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Let's Learn How To Grow Herbs from Seeds - CGASPL

Let's Learn How To Grow Herbs from Seeds


grow herbs from seeds

Find a container
Anything can be used as a container for the herbs. You can use cans, milk cartons, pots, basically anything can be used. Albeit, the container you choose should have drainage holes. You can easily make drainage holes by a drilling machine.

finding container

Sterilize your container
Wash or soak your chosen container with a solution of 10% chlorine bleach and water. Let the containers dry before proceeding further.

Make drainage holes
Drainage holes are very important for the growth of your plants. Lack of drainage holes causes damage to the roots. Drainage holes can be made very easily. If you are using plastic cups, then you can easily pinch holes. For things which are more sturdy, use drilling machine.

drainage holes

Filling the containers
Fill the container with the seed mixture of your choice. Fill it to about one inch from the top. The seed mixtures are very beneficial and have a texture that is best for growing seeds, with the appropriate amount of moisture.

filling container with soil

Planting the seeds
Place at least two to three seeds in each container. Planting the seeds at the proper depth is extremely important for the germination of seeds. The amount of the growing medium you use to cover your seeds is somewhat determined by the size of your seeds. Smaller seeds will require only a slight layer of the medium. So, be sure to cover the seeds with the appropriate amount of the medium.


planting the seeds


Watering and Covering
Do not let your seeds dry. Water your containers and label them all. After watering, cover your containers with a plastic sheet to trap humidity and conserve moisture. Choose a location to place your containers. Keep the containers in a place which allows them to receive light.

covering the container with plastic sheet for seed germination


Uncover the containers each day so that they receive some fresh air. Make sure to mist them every now and then. Remove the plastic wrap completely after the seedlings have grown and have developed several leaves.

uncovering plant


Caring for the plant
Herb seeds need proper light of 12-16 hours per day. Artificial light can be used to achieve that goal. Make sure to keep your seeds moist. Do not let them dry. Be careful not to make them soggy by watering them more than required.

The transplant
If you’ve grown your herb seeds in plastic cups and wish to transplant them, you can. Wait for the seedlings to grow several sets of leaves before transplanting them. Make sure the roots have developed. Take off the lower leaves and turn the pot upside out so the seedling falls in your hands. Place it in the soil, slightly above the spot where you tweaked off the leaves. Dab the soil around and water your plant.

plant transplant


Follow these simple steps to have your own fresh and healthy herbs to make your food delectable! 

A little effort and some hard work is all you’ll need to have your own herb garden. 

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