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Pebbles For Decorating Your Garden - CGASPL

Pebbles For Decorating Your Garden

pebbles to cover the empty spaces in garden

Have an empty space? Pebble it up.

Want to make your garden more appealing? Add bright colored pebbles.

There is a large variety of pebbles easily available in the market and it is cost efficient too. So you can have a beautiful garden and save your pocket from emptying out!

pathways of pebbles


Pebbles have many great uses apart from the basic decoration. Some of the uses of pebbles are- 

Using pebbles in pots to decorate the plants-

pot decoration with pebbles

You can spruce up your garden by being a bit creative and adding pebbles to some pots. This will surely make your garden look beautiful. You can add the color according to the theme of your garden and the plants.

Using pebbles as garden cover or garden mulch-

pebbles covering the garden

Pebbles can be used to add color and style to a neglected corner of your garden. If you have an empty corner or a pathway, the best way to cover it is by using pebbles. The decorative pebbles are very reliable and can last a whole lifetime. They are low maintenance as compared to the traditional tree mulch so it can also be used as a garden mulch. Pebble mulch cannot feed the garden beds and hence it is best suited. 


Polished pebbles-

mix polished pebbles

Polished pebbles have a shiny appearance and can be found in a variety of colors. These pebbles have the capability of making your garden look very chic. The polished pebbles are extensively used all around the world due to their elegance. These pebbles work well with all kinds of gardens and are hence ideal fordecorating. 

black polished pebbles

Unpolished pebbles-

The unpolished pebbles give an earthy appearance and are a total eye catcher. They look exceptionally beautiful in a garden. Available in various sizes and shapes, these pebbles are mainly used in covering the top soil. Unpolished pebbles can be found at reasonable rates and are long lasting. The unpolished pebbles are very alluring and used by many people across the globe for decoration.

unpolished pebbles

Onyx pebbles-

Onyx pebbles are beautiful little pebbles that have a very attractive appearance. These pebbles are most commonly used for interior decoration and for the decoration of pots. Onyx pebbles are available in a wide range of colors and these colored pebbles make the garden look colorful and bright.

onyx pebbles

Pea gravel-

A pea gravel is a small, round shape rock which got its name because it looks similar to a pea. Generally pea gravels are available in shades of brown and white. They have a high visual appearance and help in making the garden look more beautiful.

pea gravel

Crushed granite gravel-

Crushed granite gravels are used for providing texture to the garden. They have a chunky appearance and are not as smooth compared to the pea gravel. This is the perfect choice for people who are going for a contemporary look.

Crushed granite gravel


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