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Magic Beans - The Magical Gift - CGASPL

Magic Beans - The Magical Gift

Magic beans have a certain WOW factor that makes everyone love them. The messages are laser carved on the beans and can be used as the ideal gifts for anniversary, birthdays and for wishing your loved ones good luck. Surprise your loved one or friend with this beautiful and specially carved plant. The most incredible thing about using magic beans as gifts is that they help save a lot of bucks and are an eco-friendly gift.

magic beans

The magic beans can be used for various occasions.


Wish your friends or family members a very happy birthday by gifting them this special. Magic beans prove to be a super cute gift and is sure to make your loved ones happy.

 magic beans to wishh happy birthday


Whether it’s an anniversary or just a sweet gift to show your love, magic beans will do the magic for you. Your significant other will swoon all over you after receiving such an amazing gift.

magic beans to express your love


Forget about chocolates and teddies, gift your valentine magic beans and see how that works out! Magic beans are way better than the normal gifts every person gives on valentine’s. It is different, creative and adorable. You couldn’t have asked for a better combination.

magic beans for valentines day


Instead of saying the traditional “ good luck “ or “break a leg”, be creative and wish your friends and family the best of luck by gifting them the magic beans.

magic beans to gift your friends


Strengthen your bond of friendship, by giving your friends these lovely magic beans. This is a gift to be cherished!

friendship magic bean plant


You can use different kinds of magic beans to show your love. You can have a funny message on your beans or something else that express your feelings. Magic beans will surely impress you give it too. It is a sweet gift and will save you a lot of bucks!

magic beans

occasional magic beans


step by step growth of magic beans

  1. The first thing to do, is to get a container with drainage holes. You can make drainage holes yourself.
  2. Fill the container with soil mixture and then level the top of the soil.
  3. Make an inch deep hole with your finger.
  4. Drop the bean and level the top.
  5. Keep it in a warm and dark place. Make sure to water it every day.
  6. When the shoots appear, move the container to a place where it can get sunlight.
  7. The message will first appear along with the outer seed coat which is covering the inner cotyledon. The outer coat will fall in two to three days and the inner cotyledon will appear. At first, it will be yellow, but will soon turn green due to the sunlight.
  8. The message seed will also begin to open, revealing the special message. The message stays for several weeks after which it dries and falls off.
  9. Later, the message plant can be transported to a container or ground, where it can grow to be a fast growing vine, covering walls and fences.
  10. The message plant will continue to grow for a few years if it is provided with a warm climate.


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