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Orchids And Its Types - CGASPL

Orchids And Its Types

The main question is how to choose an orchid from this huge diversity? Well I’ve done the work for you and chosen these few orchids that are easy to grow and will make your garden look as beautiful as a paradise.

MOTH ORCHIDS (Phalaenopsis)

These are probably the most common orchids and are very easily available. Their blooms last a very long time, for instance, one bloom spike can last for a good three to four months. The flowers of this orchid are available in shades of pink, purple, white and red. The moth orchid is so graceful that it even has the power to brighten a dim atmosphere.


Dendrobium is one of the most diverse genera with around 12,000 species and many hybrids made my man. These orchids can be easily found at florists and are present in many colors like white, green, purple, pink and yellow. Growing these orchids is fairly easy and doesn’t require much effort. The dendrobium orchids are very popular and often used as houseplants.


The slipper orchids are part of the subfamily “Cypripedioideae”. The slipper orchids are known for their unique appearance, beautiful flowers and pouch shaped labellum. The slipper orchids include these four major genera - Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cypripedium and Selenipedium. Each genera has different care requirements. Cypripedium and Selenipedium are somewhat difficult for the beginners to grow. But if you are a long term gardener than you’ll be able to manage these.


Boat orchids are also called as Cymbidium orchids. These are showy, colorful flowers and some of the flowers of this genera have a sweet fragrance. The flowers are available in a lot of colors, including white, yellow, pink, purple and several other as well. They originate in countries like Japan, India, China among several others. Some of the plants have variegated leaves. They are a very popular indoor plant. The cymbidium orchids are long lasting and very graceful.


These beautiful orchids are also known as dancing lady orchids. These orchids have small and colorful flowers which usually appear in clusters of 50 and more. The flowers can be found in shades of white, pink, yellow, purple and red. Some oncidium have a sweet fragrance. They do best in bright light and a temperature range of 50-75F.


The cattleya orchids behave as a beautiful indoor plant. The blooms of this plant appear in a wide variety of colors including red, pink, yellow, orange and several others. The blooms of this plant are often fragrant. These orchids grow their best in medium to bright lights over a temperature range of 50-70F. These orchids can bloom twice a year and the blooms last a few weeks.


Unlike other orchids, the beauty of this plant does not depend on the flower, but instead the foliage of the plant. The jewel orchids have a beautiful foliage of purple striped with pink color. This foliage is the main attraction of this orchid. It has small white blooms which add to its beauty and appear in late summer. They grow best in low to medium light and unlike other orchids they need watering only once every one to two weeks.


Nun orchids are very easy to grow. The flowers of this orchid are purple, brown and white in color. They also have rich green leaves. In winters, clusters are formed of these flowers on the stem to a height of 3 feet. The nun orchids grow well in medium to bright light. They prefer a temperature range of 60-80F. The nun orchids are absolutely dazzling and have an ability to shine out in a garden.


Vandas are one of the most beautiful orchids. They have alternating leaves and flower spikes, which have multiple flowers. The flowers can be found in many colors, like purple, pink, red and blue. They are also known for their large and tough roots. The vandas need bright light, high temperatures and also need to be watered regularly.


Mokara is known for its beautiful and exotic looking blooms. The Mokara, unlike most of the orchids, is easy to take care of. They have strong, green leaves and plump roots. They need to be watered regularly but overwatering can be harmful for the plant. In the growing season, they need to be fertilized a few times every month. The blooms of mokara are in various colors, like yellow, orange, pink, red and blue.


  1.  Phalaenopsis Orchids 
  2. Dendronium Orchids 
  3. Cattleya Orchids 
  4. Ground Orchids 
  5. Mokara Orchids 
  6. Oncidium Orchids 
  7. Vanda Orchids  

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