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care for Calathea Plants

How to care for Calathea Plants

Welcome to the Topic “How to care for Calathea Plants

Some of the most beautiful leaf plants in the calathea family have vividly marked, rectangular leaves in a brilliant palette of colors. Prayer plant is a popular term for calathea, maranta, and other Marantaceae plants that are similar (but not identical). Although it is more widely recognized as such, its foliage has earned them various nicknames such as zebra, peacock, or rattlesnake.

This article will discuss calathea, but these recommendations should apply to any prayer plant. Calatheas are tropical plants that flourish and develop swiftly, frequently reaching a mature height of one to two feet tall in a year if grown properly.

While many other plant kinds are unsalvageable after they lose all of their leaves and die back, prayer plants, on the other hand, bounce back with sufficient light and water like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

So, let's talk about how to care for your Cathalea plants in India.

Calathea Care: lighting

From spring through October, place the Calathea in partial shade. During the winter, transfer the plant to a bright area out of direct sunlight. Furthermore, since the humidity in this area is relatively low, avoid placing the Calathea near the heater.

care for Calathea Plants

Calathea Care: Watering

Water the Calathea regularly with little quantities of lukewarm water to keep the potting soil wet. Never add a significant amount of water at once, and never leave a layer of surplus water at the bottom of the pot. Watering the Calathea with rainwater or other lime-free water is preferable since lime may cause white streaks on the foliage. During the winter, the plant needs somewhat less water. To maintain a high humidity level, sprinkle the plant regularly using a plant spray. As a result, the plant's health and resilience will increase.

Calathea Care: Temperature

Calathea plants thrive at room temperature rather than frigid temperatures due to their tropical origin. Keep an eye out for chilly drafts in your home, which may harm your plants. If you decide to plant them outside, keep in mind that they will struggle more in the cold than they would inside.

Calathea Care: Fertilization

During the first two months, the plant will not need any fertilizer. The plant may still get adequate fertilizer from the new potting soil during this period. After the first two months, only use fertilizer to boost growth in the spring and summer.

Make sure that you never offer too much plant food. This may be pretty damaging to the plant's roots. During the autumn and winter, the plant does not need any fertilizer.

care for Calathea Plants

Keep a watch out for disease.

Although Calathea plants are vigorous and healthy, they are susceptible to disease. Clean your calathea leaves with a moist cloth regularly to help avoid toxicity. If you discover any yellowing or brown margins on your plants, removing them before they spread further is better.


Calathea plants are beautiful, spiritual, and have a long history of many uses. So embrace your Calathea, and remember that there is a variety of knowledge accessible to help you along the way.

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