sophisticated metal or ceramic plants can add brightness without adding more greenery.

  1. Bottom Tray For Plants

Plate tray will collect any surplus water from the bottom drain holes, preventing stains on the wall or any other surface. 

  1. Naturally Scented Candle

Your plant-lover is probably obsessed with any scent that is reminiscent of nature. Get them a candle, which has a lovely rose and citrus smell.

scented candles
  1. Compost Kit

A garden with a variety of plants is a good garden. Biodiverse gardens are beautiful. Kitchen garbage is used in order to preserve biodiversity. A compost kit might be a real lifesaver for all of the gardening enthusiast out there. You won't need to seek for compost any longer, and you won't have to dump food waste in the trash either.

25 plants that make great gifts

These plants are excellent gifts for several auspicious days and achievements. We can almost all agree that a plant makes the ideal gift for any occasion. When selecting the ideal plant to give, keep in mind that you want your gift to be thoughtful rather than frustrating. After doing your study and coming to the conclusion that a plant is a wonderful present, it's time to choose which plant to offer.

  1. Lucky Bamboo Plant                                                                                   

    Lucky bamboo plant gift
  2. Jade Plant                                                                                                     

    Jade plant gifting ideas
  3. Peace Lily Plant                                                                                             

    peace lily plant
  4. Philodendron Plant                                                                                       

    Philodendron plant
  5. Snake Plant                                                                                                   

    snake plant
  6. Succulents                                                                                                     

  7. Bird’s Nest Fern                                                                                           

    Bird's nest fern
  8. Carnation Plant                                                                                             Carnation plant

  9. Lavender Plant                                                                                             

    Lavender plant
  10. Bonsai Plant                                                                                                 

    bonsai plant
  11. Monstera Plant                                                                                             

    Monstera plant
  12. Prayer Plant                                                                                                   
    prayer plant

  13. Orchids                                                                                                         

  14. Ficus Plant                                                                                                    

    ficus plant
  15. Anthurium                                                                                                     

    Anthurium plant
  16. Money Plant                                                                                                   

    money plant
  17. Air Plant                                                                                                        
    air plant

  18. Spider Plant                                                                                                    
    spider plant

  19. Oxalis                                                                                                            

  20. Bird of Paradise                                                                                           

    bird of paradise
  21. Kalanchoe Plant                                                                                           

    kalanchoe plant
  22. Aloe Vera                                                                                                       

    Aloe Vera
  23. Chinese Money Plant                                                                                   

    Chinese money plant
  24. Daisy                                                                                                             

  25. Rose Plant                                                                                                     



Live plants are wonderful gifts since they are attractive and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to suit everyone's preferences and skill level with gardening. do some research before deciding to give a plant as a gift to ensure that it's the appropriate kind of present to give.

  • Does your acquaintance have a flower allergy? If so, succulents would make better gifts than floral plants.
  • Does a member of your family dislike purple or any other colour? Don't give plants with purple flowers (or any other colour) as gifts.
  • Has your friend or family got any animals? Verify that the plant you are giving doesn't poison the recipient's pet's species.


Your plant could be small, big, blossoming, high, cascading, or dormant. Therefore, when it comes to wrapping plants, it's vital to take the pot's size and the plant's height into account.

  • A little plant could be placed inside a gift bag or even wrapped in a box. For larger plants, however, that is ineffective.
  • Therefore, whether I'm presenting huge or little plants as gifts, prefer to make the plant the centre of attention than hiding it.
plant gifting ideas
  • It might only need a bow or ribbon tied on to look extra spectacular. Alternately, you might style up the pot by decorating it or wrapping it.
plant gifting ideas


Giving plants as gifts has the advantage that each one will be distinctive on its own, and so will the packaging. Simple plant wrapping paper is one option, but you can also be creative and use other interesting materials.

plant packing

Make sure the materials you select fit the theme or occasion. Here are some suggestions for how to embellish plants as gifts:

  • vibrant ribbon
  • notecard or thank-you card
  • gift package
  • bow

We are really confident in sharing with you our top picks for 2022 which you can gift to a plant parent. Our collection of gift suggestions includes items in every price range, from inexpensive plant equipment’s to lavish presents.

All of these gifts are "mint" to make your plant person and their favourite plants very happy.

Have we nailed the list? Does anything need to be added? Which plant-related gift did you enjoy receiving the most? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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