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HOYA KERRII- A Plant of Hearts - CGASPL

HOYA KERRII- A Plant of Hearts

Hoya has unique succulent leaves which look stunning along with clusters of pink blossoms. These pink flowers are tough, waxy and last throughout spring and even summer. There are a lot of varieties of Hoya Kerrii easily available, many of which have variegated leaves.

Green Hoya Heart Plants

Caring for a Hoya Kerrii is super easy, with only a few things to keep in mind.

Variegated Hoya Heart Plants


Light- The Hoya can be grown outside in a reasonable amount of filtered sunlight. This plant can also be grown in shadier spots. Hoyas are low maintenance plants and can grow pretty much anywhere. Although, very dark spots should be avoided.

Watering- The hoyas need to be watered thoroughly during Spring and Summer. With their succulent qualities, the hoyas can retain water for a large amount of time. So they are very undemanding and of course a hardy plant. Too much watering can also lead to rotting. After the hoyas flower, they should be watered sparingly. You can always check the water levels by dabbing your fingers in the soil. If the soil is moist then there is no need to water the plant.

Temperature- Hoyas can easily survive in temperatures above 20C. Although, these plants prefer a minimum winter temperature of about 10C, they are capable of surviving cooler temperatures if they are kept dry. Humidity does not affect these plants.

fully grown hoya kerri plants

Soil- A rich and well drained soil mixture should be used for the proper growth of the plant. A good soil mixture ensures that rotting does not take place.

Pests- All plants can get infected with pests and diseases. However, hoyas are quite tough and resilient against such pests and diseases. Although, mealy bugs are harmful to the foliage of the hoyas and cause leaf discoloration. This can be easily prevented by using an insecticide available in the market.

Propagation- Propagating hoyas is very easy but can take a lot of time. The easiest way to do that is through stem cuttings. All you have to do is cut a healthy stem which has two to three notes and then replant it in the soil. Use a well drained mixture to make sure that the propagation is successful.

Flowers- The hoya kerri blooms in summer and produces clusters of small, beautiful flowers. The flowers bring color to the plant and help it really stand out. The flowers are displayed in the form of stars and have a very powerful scent.

varigated hoya hearts

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