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Gardening Innovations – 10 cool ideas to make you smile! - CGASPL

Gardening Innovations – 10 cool ideas to make you smile!

Here are some cute and innovative ideas for gardening in small spaces and sprinkle greenery around! Allow these easy-access planters to amaze you and your visitors.

1. Expandable step gardens

These sure give equal sunlight to all your plants and at the same time save tons of space. Stacked safely over one another, the racks provide home to herbs and shrubs. Definitely, a great way to experiment with lots of bonsais too! Here’s your take to squeeze every potential inch of usable space into a tiny deck, full of greens.



2. Square Foot Gardening

Think an entire garden can be fit into a small yard? We are positive! Your solution to growing plants in a limited available space, lies in square foot gardening. This garden consists of a square foot area which is divided into 3X3 or 4X4 squares. The boxes are filled with extremely high quality soil and manure must be added periodically, to nurture the plants according to their need and requirements. You must take care that optimal spacing is provided between the plants.

3. One Pot Garden

An urban innovation to satiate your gardening hunger and minimal kitchen needs. Simply pack a single pot with all possible herbs and veggies you can manage to fit in it. Fill in with amazing quality soil and manure. Basil, sunset planted tomatoes, jalapenos and chives never let you down when you need some great pasta sauce in summers! Additionally, the colors will also add lots of happiness to your heart. Flowering plants can also be used.



4. Gutter Gardens

Sure you’ve heard of them. Simply because they are utterly brilliant! Add the hint of greenery to your abode with salvaged gutters. Bugs and poor sunlight never become an issue you need to bother about. Additionally, proper and careful watering can ensure that your walls remain safe too! Why not attempt to achieve the houses that were shown in fairy tales, with a living wall!


5. Vertical Gardening

Bring some of the salvaged materials in your store room to some great use and add to the aesthetic essence of your place. It is a great idea to bring all your recyclables to use, especially plastic bottles. Who said plastic always has to harm the environment! Simply cut out cavities and fill them with soil and plantings. Water it when necessary. You may stack these in a CD rack and secure with cable ties to get your lovely vertical garden.



6. A Wee Tree Wall of Plants

Accomplish a lot in a single go. Hide that ugly wall, gratify your gardening thirst and grow food! Grow ornamental rows of veggies, herbs, ornamental plants or flowering plants, in horizontal planters for a mesmerizing look.



7. Planter Bags

Gardening would’ve never been so easy without planter bags. These can be easily transported, can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground. Additionally, a live wall always looks stunning. Add some colourful ornamentals and add the magical aura of greenery to your home! Wooly pocket planter bags are even breathable and also keep the walls dry. No mess is always a bonus, right? Create a lush green wall without worrying about the surface!



8. Shoe Organizer Garden

A less expensive DIY version of planter bag horizontal garden! Upgrade the greens with the hack for vertical garden walls. Keep it away from the walls, using some wooden strips. It needs frequent watering, though. So, if you are someone who does not set up and forget, this is a great option to add life as well as charm to the walls of your place.



9. Colors and tyres

Recycle your backyard! Paint those bulky tyres in all possible vibrant hues and add more colors with lovely flowering plants. Stack these one over the other in your garden for an alluring appeal. Old tyres will never bug you anymore. These flower tyres are a gardeners asset as well as his skill test at the same time.



10. Sky Planters

Save the best for the last! An upside down hanging garden will leave everyone wondering in awe. Get terrific appreciation for your sky garden. Grow them virtually anywhere, without worrying about spoiling the aesthetic appeal. They only add much more to it! These upside down hanging green plants will amplify the elegance and grace of your living area and they hardly take up any usable space.



Go greener with these lovely innovations and feel proud of your gardening skills!

Happy planting!






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Great great great

Tree Tru - September 15, 2022

Gardening practices for innovative gardens

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