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House Plants as per Feng shui - CGASPL

House Plants as per Feng shui

Feng shui is a convention which deals with integration of human life with nature in order to attain maximum positive energy or Chi. Positive energy or positive chi is dependent upon the physical area around because external feature is considerable reflection of internal feature.

Plants for interior decoration

One of the best means to achieve positive energy and unite with nature is through use of feng shui. It is important to put the right plants in the right places to ignore any chance of engaging negative energies and bad luck.


bedroom plants

Living room- It is the best place to keep a house plant as living room requires a perfect balance of peaceful and active energy simultaneously. To maintain flawless balance of energy or Chi, living room should be decorated by an arrangement of feathery and broad leaved plants bounded by small water fountain. According to feng shui belief, Plants should be surrounded by water as water feeds wood and induce energy from adjacent plants which helps in harmonizing environment of the room.

living room decoration and plants

Bedroom- Hanging basket near window shelf with plants like ferns or feathery herbs mainly lavender, promotes positive energy all around. According to experts of feng shui, hanging baskets are pleasing as they lift and circulate the plant’s energy.

plants for bedroom 


There are a lot of plants which fulfill the purpose, if kept in a right place. Some plants which are significant to Feng Shui-

The Money plant

This plant brings wealth, good luck and prosperity in life. It is regarded as the best plants in feng shui which symbolizes money luck and success. One of the best places for feng shui plant is the office, so that it can fetch some good fortune and penny. However, money plant is best preferred in living room of the house.

the money plant


The Peony

This flower signifies honor and richness and is regarded as the king of flowers for the Chinese. It is a yang flower which offers the essence of spring. The peony represents feminine beauty because of its delicate, rich and beautiful look. The peony is red in color and red is regarded as lucky color for the girls who are looking for a partner. So, it is best to plant peonies in the southwest corner of the garden to attract relationship, marriage luck in the home.

peony plant

The Chrysanthemum

The rich, yellow, round-headed Chrysanthemum happens to be one of the best feng shui plants. They are easy to grow so people won’t find much difficulty with it. It is highly respected by Chinese and Japanese culture. The color yellow is the most auspicious color in a flower which is related to bliss and prosperity of life. The best place to keep Chrysanthemumplant isliving room and not the bedroom.

The Chrysanthemum Plant


Plum Blossom

It is a symbol of good fortune and purity. The flower of plum blossom tree signifies long life and endurance. The tree is best known for its pleasant fragrance, this fragrance help person to develop positive chi or energy. This tree can be planted in any part of the garden but to be peculiar north of the garden is most favorable.

Plum Blossom

Narcissus and other bulbs

According to feng shui custom, these beautiful bulb-like flowers are given as a gift to loved ones on auspicious moments like New Year or Christmas. They are beautiful and relatively easy to grow which make it more useful, especially as a gift. The best variety of these narcissus plants are larger ones. The dwarf variety should be avoided as it does not really helps in upholding positive chi.


The Jade Plant

It is basically a medium sized succulent plant. This plant attracts money and success. The best place to keep this plant is near the front door to attract more business and income. As this plant is succulent, avoid over watering it and do not allow it to grow larger than 3 feet as well.

Jade Plant

The silver crown

As the name suggests, it has a distinct silver sheen which make it more good looking. As this is succulent, avoid over watering. It is regarded as the most beautiful and fortune plant in feng shui which show its best effect in living room of the house.

the silver crown


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